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My hot Spanish teacher

Categories Fantasy, Cheating, Cum Swallowing, Male / Female

Published: 07 February 2006

Author: milf ranger

Well, lets see, it was the ninth grade and I had all new classes that year. One that I was not looking forword to was my Spanish class. I had no interest to learn Spanish and I still dont. When I got to Spanish class that day I was sitting in my desk waiting for the teacher to arrive and all of...


Views: 99646     Rated: +7.59 (367)    Comments: 38

Sex in The Forest

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex

Published: 06 February 2006

Author: Spongebob

It’s so hot outside, I peer out of the window from this stuffy office in Irvine. I just bought my customer lunch in a yacht club on the front in Troon, overlooking the sea. It was very pleasant sitting outside, feeling the July sun on my back. Even discussing work was enjoyable on such a...


Views: 27383     Rated: +7.01 (77)    Comments: 6


Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cheating, Domination/submission

Published: 04 February 2006

Author: thedean

Introduction: This is the second part of a trilogy that started with "My girlfriend´s best friend". Read it if you like - most people here thought I´d done a good job with that ;-). Best way to find it: Theme index "Cheating", sort by submission date. It´s...


Views: 20983     Rated: +7.54 (91)    Comments: 2

On The Road

Categories Fiction, Cheating

Published: 30 January 2006

Author: Spongebob

I see you walk through the doors and my pulse quickens instantly. You are wearing a warm coat, its cold outside, it might even snow. Aberdeen in January, dark, freezing and forlorn at the moment. Things have just looked up though as you Dawn, the woman I arranged to meet here in this Travel Inn,...


Views: 17245     Rated: +6.84 (31)    Comments: 1

How a stranger changed our lives

Categories True Story, Anal, Cheating, Cum Swallowing

Published: 30 January 2006

Author: Jennifer

My name is Jennifer. I’m 37 years old, mother to two children, and married for 14 years. My husband who recently turned 40 is an attractive, intelligent, successful, and a terrific provider to our children whom he loves dearly. I’ve known my husband Christopher for close to 20 years...


Views: 55169     Rated: +7.84 (154)    Comments: 15

Louise and niece Diane

Categories True Story, Asian, Blowjob, Cheating

Published: 28 January 2006

Author: louise

Louise and niece Diane ( Asian slut wife story , Philippines) She was Diane , Roy’s ( my husband ) 18 year old niece , she and her family lives on the other town ( 30 km from Manila , mine is 50 km ), having her school much closer to my apartment , Roy and her family came to decide...


Views: 39257     Rated: +6.2 (165)    Comments: 12

The Dream of Three

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, BDSM, Cheating

Published: 26 January 2006

Author: Christ Frost

I hear a female moaning in exctasy and she says, “I love the way you do that, can you teach my husband. If only he knew how to use his tongue like that!” I look up and seeing my wife naked on our bed making love with another man. I was furious, but I couldn’t do anything about...


Views: 20650     Rated: +5.74 (53)    Comments: 2

New Neighbor, New Mother

Categories Fiction, Anal, Cheating, Consensual Sex

Published: 24 January 2006

Author: koyaanisqatsi

“Fuck!” It was more a grunt than a word, and it tumbled over my lower lip while my right hand squeezed my sticky cock. I looked down and watched a tablespoon of white semen appear from the tip. She gasped as the hot, viscous substance landed on her stomach. I propped myself up with...


Views: 173421     Rated: +8.7 (668)    Comments: 21

My girlfriend´s best friend

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex

Published: 16 January 2006

Author: thedean

MY GIRLFRIEND´S BEST FRIEND My name´s Andrew, I´m 34 years old and just the typical average guy. However, there´s one thing that´s special about me - my girlfriend. Her name´s Marina, 28, 5´ 7´´, nice tits, long brown hair and with a little...


Views: 36404     Rated: +7.32 (154)    Comments: 9

Cuckold for Kelley II

Categories Fantasy, Cheating, Humiliation

Published: 15 January 2006

Author: cucucold forckcuold for kelley

CUCKOLD FOR KELLEY II By Cuckold for Kelley As Kelley told me, she had a date for Saturday night with Kevin, the enormously hung stud who had given her such a good time the week before. She had told me she was going to see him at our house and I spent the week experiencing a lot of mixed...


Views: 28408     Rated: +7.65 (94)    Comments: 4

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