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Baby Sitting Bobby

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, BDSM, Boy

Published: 02 August 2004

Authror: MoNkEyPoX

Baby Sitting Bobby Now that I am 30 and happily married to you Rick, I now have the confidence to tell u how I lost my virginity. It all started in a small town called Lake Forest in Ohio. . . I was 16 and I was still living with my fucking parents! Ive already told you about 10 times how...


Views: 87228     Rated: +6.98 (323)    Comments: 16

My First Girlfriend

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Boy

Published: 22 July 2004

Authror: MoNkEyPoX

My First Girlfriend (plz note that all names have been changed…. SO DEAL WITH IT!) Well it was 7th grade in the 2003-2004 school year. School started the same way it always does, ya walk in see all the goddamn dip shits from last year. Except this year was different, I walked in and...


Views: 47706     Rated: +4.94 (178)    Comments: 29

My Aunt teaches me 7 Fiona

Categories Fiction, Boy, Coercion, Mature

Published: 10 July 2004

Authror: Barry

In this story, we all visit Taleesha, who my Aunt met at the Party – the subject of Part 4. Taleesha owns the young slave girl Fiona. Now read on . . With Mary’s departure my life slowly returned to normal. I returned to the main bedroom and once again slept with my 4 Mistresses....


Views: 79362     Rated: +7.79 (143)    Comments: 10

New Girl

Categories True Story, Anal, Boy, Cum Swallowing

Published: 06 July 2004

Authror: Ben_1

I thought it was odd how all my relationships don’t seem to last very long. I was a kind of a ladies guy but none of the girls I had ever gone out with had gone all the way with me and that got me sexually frustrated. It was the first day of the summer holidays and it was very hot in the...


Views: 117827     Rated: +6.56 (352)    Comments: 63

Lustful Desires for Annie part 1

Categories Fiction, Boy, Consensual Sex, First Time

Published: 05 July 2004

Authror: PersuasianX

As I sit here on my porch on this lovely Sunday afternoon, I reflected on my life. A life gone by, so quick and filled with many sweet memories; you see I’m an average town man who lived an average life. A life that doesn’t concern many, but a life that have had some secrets no one had...


Views: 48611     Rated: +7.12 (102)    Comments: 6

Secret threesome

Categories Fiction, Anal, Bi-sexual, Boy

Published: 22 June 2004

Authror: Horny

Jason was a 15 year old jock who had just completed his freshman year at South Bends High School. Ever since he could remember, girls were crazy about him. His hair, his build... and the rumor about his 9.5 inch cock didn't hurt his popularity either. Jason never wasted an opportunity to take...


Views: 68634     Rated: +5.85 (169)    Comments: 12

Allison is a he - Allison's story - part 2

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Boy

Published: 30 May 2004

Authror: Roy

When we disengaged from our love-making, I had to be careful so that the santorum (the mixture of cum and loose, liquefied excretia) wouldn't get all over us and my car seat. "Let's drive to my house in the nude, okay?" asked Allison. "OK," I replied, "but...


Views: 45465     Rated: +6.76 (146)    Comments: 12

Karate Master by Tom Cup

Categories Fiction, Anal, Boy, Discipline

Published: 04 May 2004

Authror: Tom Cup

Karate Master by Tom Cup Copyright 2001 - 2004 by the Paratwa Partnership: A Colorado Corporation. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic or mechanical, except in the case of reviews, without written permission from...


Views: 80822     Rated: +7.64 (592)    Comments: 56

Loved by Joey

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Boy

Published: 04 May 2004

Authror: Tom Cup

Copyright 2001 - 2004 by the Paratwa Partnership: A Colorado Corporation. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic or mechanical, except in the case of reviews, without written permission from the Paratwa Partnership, Inc,...


Views: 80441     Rated: +7.24 (710)    Comments: 58

Sexual Awakening

Categories True Story, Asian, Body modification, Boy

Published: 11 April 2004

Authror: Edgar Baron

Orphaned by my father at 6, I lived with my widowed mother in an isolated place but my sexual arousement came from breasts of female drawings. At 8, I lived with my grandparents together with my first cousin with whom I played as a father in a make-believe married couple. I had chances of holding...


Views: 68501     Rated: +4.82 (623)    Comments: 42

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