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Body modification

Sex With Alien Females

Categories Fantastic, Body modification, BDSM, Mind Control

Published: 10 May 2005

Author: Eck Master 3

I was putting gas in my car and suddenly had this strange feeling that I was being watched. I looked around and saw these two women looking at me from thier camaro. One was blonde and the other one was blonde. I felt a sexual urge as I made eye contact with them. I desired them, but I also sensed...


Views: 73489     Rated: +5.35 (466)    Comments: 35

New Beginnings - Pt 1 Ch 7

Categories Fantastic, Body modification, Male / Female

Published: 24 April 2005

Author: dank

They were miles away from anyone. Macario aimed the laser cannon at his wife as she flew by, a hundred feet up. He pressed the trigger. Lisa exploded into a giant fireball, then resolidified back into her flying form. She banked and flew back down, landing in front of him. “Did you flare...


Views: 22234     Rated: +5.95 (120)    Comments: 1

New Beginnings - Pt 1 Ch 6

Categories Fantastic, Anal, Body modification, BDSM

Published: 21 April 2005

Author: dank

‘Now do this,’ Béla thought at Jake and showed him how her nervous system shorted out to allow her entire body to experience a tingling of sensation instead of the fierce, burning agony he felt in his stomach. Jake, eyes closed, concentrated on making that...


Views: 18654     Rated: +7.74 (61)    Comments: 6

New Beginnings - Pt 1 Ch 2

Categories Fantastic, Body modification, Hardcore, Incest

Published: 09 April 2005

Author: dank

Chapter 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The loud, harsh clanging of swords smacking into and sliding against each other filled the air around the indoor running track. Macario and Jake were going at it while Béla and her daughter watched, cheering on their respective lifemates. A...


Views: 32249     Rated: +7.9 (86)    Comments: 7

Timewalker pt 4 (long - 120 pgs)

Categories Fantastic, Bestiality, Body modification, Incest

Published: 13 March 2005

Author: dank

This is really, really LOOOOOOONG! I didn’t divide it into 2 sections like I did the other parts, since nobody appreciated the extra efforts I took to shorten it anyway. The people who like my stories don’t care how long they are, as they simply download them and read them at their...


Views: 35281     Rated: +6.05 (141)   

Timewalker pt 3b (long)

Categories Fantastic, Body modification, Coercion, Death

Published: 10 March 2005

Author: dank

Hey guys, this is really long, so if you want a quick fix, read something else! The Adventures of Béla, the Vampire Girl Book 4: Time Walker Part 3b Chapter 5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Twelve years later, Walter Madigan passed away in his sleep. His wife, Alicia, and her...


Views: 17307     Rated: +5.91 (101)    Comments: 18

Devious Darla

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Body modification, Female Domination

Published: 20 February 2005

Author: FRB

DEVIOUS DARLA AND DR. BURDIZZO “Are you all comfy dear?” Asked Darla of her husband. He mumbled something that could probably be translated as: “What the fuck is going on?” The mumbling as due to the gag in his mouth, and the questions was due to the fact that he was...


Views: 56707     Rated: +5.22 (169)    Comments: 30

Béla the Vampire Girl - Part 3 (long)

Categories Dark Fantasy, Fantastic, Body modification, Dark Fantasy

Published: 05 February 2005

Author: dank

The Adventures of Béla, the Vampire Girl Book 1: Target Girl Part 3 Chapter 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Béla and Jake were in his apartment, back in town. The backpacks they had taken with them were unpacked into laundry baskets that now needed to get...


Views: 17547     Rated: +6.47 (91)    Comments: 4

Béla the Vampire Girl - Part 2 (long)

Categories Dark Fantasy, Body modification, Cruelty, Extreme

Published: 30 January 2005

Author: dank

Author's note: Please read the message at the beginning of part one before reading the rest of this. The Adventures of Béla, the Vampire Girl Book 1: Target Girl Part 2 Chapter 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jake took Béla’s suitcase and carried it out to his...


Views: 41541     Rated: +8.08 (95)    Comments: 13

Wrinkles in Time Part 1 (long)

Categories Fantastic, Body modification, Extreme, Murder

Published: 26 January 2005

Author: dank

Chapter 15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Adventures of Béla, the Vampire Girl Book 3: Wrinkles in Time Part 1 Chapter 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Goddess Elaine hadn’t completely withdrawn from the mental image of her sister’s quarters on the great ship as...


Views: 34279     Rated: +7.92 (49)    Comments: 9

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