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Night Shift 2

Categories True Story, Blackmail, Cheating, Consensual Sex

Published: 30 August 2004

Author: VACMAN

Well after the sex Mike and I had the first night in the hospital I was hooked , I had to have Mike's big dick and as often as I could get it ! We were fucking every chance I got to slip away with out my husban finding out what was going on. I would tell my husban that I was working 12 hours...


Views: 36349     Rated: +6.81 (117)    Comments: 7

Night Shift 3

Categories True Story, Blackmail, Cheating

Published: 30 August 2004

Author: VACMAN

Now again I am being blackmailed, by a doctor into having sex with him, however eaven though IT was blackmail I was enjoying ever minute of it. He has me on the couch in his office about to put the bigest dick into me I had ever saw. Doc reaches down and pulls my short little legs up on his...


Views: 32779     Rated: +6.25 (109)    Comments: 8

Make me a Man II

Categories True Story, Blackmail, Blowjob, Coercion

Published: 26 August 2004

Author: Pelias

A week had passed since I had sex with Kim’s mother, Barbara, and I was ready for more. I waited until my parents were asleep before I snuck out. As I reached Barbara’s backyard, I looked around to make sure no one was about. I moved to Barbara’s window with the idea of waking...


Views: 60038     Rated: +6.73 (177)    Comments: 24

Denise's Degredation 2

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blackmail, Blowjob

Published: 22 August 2004

Author: kind

Denise made it back home the next morning. She had called in sick to work again from Ken's house. She walked into the kitchen and ignored Harry while she helped herself to a cup of coffee. Harry asked her where she had been and Denise said, "Seeing as how you are willing to share me with...


Views: 64667     Rated: +7.31 (187)    Comments: 5

Katherine Parr, the Prefects Tale

Categories Fiction, Blackmail, Blowjob, Humiliation

Published: 12 August 2004

Author: goatboy

Katherine Parr, the Prefects Tale I am a student at Katherine Parr’s school. Katherine Parr is a very exclusive private all –girls boarding school sited miles from anywhere in the wilds of Cumbria. The parents who sent their children there were very keen on discipline and Katherine...


Views: 63737     Rated: +7.18 (348)    Comments: 24

Blackmailed by the Local Kids

Categories Fiction, Blackmail, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing

Published: 04 August 2004

Author: Jeremy

Our anniversary was coming up this weekend. It would be our fifth wedding anniversary. I married Michelle when she was 17 and I was 21. I had a really great job when I met Michelle and she was just graduating high school. I met her when she came in for a job interview and ever since then it...


Views: 382374     Rated: +7.96 (829)    Comments: 107

Sex With Sister

Categories Fiction, Blackmail, Blowjob, Hardcore

Published: 26 July 2004

Author: Zeppelin_1

For as long as I can remember she was the only one I truly lusted after. She alone , in her T-shirts and panties; in her halter tops and hot pants, made me go crazy with an aching need. Her sandy brown hair that hung in shimmering folds on her shoulders, her hazel eyes sparkling with life and...


Views: 176593     Rated: +7.66 (739)    Comments: 94

Naughty Cheerleaders

Categories Fantasy, Blackmail, Female solo, First Time

Published: 22 June 2004

Author: Horny

It was the middle of May and school was almost out. Everyone was ready to escape the tortures of learning and kick back and relax for the next couple months. But no one wanted to leave more than Shannon, a freshman cheerleader at Waterloo High. She was indeed the most attractive girl in the entire...


Views: 171086     Rated: +6.99 (700)    Comments: 77

Katie & Britt.

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blackmail, Lesbian

Published: 13 May 2004

Author: Miztress*Katie

It was the new day of school and Katie had been going there for a long time.The bell rings. Its finally time for class. Katie and her friends let out a very long sigh and head off. When Katie gets to her first class. Theres only one seat left, And its by a new boy..a very fine new black boy. Tall...


Views: 28276     Rated: +5.55 (53)    Comments: 7

Awesome Mother-in-law

Categories True Story, Anal, Blackmail, Blowjob

Published: 02 May 2004

Author: Ray

Let me start by saying I am 35 my wife is 24 and her mom is 45. There has always been a running joke that I had a choice between them and would have been blessed either way. The two of them mre resemble sister rather than mom and daughter. My wife is somewhat of a nympho not complaining at all...


Views: 278862     Rated: +6.87 (1023)    Comments: 70

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