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the most amazing story ever told part 2

Categories Dark Fantasy, Black, Cruelty, Extreme

Published: 07 May 2006

Authror: ZZZ

Megan got herself into trouble when she drove drunk to the dentist. Shaneequa was passed out so Megan decided to leave. She goes to the worst juvenile hall in the country. She feels horrible without drugs. A girl named Tarea hates her. Tarea is tall, freckled, green eyed, fat, black haired, half...


Views: 48647     Rated: +3.15 (162)    Comments: 31

Trash part 4

Categories Dark Fantasy, Cruelty, Extreme, Incest

Published: 07 May 2006

Authror: ZZZ

They hatch the plan. They steal from Trey. Megan’s coffin is exhumed because of the evidence that it was dug up. Tarea is found eating Megan, who ironically had to eat a child once to survive. Johnny points the gun at his own head. He wants to pull the trigger. But he can’t. He...


Views: 27654     Rated: +3.25 (40)    Comments: 10

trash part 5 the finale

Categories Dark Fantasy, Cruelty, Drug, Group Sex

Published: 07 May 2006

Authror: ZZZ

At dinner they eat turkey and Johnny says a prayer. The others talk during the prayer. They eat the turkey viciously and Johnny only gets a leg. Julie hugs him right as he is about to cry. Johnny tells a story of how he was a victim of white slavery perpetrated by Tarea. They claim that the story...


Views: 36381     Rated: +2.56 (79)    Comments: 10

teen rape!

Categories Dark Fantasy, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Rape

Published: 02 May 2006

Authror: angelic rape

As he forced his wide dick into my untouched virgin pussy, i screamed out in pain as i felt my hymen being ripped in two and my innocence being forced off me, i was tied to a pink bed in a cold damp mock up of a little girls bedroom, the floor littered with used condoms full with cold spunk and...


Views: 120135     Rated: +5.2 (265)    Comments: 51

Servance- Cherry Popping

Categories Fiction, Anal, BDSM, Cruelty

Published: 26 April 2006

Authror: Submissive

Harry was still sore from the vicious flogging of yesterdays events. After Angelica woke him up she insisted on dressing him. “Today slave your strapon training begins” Ever since Harry had woken up he had been trying to think of a way to get out the coming ordeals. Finally ,as...


Views: 22951     Rated: +5.85 (47)    Comments: 5

Servance- Birthday Present

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Cruelty, Discipline

Published: 18 April 2006

Authror: Submissive

He realized that it was not a house, but a mansion. As he looked around the general area he saw that the mansion was completely alone atop the bluff. This sudden thought gave him a cold chill like no other. Thoughts raced through his mind. How much did he really know about these women? Also he...


Views: 21355     Rated: +6.04 (50)    Comments: 4

I Remember Halloween

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, BDSM, Cruelty

Published: 10 April 2006

Authror: Jimmmy D.

IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY SICK ACTS OF RAPE, TORTURE, AND SEXUAL MURDER THEN DO NOT READ THIS STORY!!! LEAVE NOW!! Written by Jimmmy D. Halloween night, Samhain, the day before All Saints Day, a day when the demons are suppose to pounce from the ethereal planes to our materal planes....


Views: 31984     Rated: +5.55 (129)    Comments: 17

World of Warcraft fantasy 2 : The Grimtotem

Categories Fantastic, Anal, BDSM, Cruelty

Published: 20 March 2006

Authror: Warner

Teylyn prowled along the edge of the Grimtotem camp, edging near the campfire where Magron Grimtotem sat, meditating. She had been sent to help quell the destruction of nature in the Stonetalon mountains, both by the Venture Co. and the Grimtotem Raiders. It seemed that in recent months, the two...


Views: 26839     Rated: +7.32 (85)    Comments: 23


Categories Dark Fantasy, Body modification, Cruelty, First Time

Published: 21 February 2006


Clown! Ok, this is pretty sick lemon, I admit. But…. I was comissioned to do this and it's my policy to never turn down a comission. Not even the ones I would hate. Fat clown: "Hi Kids, I'm Bonko, it's time to start this birthday party! So what's your name B-day...


Views: 42152     Rated: +6.15 (123)    Comments: 28

Rape - His Story

Categories Fiction, Cruelty, Death, Extreme

Published: 20 February 2006

Authror: AngelzDevil

[This is an adult [dark] fantasy only. Read the other story, "Rape – Her Story", and let me know what you think! Several years ago, a casual chat friend asked me to write a Rape Story. Initially I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, and immediately gave up on the idea,...


Views: 60255     Rated: +7.09 (74)    Comments: 20

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