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Assholes like ATM's

Categories Fiction, Anal, Boy, Enema

Published: 20 October 2005

Author: M. A. Dvorak

Her pussy had a tuft of hair above the used and falppy pussy lips. Hobart took some KY jelly out of his pocket and squezzed it on his hard cock. Then slid it in her well used pussy. Her lips were pink red and delicious looking. He slid his cock in her feeling her...


Views: 58990     Rated: +5.49 (98)    Comments: 8

Pool Party

Categories True Story, Boy, Group Sex, Young

Published: 19 October 2005

Author: Vallydude

Growing up in the Valley in the Mid Seventies was great. There is a reason this is the porn capital of the world nothing but horney young sluts looking for a party. This is the story of just one of these. I was your typical longhaired 17-year-old stoner. Not a stud or anything like that but I...


Views: 85642     Rated: +7.12 (227)    Comments: 22

My First Fingering

Categories True Story, Boy, Fisting, Oral Sex

Published: 12 October 2005

Author: Jayda

This is a true story,please note that all names HAVE been changed except mine. Im still not sure how old I was...or even how old he was...what I am sure is that I will remember this night for the rest of my life. I estamate I was about 7 and he was about 16 im not sure though.I was planning...


Views: 90909     Rated: +6.43 (223)    Comments: 29

Good Times, Bad Times

Categories Fiction, Anal, Boy, Enema

Published: 26 September 2005

Author: Jimmmy D.

Bad Times, Good Times This Story is written in first person perspective, but these events are purely Fiction! Written By Jimmmy D. At the tender age of 14 I had my very first sexual experience, I’m sure I’m not the only one that dreamt of having sex with my Baby sitter. Her...


Views: 47765     Rated: +6.87 (182)    Comments: 9

Brad's first time with friends

Categories True Story, Boy, Cum Swallowing, Male / Female

Published: 24 September 2005

Author: Aaron

Angie couldn’t wait to see Brad again. Even though Brad was still a child, almost 15 years younger than she was, she found him incredibly exciting. Angie could have almost any man she wanted. With her long dark hair, pretty brown skin wrapping a knockout body, green eyes & pretty face...


Views: 45857     Rated: +7.75 (165)    Comments: 11

Southern Comfort

Categories Diary, Bestiality, Boy, Consensual Sex

Published: 24 September 2005

Author: St. Bobo

Summer in the south was always unpleasant to me: hot, humid, and with very little to do. It wasn't that I liked school; no fourteen year-old does. It was just that, without school, I was really the only kid my age living in my town. It was an old mining town, but the mine had moved on,...


Views: 62603     Rated: +7.82 (274)    Comments: 17

Brad's First Time

Categories True Story, Boy, Male / Female, Young

Published: 22 September 2005

Author: Aaron

Angie never really meant to do this, not really, not even once, but then Angie was never one to turn down an opportunity! Here’s how it started. Angie had always liked pleasing men, and had already made many men very happy in her short life. But she had always fantasized about...


Views: 87122     Rated: +8.16 (420)    Comments: 36


Categories True Story, Blowjob, Boy, Cum Swallowing

Published: 03 August 2005

Author: James A

Two weeks after our first encounter, I and Mr.Cardwell met once again. This time we were in a different situation, as he was in charge... Two weeks earlier I had discovered his porno stash on his laptop. With the pictures I had at my disposal I half blackmailed, half coerced Stuart Cardwell into...


Views: 25669     Rated: +7.4 (68)    Comments: 4

Banging Billie 3

Categories True Story, Anal, Boy, Cum Swallowing

Published: 18 July 2005

Author: Billie

I just lay in bed looking at the cielling. Over and over I see myself getting in more trouble if I keep sleeping with my brothers. In my mind I feel it's rape. But my heart knows I want it and I let them. I don't know how they feel, they don't care I guess. Boys just like getting...


Views: 63745     Rated: +7.56 (220)    Comments: 17

Bled on Me

Categories Dark Fantasy, BDSM, Boy, Rape

Published: 15 July 2005

Author: DistantDesire

I have had my eye on her for a very long time. Oh my god, those luscious petite little tits, tight little ass. I can just imagine her red wavy hair hanging over her pale naked body hiding her breasts. Her lips so small that I doubt that she'd be able to fit my cock inside ... and oh god, I...


Views: 59456     Rated: +4.66 (240)    Comments: 85

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