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My Dumb Sister

Categories Fantasy, Black, Blackmail, Boy

Published: 02 October 2019

Author: llamaman

My Dumb Sister Chapter 1 By llamaman Kim hated high school. She laid in bed after her alarm went off and didn’t move. The sound of the loud BEEP BEEP BEEP got the attention of her dad who called to her from down the hall. She just wanted to stay in bed though. She pulled the covers over...


Views: 5673     Rated: +6.67 (42)   

Slaves Ch3

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Boy, Cruelty

Published: 25 September 2019

Author: Liz_Sivonelle

Six women surrounded the torture table to which the boy was strapped. His arms stretched out above his head. His legs spread with straps around the ankles and upper thighs. Straps below the abs and below the pecs, around the neck and around the forehead. A gag fixed into the table. Their lovely...


Views: 1078     Rated: +1.83 (6)   

Checking Out the Guys Hidden Porn

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Boy, First Time

Published: 11 September 2019

Author: stifflittlepoints

Chapter 1- Discovering the Porn Being a 14-year-old girl with a horny older brother and Daddy, can be very frustrating. My name’s Shelly and I am about to describe what has been happening lately around here. My Mom left with another guy several years ago, so I have been doing my best to...


Views: 9960     Rated: +8.1 (105)    Comments: 2

U-N-I chapter 5

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Boy

Published: 04 September 2019

Author: unilive

I waited a few days before talking to Rachel. I knew I was going to come out to her, and it wasn’t going to be an easy thing to do. One evening, she called me to find out when we’d be out of the studio and I knew the time had come. I went to her place and told her the whole truth. She...


Views: 143     Rated: +5 (2)   

Blowjob Guilt

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Boy, Cheating

Published: 04 September 2019

Author: Dave Speedo Evans

Charles is an old friend of mine.  We've hung out for years and he is a good friend.  Charles is a few years older than me and is a really good looking guy.  For years the group of friends we'd hang out with thought Charles might be gay, but nobody really knew one way or...


Views: 3002     Rated: +7.78 (18)   

What happens when the grass is finished.

Categories True Story, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual, Boy

Published: 30 August 2019

Author: Jayokegbe

I was groggy and tired, my eyes were finding it really hard to focus and my body felt kind of numb. I scanned the room through half opened eyes trying to see if I could register anything, but nothing,I hadn't a clue where I was or who's bed I was in or why I was even in bed. I came...


Views: 9997     Rated: +8.33 (36)   

Laura's Dirty Diary - Lunchtime Alley Sex

Categories Diary, Blowjob, Boy, Cum Swallowing

Published: 23 August 2019

Author: Devils Scribe

During class Laura slyly texts her new boyfriend about what they should do for lunch. Laura’s boyfriend, feeling horny and eager, suggests that they meet in an alleyway near the school so they can make out. Laura excitedly agrees to meet him, hoping that it may lead to more.. Laura’s...


Views: 8578     Rated: +7.97 (69)    Comments: 1

Slaves Ch2

Categories Fantasy, Anal, BDSM, Boy

Published: 15 August 2019

Author: Liz_Sivonelle

The ladies walked the boy into the rape room. Their eyes stayed on him every step of the way, drinking up his beauty. Laedia could tell from the two other women that they were as horny as she was. And the Goddess knew that she had such a burning between her legs that she could have ridden the...


Views: 302     Rated: +7 (1)   

Take Care of Me Ch. 3

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Boy

Published: 14 August 2019

Author: Konokoz D.

There were a few things you needed to know about Frank: One, he was an old school businessman. He valued his professional image, which is why during the week, you couldn’t catch him in public without a nice shirt, and his gold watch on his wrist along with some cash in his pockets. Other...


Views: 2735     Rated: +9.33 (105)    Comments: 1

Wolfen , the origin.

Categories Fantasy, Fantastic, Bestiality, Boy

Published: 20 July 2019

Author: Barry Gregor

I’m not sure how it happened I went to sleep human and woke up a canine of some kind. I looked like a large black furred almost dog. The differences were minor but important I had retractable claws on my four paws , no knot , and could speak but not easily. After waking that first morning I...


Views: 623     Rated: +8.18 (11)   

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