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A Fling at the Mall

Categories Diary, Cheating, Extreme, Wife

Published: 26 January 2007

Authror: smetzger

I am a 45 year old woman. I was married at the time this happend. This was a very erotic experience and I have vivid dreams about it today. I work at an office complex adjacent to a large shopping mall. After work one day, I had a few things to buy so I walked from my office complex to the...


Views: 45488     Rated: +7.97 (208)    Comments: 23

Shared with Sperm: Amanda used? Part 2

Categories Diary, Anal, Blowjob, Consensual Sex

Published: 26 January 2007

Authror: PP62

Chapter 5 “Shared with Sperm” Amanda smiled across at me and carefully took Matt’s three-quarters erect cock in her hand and began to slowly but firmly stroke it up and down its length. Looking up at Matt, she extended her tongue and gently licked over the tip once before...


Views: 21634     Rated: +7.76 (107)    Comments: 7

Shared with Sperm: Amanda Used?

Categories Diary, Anal, Cheating, Cum Swallowing

Published: 23 January 2007

Authror: PP62

Chapter 1 “Cumslut Revealed" Anyone who meets Amanda thinks she is a very beautiful, intelligent woman with high personal standards and a serious attitude to life. And she is that, but only outside the bedroom! Of medium height, with fine, tightly curled brown hair, Amanda has an...


Views: 45013     Rated: +7.98 (177)    Comments: 11


Categories Diary, Lesbian, First Time, Lesbian

Published: 16 January 2007

Authror: Ubiquitous M. Lovegrove

Surveillance. I am Lana Kreskovi, a cadet stationed within a POW facility in Soviet Russia...my life is this fortress, my desires... ? well, you'll have to read-on. However, I invite you to wander at will through the pages in my diary....you just might find something you'll...


Views: 34060     Rated: +5.95 (42)   


Categories Diary, First Time, Hardcore, Incest

Published: 06 January 2007

Authror: shyami

IT WAS a normal sunday afternoon. My parents were in their post-lunch nap, and I was doing my home work for the next day. I was studying 9th standard, running 14 years of age. I was to finish a drawing in my physics note book, and as usual, my drawing pencil was missing. Cursing, I searched my...


Views: 46595     Rated: +8.13 (241)    Comments: 11

Fun with mommy

Categories Diary, Anal, Black, Lesbian

Published: 05 January 2007

Authror: pinklover69

It all started when I was 16. My dad had walked out of the picture, and it was just me and my mom. Mom walked into the kitchen, nude as always. Her nipples were highly erect and her blonde ass length hair was pulled into a tight bun. Her perky, round, big breasts were bouncing as she...


Views: 104158     Rated: +6.36 (258)    Comments: 31

Frigid Women

Categories Diary

Published: 03 January 2007

Authror: nophest

A WOMAN HAS PLACES in her body that exist secretly, and when cold penetrates them, they lose heat and exist no more. Nicole West is sitting in a sex therapist's office on Park Avenue with her husband, Rich, a psychoanalyst, listening to the sex therapist explain what he wants them to do. She...


Views: 16658     Rated: +4.33 (45)    Comments: 7

Internet Sex

Categories Diary, Anal, Domination/submission, Romance

Published: 18 November 2006

Authror: Cathy

Sorry I haven't submitted anything for almost 2 years. This isn't really a story, just a series of e-mails from a fan that have gotten pretty imaginative. Internet Sex excerpt: "While Greg is getting on top of you I think I'll get in front and slide my legs down...


Views: 19973     Rated: +4.92 (88)    Comments: 10

les - michelle and barbara

Categories Diary, Lesbian

Published: 24 October 2006

Authror: me_gr8er

Barbara is tall, about 5' 7", slender and light-boned, so that her 127 pounds are not skinny. She wears her deep brown hair short and curly, and dresses for business in tailored pantsuits, with just a touch of color in her accessories. Although she appears to be in her early...


Views: 27627     Rated: +8.3 (91)    Comments: 4

Football Days 1

Categories Diary, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Oral Sex

Published: 07 October 2006

Authror: qb13

My story starts the summer before my junior year in high school. After I had got my drivers license in April, which was five months later than I should have, I started helping my uncle on his farm. That led to me starting my own business that summer, with a little of his help, that involved me...


Views: 44920     Rated: +7.74 (324)    Comments: 32

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