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Mommies girl part 2

Categories Fiction, Anal, Cuckold, Female solo

Published: 17 June 2016

Authror: agoda

PART 2 This is a work of fiction and all participants are over the age of 18. Chapter 1 Donald stared at his phone feeling himself growing extremely horny. He had been denied an orgasm for almost six weeks now and the message he’d just received was almost too much. Donald knew...


Views: 38744     Rated: +9.31 (145)    Comments: 2

Denise and Darnell, pt 2

Categories Fiction, Black, Cuckold, Hardcore

Published: 16 June 2016

Authror: HighBlueSky

(start with Denise and Darnell, pt 1 to get the back story) She must have felt pretty excited about it, because she wore these shorts that sat on her hips and emphasized her ass perfectly. Her top was clingy, thin, and low cut. It became apparent that she forewent her padded bras for a thinner...


Views: 21322     Rated: +9.05 (137)    Comments: 4

Nurse Mom - Chapter 9 - Mom joins in with Aunt Pam

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cuckold

Published: 26 May 2016

Authror: slyde503

I turned my head to see Mom sitting in the arm chair over in the corner. Pam snapped her head around and froze when she saw Mom there, completely naked and touching herself. Mom had a big smile on her face and said that she just couldn't help herself as she continued to run her fingers over...


Views: 50187     Rated: +9.36 (451)    Comments: 1


Categories Fiction, Anal, BDSM, Cuckold

Published: 26 May 2016

Authror: senorlongo

A WILLING CUCKOLD—MY CONCLUSION I originally wrote this story for another site that will remain nameless here. Although you cannot read what came before I think I have given enough information to enable any reader to make sense of the story. There’s enough in what I’ve written...


Views: 16539     Rated: +6.9 (58)    Comments: 5

Drunk passed out wife abused and raped

Categories Dark Fantasy, BDSM, Cruelty, Cuckold

Published: 24 May 2016

Authror: making_missy_awhore

After years of reading erotica featuring drugged wives drunk being raped, plus my wife developing panic attacks with a course of medicine for treatment I could not help but feel like all the stars had aligned for me to make my fantasies a reality seeing my wife fucked.. After my wife returning...


Views: 35261     Rated: +6.97 (122)    Comments: 2

Denise and Darnell, pt 1

Categories Fiction, Black, Cuckold, Hardcore

Published: 24 May 2016

Authror: HighBlueSky

?After college, my fiance (Denise) and I (Jack) happened to find a good 2 year lease on a house rental. We had been in an apartment since school, and were tired of sharing walls with other people.? It was in a decent little neighborhood without too many kids running around. Our wedding...


Views: 18786     Rated: +8.54 (123)    Comments: 1

Tabletop Service

Categories Dark Fantasy, Authoritarian, Cruelty, Cuckold

Published: 18 May 2016

Authror: sweetjohnny

A few months ago my girlfriend and I were on a vacation and decided that we would go out to a club in the city while we were there. It seemed like an awesome idea at the time. We had spent all day on the beach and were enjoying the relaxation. Having spent several days in the area, we were getting...


Views: 15983     Rated: +6.59 (41)   

Date Night With Daddy

Categories True Story, Bi-sexual, Cuckold, Erotica

Published: 11 May 2016

Authror: BriceWard

It is finally date night. My babygirl has been talking about it all week. She has been excited to dress up for me and to have me take her out and have some "adult" time which is her reward for being a hardworking house girl for her Daddy all week. She has told me on several occasions...


Views: 17359     Rated: +8.96 (48)    Comments: 3

Susan's first nudist beach experience

Categories Fiction, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cuckold

Published: 10 May 2016

Authror: taniadaniels

KAW #2 Susan’s first Nudist beach experience. (Part one) My name is Martin Blackshaw. I am sixty four years of age and a retired long distance driver. It all seems so long ago now, but the details are as sharp in my mind as they were at the time. My wife Susan and I were both in our late...


Views: 26462     Rated: +9.2 (137)    Comments: 9

My wife's new toys.

Categories True Story, Black, Cuckold

Published: 05 May 2016

Authror: GL25

One night, I wake up to hear my wife moaning in her sleep. I say her name and there isn't a response. I look under the duvet and see that she is gently stroking her hairy pussy, whilst squeezing her breasts ever so slightly. I mean well what a sight to see. I continue to watch her elegantly...


Views: 10791     Rated: +5.48 (42)    Comments: 7

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