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Home Alone with Dad

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Gay, Oral Sex

Published: 25 April 2019

Author: parva noctua

I was never close with my parents. They both worked a lot, and one of them seemed to always be out of town. But I never gave up; I was always trying to make up some excuse to talk to one of them or spend time with them. This led me to be a little needy as a kid, which I’m sure was a bit...


Views: 1916     Rated: +9 (10)   

Young Fern Part Six

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex

Published: 25 April 2019

Author: islandic

Young Fern Part Six ~ Adel has her hands full ~ Alice and Fern stayed with me for the next two days while Tom repaired Adel’s house. We were all sleeping in my big bed now usually little Willow slept atop me with Fern on one side of me and Alice on the other. I knew I had to be careful...


Views: 165     Rated: +4 (1)   

Cum Deposit

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Humiliation, Male / Female

Published: 25 April 2019

Author: Boomerant932

The time is 7:45am, its a warm morning. Mid summer, the sun is glaring. You wake up to your boyfriends cock pressing up against your back. You have half an hour to leave the house and walk to work. You begin to get out of bed, suddenly you feel a hand on your arm tugging you back in. You turn...


Views: 716     Rated: +5 (2)   

Eye for an Eye (Part 1)

Categories Fantasy, Lesbian

Published: 25 April 2019

Author: Boomerant932

Ellie: My mouth was dry, head was aching and the room was spinning. To comfort my unforgivable hangover was this white fluffy pillow of which I rested my head upon. I couldn't remember anything from the night before, at all. Last thing I remembered was taking a chug from a bottle of vodka....


Views: 1049     Rated: +8.75 (8)   

The Way it is Now CH4

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Male / Female

Published: 25 April 2019

Author: At00micAsh

The Way it is Now CH4 I can’t believe that cunt just left me like that. I mean, poof gone. Took little Robbie with her and left me with this guy. He’s nice enough I guess. He let me come home with him. Did I even tell him my name yet? Oh God. He told me his, What was it again? I...


Views: 2950     Rated: +9.59 (49)    Comments: 3

King Dong: A Monster Movie Parody Act 2

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Oral Sex

Published: 25 April 2019

Author: Perv Otaku

ACT II "Beautiful," Jack said, coming up behind Anne as she stood at the railing, staring out over the ocean. "Yes, It's a wonderful view," she replied. "I wasn't talking about the sea," he said. She turned towards him, revealing that the plunging...


Views: 886     Rated: +7.14 (7)   

Willow and her Dad

Categories Fantasy

Published: 25 April 2019

Author: islandic

Willow and her Dad ~ A story in the Young Fern Universe ~ This story follows on from the “Young Fern Part Six” and revolves around Willow and her new life living with her Dad. ~ Philip had just been through a sole crushing divorce which saw his wife of 15 years try to take him...


Views: 7682     Rated: +6.67 (12)   

A dark side takes over

Categories Fantasy, Bestiality, Fisting

Published: 25 April 2019

Author: AllFantasy

My life have been a mess. Worked and paid my bills. Sure everyone dose that. But what had i left when i had paid all my bills? 200 dollar left? Well that's not much with the life i want. I like my beers and food. Well anyway. I was a mess in the ekonomic. But one day i decided to get it under...


Views: 279     Rated: +7 (1)   

Young and Single

Categories Fantasy

Published: 25 April 2019

Author: islandic

Young and Single ~ Synopsis – A young man from a Spanish speaking family goes back to Spain to work and stays with his Mother, Sister and Niece. ~ I’m Ken, single and living at home with my Father. My Mother left when I was 4 and my sister 11. My Mother took my sister and went...


Views: 3349     Rated: +6.67 (12)    Comments: 1

A Night of Love

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing

Published: 25 April 2019

Author: Sensualist24

The room was dimly lit. He could see little except the lithe outline of her frame. She stood there in front of him, the kind of woman he had always desired and hungered for, now totally his, totally devoted to serving his pleasure. Who was she? It didn't seem to matter. Looking at her...


Views: 475     Rated: +6 (5)   

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