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Devil's Island CH 5

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Bestiality, Body modification

Published: 27 July 2018

Authror: snuskhummer11

5.Gina Gina followed Master as quickly as she could with her hobbles. Her feet were aching from the high heels. She wasn't used to wearing heels like these. She had stood or walked on the balls of her feet for a good 12 hours now. Her calves were aching too. She was lead through a series of...


Views: 4072     Rated: +8.82 (34)   

it started with my mom 5

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Boy, Consensual Sex

Published: 27 July 2018

Authror: shad0walker

Once my cock was in her...i held on to her car tight and started fucking her virgin pussy with a new filled animal lust….every thrust sending ripples through her body..kellys mouth fell open as the assault began….but no sound came out...instead her legs wrapped around my waist and...


Views: 12851     Rated: +8.94 (141)   

Devil's Island CH 7

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Bestiality, Body modification

Published: 27 July 2018

Authror: snuskhummer11

7. Afternoon Jackie was miserable. The sun beat on down her and she was thirsty. She would also get nasty sunburn on her back, ass, and pussy unless she got out of the sun soon. Her already sore pussy would have sun burnt lips on top of everything else. Jackie regretted having walked home that...


Views: 3019     Rated: +8.8 (25)   

Devil's Island CH 8

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Bestiality, Body modification

Published: 27 July 2018

Authror: snuskhummer11

8. Evening "Now Gina. I want you to understand you are not being punished for anything. This is a training session. There are few things wrong with how you are lying. Do you know what that might be?" Gina thought for a moment. She was on the bed on her belly like she had been...


Views: 3499     Rated: +8.05 (41)   

Dead by Daylight Explicit Fanfic- The Nurse’s Calling

Categories Fantasy

Published: 26 July 2018

Authror: Storytoldcomics

The Nurse’s Calling I sighed deeply as night after night I found myself here, trudging through the darkness, the moonlight illuminating my way forward. There were others like me, sometimes we would help each other sometimes not, either way it didn’t matter to me. I’d learned all...


Views: 1166     Rated: +8.57 (7)   

Miranda gets it all

Categories Fantasy, Boy

Published: 26 July 2018

Authror: longcarlforyou

It was Saturday afternoon and I was lounging by the pool all by myself. My wife Alexis had gone to Phoenix a week ago to visit with her mother, who had fallen and sprained her foot. A little comfort and compassion is just what my mother-in-law needed and my wife saw to it that she got it. She...


Views: 12293     Rated: +9.25 (120)   

Astral’s Tale - Volume II - Magical Feelings

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing

Published: 26 July 2018

Authror: Long Scepter

VOLUME 2 A melodic song echoed over the beauty of a large chamber, its graceful harmony filling the air, growing in volume with higher voices joining the natural chorus. The overwhelming smell of petrichor drifted through a crack of wood, while the gentle drops of heavy dew splattered through the...


Views: 1768     Rated: +8.13 (16)    Comments: 1

Open Minds leads to Open Hearts

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Masturbation, Oral Sex

Published: 26 July 2018

Authror: T. Foxal

About six years ago, Kyle and his girlfriend Carrie, moved from the Fort Lauderdale area to Big Pine Keys, of the Florida Keys. Kyle had a successful remodeling and home building business going, but had always loved going to the keys and wanted to make it his home one day. Carrie was not really...


Views: 8827     Rated: +9.1 (133)    Comments: 1

Open Minds leads to Open Hearts 2

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Lesbian

Published: 26 July 2018

Authror: T. Foxal

Part 2 Chapter 1 Kyle and Bella did reduce their time together, since their morning on his couch when she showed up with the damning report and pictures from the private investigator. About the only time they spent together was when they went over plans for the remodel. It was killing them...


Views: 6520     Rated: +9.26 (95)   

Miranda gets it all Part 2

Categories Fantasy, Incest

Published: 26 July 2018

Authror: longcarlforyou

Jim could not believe what he had just witnessed. His 18 year old daughter Miranda had just given her boyfriend Marcus the hottest blow job he had ever seen. To top it all off, he had stood just 10 feet from the scene behind a clump of bushes and jacked off, spewing his own huge load in the...


Views: 9203     Rated: +9.29 (85)   

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