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Magic Wands, so to speak part II (A Harry Potter story)

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Fiction, Lesbian

Published: 10 May 2006

Authror: Zatch

Magic Wands, so to speak II (a Harry Potter story) Mrs. Weasley walked up the stairs flicking her wand at Ginny and Ron’s door, placing a spell upon them so that the teenagers wouldn’t try to sneak into each others rooms. Hermione waited until the house was silent and tried to...


Views: 29553     Rated: +7.97 (99)    Comments: 33

Jenny Becomes A Woman

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Coercion, Cum Swallowing

Published: 09 May 2006

Authror: patticakes

A Story about my experience how I became a woman…… It was 1998 I turned 16 and my world was opening up for me. I felt excited about the future and in love with life. I was always known to be cute but this year I was really changing...my breast were getting bigger (36B), my hips...


Views: 21660     Rated: +7.26 (87)    Comments: 8

Autumn in New York

Categories Fantasy, Erotica, Interracial, Latina

Published: 06 May 2006

Authror: Jimmmy D.

Autumn in New York By Jimmmy D. Tannia. I first met her at work. I worked at a pizza parler in New York, near my apartement. I won't give the address or the name, but it was a popular place for the kids to hang out. We both worked in the back, making pizza, cutting pizza, and all of those...


Views: 20644     Rated: +7.8 (55)    Comments: 7

The Prego Club Pt.04

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Male / Female

Published: 06 May 2006

Authror: Unknown user

I woke around midnight went to the bathroom and back to bed to sleep still exhausted. But around dawn was woken again by Amy’s wonderful mouth on my morning wood. I watched this nude 13 year old nymph sucking on me gently for a few minutes before saying “morning sweetheart” She...


Views: 36544     Rated: +8.07 (157)    Comments: 9

My intro to real bondage 4 + 5

Categories Fantasy, Domination/submission, Female Domination

Published: 05 May 2006

Authror: Wat

Chapter 4 -- "First attempt, bound and hanging" She owns an older house in the suburbs with an attached 2 car garage. She decided to sell my car, as she said I could walk the half mile to the town commuter lot and take the bus to work. She said it would keep me in better shape for her...


Views: 12671     Rated: +5.57 (37)    Comments: 1


Categories Fantasy, Lesbian, Threesome

Published: 05 May 2006

Authror: MrBob

NOT MY STORY- UNKNOWN AUTHOR, hope I don't get into trouble for taking it, I couldn't see an author or a copywrite notice. I have a fantasy. It begins with a telephone call. A telephone call from you to our friend The Blonde™. After a few affable exchanges, you invite...


Views: 13184     Rated: +6.97 (29)    Comments: 1


Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, First Time, Group Sex

Published: 04 May 2006

Authror: tinker

TEASE ME NO MORE #3 recap---- if you want to know what happened before read parts 1 and 2 My breathing still heavy from getting the best blowjob I,d ever gotten,I lay on my bed with thoughts of what was to come.Was Maggie going to really try everything or was she going to chicken...


Views: 71863     Rated: +8.44 (202)    Comments: 50

Janice gets off-Chapter One

Categories Fantasy, First Time, Male / Female, Masturbation

Published: 04 May 2006

Authror: sirjohn247

Janice was running late, again.....she hurried across the room and cursed the alarm that had failed to go off. As she glanced at the clock, she realized she was going to be late for her college history class....."DAMN", she muttered as she quickly dressed. To hell with underwear she...


Views: 20423     Rated: +5.57 (76)    Comments: 8

Slut Boot Camp

Categories Fantasy, Authoritarian, Discipline, Hardcore

Published: 03 May 2006

Authror: DrSEXPhD

I remember squad 449. 3 girls. All caught beinging sluts in thier own ways, and commited here by thier father or husband. Ashly, or Ash, was 13, and her father caught her spread her sweet young pussy on an internet chat room, and found her pictures of rather hardcore sex involving her and her Boy...


Views: 42784     Rated: +7.16 (114)    Comments: 15

The Prego Club Pt.03

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Male / Female

Published: 28 April 2006

Authror: Unknown user

The night just sort of passed and I was once again waken by the feeling of Amy’s hot sweet mouth sucking on my dick. I laid there enjoying watching this nude little 13 year old sex machine working on my cock when she said “don’t care if your awake or not “ and straddle me...


Views: 38291     Rated: +8.11 (186)    Comments: 16

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