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Learning Mandy

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Boy

Published: 26 May 2005

Author: nice

Mandy was new to the school, and most kids knew that. She didn't have a real friend, so she pretty much stayed to herself. Her older brother Tommy was different. He had many new friends. Being a good football player helped out alot too. Mandy was the cutest girl in school. She had a perfect...


Views: 91523     Rated: +7.38 (336)    Comments: 47

A Peasant Girl - Chapter 2

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Boy, Cruelty

Published: 25 May 2005

Author: St. Bobo

The harvest fair was this week, and Anna was to be allowed to go for the first time. Her brother had offered to take her along with him, and her father, after deciding that showing her off to potential suitors was a good idea, had agreed. Anna was excited; she had wanted to go to the festival and...


Views: 63968     Rated: +7.8 (194)    Comments: 17

A Peasant Girl - Chapter 3

Categories Fiction, Boy, Coercion, First Time

Published: 25 May 2005

Author: St. Bobo

Anna could still taste the salty tang of semen in her mouth as she trudged home. The fair was in the big town several miles from her farm, and her feet hurt already from the day of walking. She wanted nothing more than to collapse into her bed, knowing all too well that morning was far nearer than...


Views: 64378     Rated: +8.28 (190)    Comments: 10

A Peasant Girl - Chapter 4

Categories Fiction, Boy, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex

Published: 25 May 2005

Author: St. Bobo

Things did not change that much between Anna and her brother. He still made her work, still made her allow him to grope her whenever he wanted, still maintained his outward distaste for her. But he was kinder to her, and he grew more so as the days went by. For a week after he had first taken...


Views: 63085     Rated: +8.56 (188)    Comments: 13

Figuring It Out

Categories True Story, Boy, Female solo, First Time

Published: 17 May 2005

Author: Kim

Figuring It Out By Kim Category = young, pre-teen male, pre-teen female, true story How did you learn about sex? Sometimes we learn in Sex Ed at school, sometimes a parent sits you down and explains it. This is the story of how I learned much of what I know about sex. It was a hot summer...


Views: 225547     Rated: +8.41 (1477)    Comments: 69

How it should be, but isn't always - Editors Cut

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Boy, Oral Sex

Published: 15 May 2005

Author: Kestrel

Note to readers: This is a romantic story. If you don't like reading about such things, or you like quick stories with little meaning read something else. This story, like any story worth telling, is about a girl. But not just any girl, this one was special. Well to me anyway. It all...


Views: 103787     Rated: +7.58 (742)    Comments: 100

Tommy's Nympho Sisters

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Boy, Discipline

Published: 26 April 2005

Author: Banab

Tommy & Molly were bored so they decided to play truth or dare. After a while of some boring questions the game got interesting... I dare you to kiss me - said Molly Ill do it!, so don`t dare me! - said Molly`s brother Tommy Then do it! - said Molly Then without any hesitation...


Views: 63720     Rated: +6.48 (174)    Comments: 20

IT Never Happened: Did it??

Categories True Story, Bestiality, Boy, Coercion

Published: 24 March 2005

Author: ed the red

It Never Happened: Did It?? We all have a few dark secrets that we want to keep hidden; some of us manage to retain those secrets to the grave, others...well who knows? These are my secrets, I never wanted them reveled, but as I approach the end of my road, I thought, maybe, I may be able to...


Views: 53861     Rated: +6.62 (117)    Comments: 7

Finding Masturbation 2

Categories True Story, Boy, Masturbation, Young

Published: 24 March 2005

Author: Longhardone

** This story is a continuation of my other story, "Finding Masturbation" which was true along with this story. I hope you like** Once I learned how to masturbate as I explained in "Finding Masturbation" I started getting myself off every night. Usually I would print out...


Views: 57238     Rated: +8.56 (181)    Comments: 13

Finding Masturbation

Categories True Story, Boy, Masturbation, Young

Published: 23 March 2005

Author: Longhardone

** This is a true story about myself, if this happened to someone else I do not mean to offend them but this is the gods honest truth about how I found out how to have fun ** I believe that I was only 12 when I first discovered masturbation, hares how…. I was the average 12-year-old...


Views: 42225     Rated: +7.23 (106)    Comments: 14

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