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The Fading Light

Categories Dark Fantasy, Death, Murder, Violence

Published: 26 November 2005

Authror: Kaila Graves

Chapter 1 Her meal She looked in the mirror at her long past deported reflection; she ran her short slender fingers threw her shoulder length black hair smoothing it down, and letting it fall around her face. She straightened her blue leather skirt and flattened down the front of her blue tank...


Views: 15111     Rated: +5.82 (33)    Comments: 6

New slave

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Death, Fisting

Published: 12 November 2005

Authror: Melissa_1

He looked her over with a critical eye. His had heard that this slave was rebellious and needed a tight reign to control her. That is exactly the reason that he had purchased her. He liked his slaves to rebel a little and he definitely enjoyed breaking in a new slave. He noticed that her head was...


Views: 36966     Rated: +6.92 (131)    Comments: 8

Horror Hotel

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, Blowjob, Death

Published: 29 October 2005

Authror: Jimmmy D.

Horror Hotel Wonderful Dream turns to erotic nightmare “check into horror hotel this place is creepy and it's somber too and a little vampira wrapped on my neck.” This story is completely fiction, any similarities to any actual person or persons is purely...


Views: 39679     Rated: +5.77 (141)    Comments: 24

Power at Its Finest

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, Cum Swallowing, Death

Published: 20 September 2005

Authror: Germadian

It has become one of the greatest yearly traditions I have ever been graced with. Every year I stake out some sweet, loving, innocent girl, befriend her, then I take away the two things she can never ever get back. First, I take her virginity and I don't mean just her vagina, I mean all three...


Views: 27189     Rated: +4.12 (74)    Comments: 27

Stepson's revenge

Categories Dark Fantasy, BDSM, Cum Swallowing, Death

Published: 02 August 2005

Authror: Monkeyboy

John was tormented, to say the least. His father and mother had divorced from a very young age and when his new stepmother, a woman called Lorraine, tried to tell John that she was now part of his family, John began to hate her for it. John hated Lorraine for many reasons including the latter, he...


Views: 40974     Rated: +5.71 (106)    Comments: 21

The Apartment

Categories Fantasy, Death, Murder

Published: 30 July 2005

Authror: jeff

It's a quiet night. I sit in the dark apartment waiting, watching the traffic on the street below. I smile at how easy this has been. I've watched the girl for a couple of days, she seems oblivious to my presence. Maybe she hasn't seen me or maybe she's used to people...


Views: 65438     Rated: +7.35 (253)    Comments: 42

Brittany Spears and Me

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, BDSM, Death

Published: 28 July 2005

Authror: Brian Winters

Someone recently sent me a story which had a Brittany Spears theme. It got me thinking. Do you have any idea how much I hate that girl? I mean really, I can't stand her. Pop icons in general really piss me off, but her in particular. It isn't just that she's put up on some kind...


Views: 20208     Rated: +4.21 (61)    Comments: 38

New Beginnings - Pt 3 Ch 11

Categories Fantastic, Death, Mind Control

Published: 25 July 2005

Authror: dank

Two matching sets of almond-dark eyes gazed quietly at each other over Jake’s hairy chest as he lay gently snoring in the center of the bed. Two dark-haired beauties lay, one head on each of his shoulders as they rested. Although Jake was exhausted from their sexual romp, the two vampire...


Views: 17582     Rated: +7.36 (44)    Comments: 3

Don`t look behind you.

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, Death, Male / Female

Published: 30 June 2005

Authror: melissa konstans

I went to a carnival on the 4th of July. I was excited about the rides, the food, and of course, watching the fireworks at the end of the night. My boyfriend and I had been together for over a month now. He surprised me with tickets to the carnival and I was really happy. As we walked past the...


Views: 32922     Rated: +5.75 (100)    Comments: 15

New Beginnings - Pt 2 Ch 11

Categories Fantastic, Death, Non-Erotic

Published: 12 June 2005

Authror: dank

NON-EROTIC means what it says: There is NO SEX in this chapter! The Phoenix III was powered up and accelerating once again at one-quarter gravity. This time it would only be for a few hours. That’s how long it would take to arrive where the great ship drifted as it slowly followed Mars...


Views: 15051     Rated: +7.27 (49)    Comments: 5

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