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Body modification

Fulfilling Destiny

Categories Fiction, Body modification, Consensual Sex, Domination/submission

Published: 13 January 2020

Author: OliverPride

Fulfilling Destiny My sex life drastically changed lately. I’ve never been too outgoing in that department, but recently my wife and I discovered a mutual kink. Well, I might be getting ahead of myself. In order for you to understand my situation I’ll give you some background....


Views: 1926     Rated: +8.33 (12)   

The Awakening on Titwhistle Lane - Chapter 1

Categories Fiction, Body modification, Boy, Exhibitionism

Published: 13 January 2020

Author: D10Sizemore

The Awakening on Titwhistle Lane CHAPTER 1 The distant squawking of two ravens, jousting over a handful of poorly discarded french fries, stirred the morning’s calm on Titwhistle Lane. The ruckus echoed down the upscale neighborhood eventually making its way to 532 and the bedroom of...


Views: 12341     Rated: +8.94 (199)    Comments: 1

The Awakening on Titwhistle Lane - Chapter 2

Categories Fiction, Body modification, Boy, Erotica

Published: 13 January 2020

Author: D10Sizemore

The Wakening on Titwhistle Lane CHAPTER 2 Stephanie Sizemore stood just outside her son's room, her hands trembling and held tightly against her chest. My heavens, that boy is packing half his weight between his legs. Damian's mom had obviously seen him naked on more than one occasion...


Views: 7699     Rated: +8.91 (128)   

David's Slave Farm: Alyse's Training Part 2

Categories Fiction, Anal, Body modification, BDSM

Published: 10 January 2020

Author: DavidHog

Day 1: As soon as my eyes had drifted asleep, I was woken by a siren like alarm. Suddenly, all of the lights were turned on and the room was illuminated. I saw my surroundings for the first time. I was in a large barn, with about 30 other girls. All of the girls were on all fours, and had...


Views: 3048     Rated: +8.75 (24)   

SO's "Vampire" - Juan - Betraitor

Categories Fantasy, Body modification, Gay, Group Sex

Published: 10 January 2020

Author: SinfulOblivionII

A beauty so beautiful had rarely been witnessed by eyes, such a beauty as beautiful as the moon. His flowing, shiny black hair flowed in the midnight wind as he drifted delicately through the air, his perfect lips glistening in the moon's light as he smirked confidently as he descended upon...


Views: 213     Rated: +7 (1)   

The Haunting of Palmer Mansion Chapters 1 to 4

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Body modification

Published: 10 January 2020

Author: RawlyRawls

The Haunting of Palmer Mansion By RawlyRawls This is a work of fiction written solely to entertain. If you want to read lots more stuff, vote on new stories, or support my writing, please visit my Subscribestar site (you can find the link in my profile). Also, all characters in sexual situations...


Views: 6195     Rated: +9.2 (63)   

Organism X - Ch. 08

Categories Fantastic, Body modification, Lesbian, Mind Control

Published: 08 January 2020

Author: DevilBookCorruptions

Author's Note: After several months of development hell, I present to you the eight chapter of Organism X - Now with 100% less farting! 1 In the distance, Erin could hear the freshly turned girl moaning and grunting as the blonde, Lindsay, toyed with her. The sound simultaneously repulsed...


Views: 354     Rated: +7 (1)   

David's Slave Farm: Alyse's Training

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Body modification, Cruelty

Published: 20 December 2019

Author: DavidHog

This series takes place two decades after where we left off after the "My Mom and Sis are my Sex Slaves" saga. I recommend that this saga be read prior to reading this story. David has now expanded his sex slave training enterprise. This series will focus on life on David's slave...


Views: 15079     Rated: +8.31 (118)   

Queen Yavara: Chapter 38

Categories Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Body modification

Published: 14 December 2019

Author: White Walls

Chapter Thirty-Eight BROCK “Loose!” I roared, and a hundred siege engines released at once, sending great boulders into the air. Those that were launched from the trebuchets tumbled as they arced, those that were launched from the catapults flew unspinning upon a line-drive path....


Views: 1728     Rated: +8.8 (25)   

A New Age Chapter 2: Rightness and Justice

Categories Fiction, Anal, Body modification, Cum Swallowing

Published: 11 December 2019

Author: Coyote Howard

They parked at his apartment and even though he had just cum straight down her gullet, he was ready to truly have her. She followed him out of his car, up the pathway to his door, and as he unlocked it, the order he’d given her before was still in effect. “Kayla, I order you to act...


Views: 2088     Rated: +8.52 (27)    Comments: 1

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