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Life Changing Slave Master 2

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Discipline, Male / Female

Published: 05 December 2016

Authror: jb_funn

Life Changing Slave Master 2 NOTE: Comments on the story not the grammar or spelling are welcome. I left Pamela chained and hobbled in the slave cell. I could not stop thinking about her submissive declaration. I knew that she said it to avoid more pain for her training but felt like...


Views: 4694     Rated: +7.57 (37)    Comments: 1

Earning My Place - part 2

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, BDSM, Discipline

Published: 28 November 2016

Authror: gypsiegirl

Earning My Place - part 2 I arrive home after work and find only Sir at home. I was hoping this was the case as I really wanted to talk with him. I go into the house and walk into the living room - forgetting about the rule of removing my clothes when I 1st walk in the door. "Sir, may I...


Views: 2445     Rated: +6.15 (13)    Comments: 1

Incestuous Harem 6: Disciplining My Bratty Sis

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Discipline, Domination/submission

Published: 22 November 2016

Authror: mypenname3000

Incestuous Harem Chapter Six: Disciplining My Bratty Sis By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Clint Elliston Melody's blonde hair danced about her shoulder as she looked around the grocery store parking lot. We were between the family's SUV and a large, green pickup truck. I wiggled...


Views: 193424     Rated: +8.95 (1104)    Comments: 66

Life Changing Slave Master 1

Categories Dark Fantasy, BDSM, Discipline, Domination/submission

Published: 18 November 2016

Authror: jb_funn

Life Changing Slave Master 1 NOTE: Comments on the story are welcome. To those people thinking they are so much smarter than other people. There are typos, bad spelling and grammar in all my stories. If you can't over look my amateur mistakes and enjoy the story content. I just...


Views: 20365     Rated: +8.55 (83)    Comments: 3

S&M Fantasy Cabin 1

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Discipline, Male / Female

Published: 10 November 2016

Authror: jb_funn

S&M Fantasy Cabin 1. Pam Beaver is a beautiful petite woman in her early forties but could past for a much younger woman. She is a CEO of a large company with clients world wide and branch offices all across the USA and abroad. She had worked hard and with her brain and looks advanced to...


Views: 54595     Rated: +9.02 (366)    Comments: 6

S&M Fantasy Cabin 2

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Discipline, Male / Female

Published: 10 November 2016

Authror: jb_funn

S&M Fantasy Cabin 2 Pam calmed down and lay still waiting for her captor to return with fear of the pain he would inflict on her but feeling aroused thinking about the pleasure he had forced on her. She lay tied spread eagle and blindfolded to the large bed. His cum dried on her face and...


Views: 33431     Rated: +8.51 (370)    Comments: 7

Earning my place - part 1

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Consensual Sex, Discipline

Published: 08 November 2016

Authror: gypsiegirl

Earning my place I lost the right to call my Dom "Master". I messed up, I acted in a way that was unbecoming to him. When questioned on my behaviors I denied, fought with him, and didn't take ownership. While helping me overcome some of the worst anxiety I ever experienced I...


Views: 4548     Rated: +8.75 (16)    Comments: 4


Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Discipline, Domination/submission

Published: 26 October 2016

Authror: TW1212

"Do ya hear that ladies?" I yelled as the band was just finishing their set. "That's the sound of FREEDOM! My phone has not rang all night!" Kara rolled her big Chestnut eyes and turned slowly with and her teeth gritted to Ann and Sheila. "Yes, Layla, we hear...


Views: 22853     Rated: +8.92 (120)    Comments: 3

Penny's Abduction and Slavery 3

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Discipline, Slavery

Published: 18 October 2016

Authror: jb_funn

Penny's Abduction & Slavery 3 Penny waited for her new Master maintaining her slave position on the edge of the bed. She began to think after a long while with her legs beginning to cramp that she was happy that he allowed her to wait on the thin mattress of the bed instead of the...


Views: 12933     Rated: +9.06 (85)    Comments: 2

Penny's Abduction and Slavery 2

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Discipline, BDSM

Published: 17 October 2016

Authror: jb_funn

Penny's Abduction and Slavery 2 Penny felt the vehicle slow then turn off the main road and fear of what is happening to hear rushed through her body like a tidal wave. About five minutes down what felt like a gravel road to Penny Luke stopped the pick-up. Penny heard the motor turn off...


Views: 21194     Rated: +9.22 (128)    Comments: 4

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