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teaching the olsen twins 2

Categories Fiction, Coercion, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing

Published: 05 September 2005

Author: tman_89

It was early yet and I wanted the Olsen’s to see exactly what could be in store for them so I decided that Sally would have to suffer a bit more. It was time to show them exactly what the shock bracelets would do so I released Sally, as I undone the last restraint she pushed me, leapt out of...


Views: 27267     Rated: +7.87 (94)    Comments: 8

My sexy Officemate -II

Categories True Story, Coercion, Job/Place-of-work, Oral Sex

Published: 02 September 2005

Author: Chamz

Two days passed without anything new after I had the first of my very erotic encounters with Vathsala. Since that day, every time I saw her, my heart took a leap, and there was no way I could suppress the rapid inflow of blood in the vessels in my crotch. She probably knew this and tried to make...


Views: 19939     Rated: +7.16 (80)    Comments: 3

Getting mommy

Categories True Story, Coercion, First Time, Incest

Published: 19 August 2005

Author: swallowtail

Dad left before I was a year old and was a real loser whom I rarely saw. He had gotten mom pregnant with me when she was 17 and she raised me alone. Mom is weird and didn't have any friends and devoted her whole nonworking time to me. We did everything together and most nights we slept in the...


Views: 201177     Rated: +7.53 (676)    Comments: 69

Jogging Surprise 2

Categories True Story, Anal, Coercion, Gay

Published: 18 August 2005

Author: swallowtail

Hold his nose so his mouth opens, I wanna piss in his mouth. I was on my knees, my jogging shorts around my ankle, one large African American man had his knee in my back and my arms twisted out and back like a surf board. Another grabbed me around my jaw with one hand and squeezed and with his...


Views: 29136     Rated: +7.73 (89)    Comments: 7

8th summer part 4: Dad's turn

Categories Fiction, Coercion, Incest, Non-consensual sex

Published: 14 August 2005

Author: swallowtail

I was introduced to sex by my brother and our neighbor Danny in my 8th summer, and was used by my brother when he wanted it, and was cornered by Danny every chance he got to do kinky stuff with me and pass me around to his classmates. It was a game I had asked to play, not knowing what it would...


Views: 117108     Rated: +8.19 (312)    Comments: 16

Wife's Reluctance/Acceptance!

Categories Fiction, Anal, Bi-sexual, Coercion

Published: 05 August 2005

Author: G. Snave

Wife’s Reluctance & Acceptance I had been married for years before I developed a bi-interest, and my wife recently learned that I have developed a taste for cock. Without her knowing, I had had a few experiences sucking cock during the past few years, but I unfortunately always had to...


Views: 58879     Rated: +8.03 (215)    Comments: 7

Office dream part 7

Categories Fiction, Blackmail, Coercion, Hardcore

Published: 03 August 2005

Author: comicslut

When I awoke that morning the sun was streaming in through my bedroom window, it was already hot, today I felt horny and wanking in the shower didn’t help, because I was horny again shortly after getting myself off. In the office the day crept slowly by. I was in one of those dreadful...


Views: 21723     Rated: +8.65 (74)    Comments: 2

Curiosity: Vol.1 4CCG

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Coercion, Female Domination

Published: 29 July 2005

Author: John Morrison

4 Curious College Girls Volume 1: Curiosity By John Morrison Creator of “The Adventures of John and Holly” With an anonymous collaborator Chapter 1:...


Views: 38167     Rated: +7.71 (73)    Comments: 4

A Peasant Girl - Chapter 8

Categories Fiction, Coercion, Group Sex, Humiliation

Published: 27 July 2005

Author: St. Bobo

Anna was never again late with her chores. Fear drove her, but also desire; she knew if she was quick, she and Noor could spend more time in each other's company, and if she was good then her father and brother would let her have free time. She obediently suffered their advances, and when...


Views: 42126     Rated: +7.78 (96)    Comments: 10

Tricked into Hypnosis

Categories Diary, Coercion, First Time, Male / Female

Published: 23 July 2005

Author: Hypnotist DG

Intro (1998-2004): My name is Al, and I want to setup my story with a little history before I jump to the mind control of my 17 year old online female friend. If you wish to skip over this part and go right to the sexual part then you may, but I think you will be intrigued to read my...


Views: 60933     Rated: +7.83 (110)    Comments: 10

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