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Consensual Sex


Categories Fiction, Anal, Consensual Sex, Extreme

Published: 05 July 2004

Authror: BIGGLES

“Come inside Anne,” called Anne’s mother. Anne turned to me and said “I’ll see you tomorrow Zach” as she left to go inside. Anne was my neighbor. We grew up together and knew each other since we were five years old. Anne was a beautiful girl. She was a natural...


Views: 63377     Rated: +7 (200)    Comments: 46

Lustful Desires for Annie part 1

Categories Fiction, Boy, Consensual Sex, First Time

Published: 05 July 2004

Authror: PersuasianX

As I sit here on my porch on this lovely Sunday afternoon, I reflected on my life. A life gone by, so quick and filled with many sweet memories; you see I’m an average town man who lived an average life. A life that doesn’t concern many, but a life that have had some secrets no one had...


Views: 48639     Rated: +7.12 (102)    Comments: 6

Lustful desires for annie part 2

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, First Time, Male / Female

Published: 05 July 2004

Authror: PersuasianX

I did feel bad because we were such good of friends, and she had tears in her eyes when she was running home. As the days passed, which turned into months, which turned into years, we grew more distant because of that incident, and eventually, didn’t even talk much anymore. Every time we saw...


Views: 57165     Rated: +7.63 (197)    Comments: 39

A Lovers Dream

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Romance

Published: 05 July 2004

Authror: Beth

We arrived at the hotel…you unlocked the door and we walked into the room… I put down my case and, as the door shut automatically, we stood by the door and kissed for what seemed like an eternity but which was, in reality, only a few minutes…Our kisses got hotter and...


Views: 22898     Rated: +7.43 (101)    Comments: 9


Categories Fiction, Black, Consensual Sex, Erotica

Published: 01 July 2004

Authror: BBWonder

“Dang, B, I ain’t fittin’ ta be meetin’ no females off no party line!” shouted Erin over the stereo that spilled out the sounds of the rapper Jay-Z. Erin was visiting her cousin Berri in Philadelphia from Atlanta. They where complete opposites, Berri being a prissy,...


Views: 26856     Rated: +6.8 (56)    Comments: 7

My first sexual experience

Categories True Story, Consensual Sex, Group Sex, Teen

Published: 29 June 2004

Authror: Lotsa Expirence

I was 14 that summer and so was she. She knew that I had always looked at her ass as she walked by...but how could you not stare at a nice, fresh, tight ass? every guy wants one. My friend and I had decided to go over to her house and see what she was doing. we were bored...and really horny from...


Views: 25209     Rated: +4.66 (98)    Comments: 12

The Neighbor Next Door

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Erotica

Published: 27 June 2004

Authror: Cole McNeil

It was a regular day about 10:30 am when I went outside to get the morning paper from my porch. It was a saturday. As I looked up I notice a new neighbor was moving in across the street. From what I could see she was gorgeous. She had a sexy little waist which led to her perfect little ass, and...


Views: 35823     Rated: +4.87 (128)    Comments: 5

mysterious day

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Rape

Published: 25 June 2004

Authror: skateparkzone61

.It was Saturday The last day of June when about to slip into bed surprisingly noticing that my window was open i slowly walked over to the lattice and closed the window i climbed into my soft bed drifting away to sleep the next morning i woke up with two girls, asking myself if i was...


Views: 42073     Rated: +4 (113)    Comments: 29

Housekeeper 2

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Hardcore, Male / Female

Published: 24 June 2004

Authror: Samantha Wilde

The discovery of the security camera was a shock, but I guess I should have expected it. After all, it was a very large house that just screamed "RICH" from the outside, and everything in it was very expensive. I surprised myself by not feeling like I had to cover up, instead, I got up...


Views: 26622     Rated: +7.08 (80)    Comments: 6

Tom and his Twin Sisters Part 2

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Incest

Published: 20 June 2004

Authror: Steve Smith

The next morning I awoke to find my older twin sisters Sophie and Kate lying naked asleep either side of me. I was on my back and they were lying each side of me on their sides with their warm firm breasts pressing into me. Additionally Sophie had fallen asleep with the palm of her hand on top of...


Views: 61521     Rated: +7.82 (281)    Comments: 19

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