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The Erotic Adventures of Annie

Categories Fiction, Anal, Cheating, Oral Sex

Published: 10 November 2005

Author: Uncle Nasty

The hot water cascading from the showerhead felt good. It had been a long week and Annie was ready to unwind. The soapy washcloth soothingly massaged her tight body. Each time she passed the cloth of her small firm breasts her nipples tingled, she let a soft moan escape her lips as she spent a...


Views: 47056     Rated: +7.75 (249)    Comments: 23

Best Service Ever

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex

Published: 05 November 2005

Author: QuiksilverJay

How do I start to express that my job is awesome! Working for a service company I am surrounded by extremely sexy service men. Of which they do anything from heating, ac and electrical. As you may expect mostly all of them are married. For me that just kills. My name is Jessica and I am 28 yrs...


Views: 28026     Rated: +7.31 (121)    Comments: 19

April Fools

Categories True Story, Asian, Cheating, Oral Sex

Published: 02 November 2005

Author: jeff_2

April Fools A co-worker said to me, "Everybody's got a broken heart story!" I imagine that they do. I had a lot of trouble getting over mine. You'll never know how many times I wrote this story, reliving the moments described here. This is a true story. In the interest...


Views: 21281     Rated: +5.08 (48)    Comments: 13

My WIfe 2

Categories True Story, Cheating, Group Sex, Wife

Published: 22 September 2005

Author: Stub

“How it got started” Cindy tells Chris She explained that it started one night when Tom and I where out town and Julies invited her over for dinner. They had eaten and where cleaning up when Julie spilt something downs her and changed her clothes. She thought nothing of it when...


Views: 72377     Rated: +7.27 (200)    Comments: 9

Claudia, found but lost for ever

Categories True Story, Cheating

Published: 17 September 2005

Author: Stub

Claudia, the Woman Next Door I had watched Claudia since she and Clint had moved next door. She was 5’6” weighted about 120 lbs., had blonde hair down to her waist and it anything was a little top heavy. She always smiled, had this great walk about her, and wore the sexiest...


Views: 17848     Rated: +7.81 (81)    Comments: 6

Away From The Home

Categories True Story, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Male / Female

Published: 02 September 2005

Author: Nemasis Enforcer

This is a true story; all that has been changed is the names of everyone involved to protect their identities ************************************************ “Going anywhere nice this month Mr. Tunny?” the nurse asked as she watched Harold get his coat on and head for the...


Views: 62792     Rated: +7.74 (281)    Comments: 21

Jane - The Sequel

Categories True Story, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Incest

Published: 28 August 2005

Author: Deacon Brodie

After a few minutes rest just savouring the relief we had given each other and exchanging a few tender words as lovers do, Jane on top of me and held close by my arms round her back, she lifted her head to look me straight in the eye, grinned knowingly again, and said, “Well, I...


Views: 65693     Rated: +7.77 (254)    Comments: 19

Setting up Lucy-3

Categories Fiction, Cheating, Lesbian

Published: 27 August 2005

Author: Uncle Nasty

Lucy lay stretched out on the bed as the young woman from the shoe store gave her a deep massage, starting with her shoulders. She had gone back to the mall for something and ran into the woman. It only took a few minutes conversation to end up driving to Lucy's house so the woman; Wanda...


Views: 13786     Rated: +6.8 (55)    Comments: 2

Setting up Lucy-4

Categories Fiction, Anal, Cheating, Group Sex

Published: 27 August 2005

Author: Uncle Nasty

Lucy got up early and cooked Howard breakfast, as she did every morning. Howard just like clockwork was dressed and ready to go at eight a.m. He ate breakfast and made small talk with Lucy until precisely eight-twenty, then it was up and on his way to work. Lucy went straight to the shower and...


Views: 29622     Rated: +8.24 (85)    Comments: 6

Setting up Lucy-1

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Cheating

Published: 26 August 2005

Author: Uncle Nasty

SETTING UP LUCY 1 "How do I get myself into these predicaments?" Lucy asked herself, as the young man rubbed his hardened cock across her face and lips. "And where is Howard?" She opened her lips slightly and the long thin penis slide between them. Her tongue flicked the...


Views: 47366     Rated: +7.77 (193)    Comments: 11

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