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I Work in a Doctor's Office VI

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Boy, Cum Swallowing

Published: 28 May 2019

Author: spurtz

If you have been following my stories, you know that I am a young, attractive female medical assistant who works for a leading urologist in a major city. As this is written, I have had this position for three years which makes me 27. Not many women work in this field but frankly I chose it because...


Views: 16864     Rated: +9.45 (163)    Comments: 1

I Work in a Doctor's Office VII

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Masturbation, Teen

Published: 28 May 2019

Author: spurtz

My full time job is as a female medical assistant to a leading urologist in a major city. I sought out a career in this field mainly due to my fascination with penises. One of my patients recently hired me on the side to tutor his 16-year old son. The son, Jack, was painfully shy, had never dated,...


Views: 5524     Rated: +8.95 (86)   

Modern Farm: Chapter 5, session #2

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, BDSM, Cheating

Published: 23 May 2019

Author: DoFirst_AskLater

# Earned tip Another night, there are still some guests are around. The guest are tipping the sexy waitresses Katin and Sylvia a lot, due to the hot dress they wears. I do my usual job in the bar, mixing drinks and watching the both hot waitresses doing their job. # Dress of daughter Katin The...


Views: 2306     Rated: +3.5 (20)   

Modern Farm: Chapter 5, session #3

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, BDSM, Domination/submission

Published: 23 May 2019

Author: DoFirst_AskLater

Katin gets shown the hell by Sylvia and me. # Katin is fishnet dressed The big ass of slutty Katin is hidden in a very sexy with an black, skin tight and net like underbutt hotpant which emphasizes her monster ass properly. Furthermore her football sized silicon tits are put into a black, skin...


Views: 1127     Rated: +4 (10)   

The Emperor Has No Clothes

Categories Fantasy, Discipline, Exhibitionism, Lesbian

Published: 23 May 2019

Author: VirtualScott

"Jeni, you bitch! I *hate* you!" Grace bounced up off the chaise and into the shade provided by the cabana, but the damage was already done. Judging by the position of the sun, she'd dozed long enough it might not have mattered anyway, but *somebody* had folded the umbrella between...


Views: 7488     Rated: +9 (20)   

An Elven Affair

Categories Fantasy, Erotica, Oral Sex, Romance

Published: 22 May 2019

Author: icefrodo

An Elven Affair The elven princess Alilei wore a transparent many-layered gown of white silk which partly revealed the form of a wonderful body: bare feet, beautiful legs leading up to a perfectly plump ass, a slender waist, and absolutely marvelous heavy breasts. Her face was very likable,...


Views: 5713     Rated: +8.55 (55)    Comments: 1

Baton Rouge

Categories Fantasy

Published: 22 May 2019

Author: Alex MacDonald

“So ,she is dead?” The voice startled Jack. He had been sitting at the small table in the corner. Lost in thought he had not noticed the other man taking a seat.Now he looked up and it took him a moment to realise who this bloke was. “Staff Sergeant Matthews, sorry, I was miles...


Views: 3510     Rated: +6.92 (26)   

The new roommate Pt. 2

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex

Published: 22 May 2019

Author: luckyliving

Me and Amber have been great friends for a while now. We share everything and have been through the worst and the best with one another. I can confidently say that I love her and want nothing more in life than for her to succeed. She is beautiful. Medium dark brown hair. Beautiful brown eyes and a...


Views: 18447     Rated: +9.41 (203)   

The New Roommate Pt. 3

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Blowjob, Cheating

Published: 22 May 2019

Author: luckyliving

The ride home was mostly quiet besides the music we had all agreed upon for the ride. With Natalie in the back seat once again I see in my mirror her begin to fade into sleep. Amber is looking down, not at her phone but in deep thought. "Is everything ok?" I inquire. "That was...


Views: 16388     Rated: +9.5 (181)   

I Work in a Doctor's Office III

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Hardcore

Published: 21 May 2019

Author: spurtz

If you followed my previous stories you will know I am a young, attractive medical assistant who works for an urologist. It is rare for women to be in the urology field but I chose it because I am fascinated with the penis. Unfortunately, most of our patients are older but enough young men come in...


Views: 12054     Rated: +9.4 (134)    Comments: 3

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