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Dragon Queen, Ch 1 Part 1, Fallen Star

Categories Dark Fantasy, Cruelty, Discipline, Incest

Published: 13 November 2014

Authror: Redhawk Soaring

This story will be mostly fantasy with some sex thrown in, so if that’s not your thing then don’t read. Also READ THE TAGS if you see something you don’t like, don’t read the story then rage about it in the comments…. thank you. Note: This is my first work,...


Views: 9115     Rated: +9.2 (75)    Comments: 5

Dragon Queen, Ch2 Part1, The Festival of Death

Categories Dark Fantasy, Cruelty, Death, Discipline

Published: 13 November 2014

Authror: Redhawk Soaring

Chapter 2 Part 1 The Festival of Death I broke off my dangerous words as my kid brother Sunbeam appeared at my side. Seeing through the shadow that he created, I reached my hand in and dispersed it. I was met with a pouting frown. “What did you do that for sis, I was just trying to have...


Views: 7517     Rated: +8.29 (41)    Comments: 8

Trafficked Love Ch. 12

Categories Fiction, Discipline, Domination/submission, Drug

Published: 04 November 2014

Authror: ObedientAngel

Chapter Twelve: Forgive Us, Our Trespasses Dante had dropped Angel off at the club, as promised. He had left fairly quickly afterwards too. She seemed to suddenly not trust him, when he had awoken that morning. He had made her breakfast while she showered, but she refused to eat. She had sat...


Views: 16954     Rated: +8.89 (36)    Comments: 1

Trafficked Love Ch. 15

Categories Dark Fantasy, Cruelty, Discipline, Job/Place-of-work

Published: 04 November 2014

Authror: ObedientAngel

Chapter Fifteen: Worth Angel slammed the club’s back door open; letting a blast of cool August air hit her in the face. Every once in a while, she would get these crazy offers from clients. They expected her to do anything. A guy wants to see her bend over for a dog; she’s expected...


Views: 7323     Rated: +8.6 (43)    Comments: 3

The Professor who said I was a Good Girl

Categories True Story, Discipline, Domination/submission, Male / Female

Published: 04 November 2014

Authror: gingersaffron

It was the Spring Quarter of my Freshmen year of college at a very academically prestigious school. I was studying for my Biology degree, coming to the end of my first year. Usually this is the time when people go out, have fun, and have sex, but I was having none of those things. I had...


Views: 124717     Rated: +8.93 (731)    Comments: 19

First Time In Detention

Categories Fantasy, Authoritarian, Discipline, Domination/submission

Published: 03 November 2014

Authror: gwen5tennyson

Gwen had turned 18 last month and the best present she got was being accepted at a reputed college in the country. Her first week in Saint's College was an exciting one and she felt she was going to settle in the new environment very quickly. But the second week began on a sour note. Monday...


Views: 10066     Rated: +8.33 (42)    Comments: 2

Daddy's Girl

Categories Fantasy, Authoritarian, BDSM, Discipline

Published: 31 October 2014

Authror: DaddyTex

Staci’s report card You knew as soon as you walked into the kitchen you were in trouble. Mom was sitting at the table crying and she had your report card in her hand. I knew it wasn’t about me because my grades were better than yours any day, but yet you stop and was about to turn...


Views: 13179     Rated: +6.89 (61)    Comments: 2

Heaven & Hell 2

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Discipline, Domination/submission

Published: 31 October 2014

Authror: XxMorganXx

Chapter 2: Hell She thinks it started somewhere the early morning after, like their routine stated, he had left her on her own until later that night when no one would stop either of them at the gates or on the way to her living space (it could hardly be called a home). And although she...


Views: 3314     Rated: +5 (8)    Comments: 2

You Ain't Gonna Believe What I Found on the Intrnet

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Discipline

Published: 30 October 2014

Authror: Don'sdick

"You ain't gonna believe what I just found on the internet.” It was the first words my brother, Bill, spoke when I answered the phone. “Do you have your laptop handy?” “Sure, hold on a second… okay, I got it, what’s up?” “Go to...


Views: 92945     Rated: +9.02 (542)    Comments: 4

Queening for a Day

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, Black, Discipline

Published: 30 October 2014

Authror: afroerotik

There are some individuals who believe that coincidence can be explained away by logical explanations. There is a certain comfort in life when one supposes that everything can be calculated and replicated. Bret Matthews lived his life that way; he was methodical and premeditated with everything he...


Views: 16579     Rated: +8 (20)   

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