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Sins of the Father D

Categories Fantasy, Erotica, Incest, Male / Female

Published: 28 September 2006

Author: dale

My cell rings. I see it is Sheela. 'Dale, we are on for Friday night'. 'I showed Lucy the pic of Keri and her mouth fairly watered'. 'She thinks I am a total bitch and you are a fucking bastard but wants Keri as bad as I do'. 'I told her how good she came on...


Views: 72341     Rated: +8.5 (152)    Comments: 13

Barbarian Conquest

Categories Fantasy, Cruelty, Erotica, Male Domination

Published: 27 September 2006

Author: dale

A Chinese Fish net swing is a sex device. It suspends from above and the female is placed in it with her legs raised to point her pussy directly downward. It allows the male to enter her. Then turn her body as it lowers or raises her body depending on which way the 'swing' is turned. A...


Views: 76362     Rated: +8.25 (305)    Comments: 30

a lady cop

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Black, Blowjob

Published: 26 September 2006

Author: Unknown user

The young woman stepped off the bus and looked around in awe at the towering buildings of New York City. She turned and stared at the busy street and sidewalk filled with cars and pedestrians. "Excuse me Miss, but might you be a model," said a husky voice behind her. The woman...


Views: 65438     Rated: +7.66 (155)    Comments: 13

gang bang

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Black, Blowjob

Published: 26 September 2006

Author: Unknown user

Now I love a big black prick as much as the next white woman, but when the six men, or should I say nearly men, holding guns, and knives somewhere on their person that were attached to those pricks, and directing their anger at my presence in their territory, well it can be somewhat disconcerting....


Views: 44284     Rated: +7.53 (64)    Comments: 7

bang bang at bbc

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Blowjob, First Time

Published: 26 September 2006

Author: Unknown user

I was raised in the typical Southern environment. I grew up pretty sheltered from life. Until I decided to sneak out of the house, run away or just lie to get what I wanted. My father left when I was young, so my mother supported us on her own. But unfortunately my mother had her own ideas about...


Views: 28499     Rated: +6.89 (44)    Comments: 3

Naughty Pretty Things 2

Categories Fantasy, Asian, Erotica, Lesbian

Published: 26 September 2006

Author: dale

Keri sees away to make sure Sherry keeps quiet. 'Would you like for my Daddy to fuck you Sherry, really fuck you'? 'He will if I ask him too'. 'He says he will do anything for me'. 'You could sleep over and he could fuck us both'. 'You should see how...


Views: 57546     Rated: +6.66 (220)   

Naughty Teacher

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Cheating, Cum Swallowing

Published: 25 September 2006

Author: cartman

She stood there in the hotel room looking at me as I walked through the door. The freezing cold air filled the room quickly as there was a fresh snowfall the night before. I took my jacket off and tossed it aside as my eyes fixated on her breath-taking body. Her tight, button-up blouse was...


Views: 61529     Rated: +7.51 (156)    Comments: 6

Sins of the Father C

Categories Fantasy, Asian, Erotica, Incest

Published: 25 September 2006

Author: dale

We finish the wine as we dry each other. You kneel to love my dick with your mouth for awhile. Looking up at me with your smokey brown eyes as you squeeze me with your lips and tongue. I lead you to the big bed, holding you to me, our arms around each others waist. Stopping at the bed, a...


Views: 54906     Rated: +6.78 (211)   

Desert Motorcycle Part II

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Cruelty, Erotica

Published: 24 September 2006

Author: dale

All afternoon your mind keeps thinking about what happened. You have had the fantasy of being taken forcefully for awhile and when it actually happened.... 'God'! 'Stop this', you scream in your mind. You are so thankful that David, your husband, is out of town. If he had...


Views: 17321     Rated: +7.28 (54)    Comments: 3

Toms frustration 4

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Incest

Published: 24 September 2006

Author: debstar

Tom scuffed his feet as he walked slowly towards home. His school bag was slung loosely over one shoulder and his hands were thrust deep into his pockets. What the fuck was his mother going to say? Today was the first day of school after the summer holidays and he had been sent home already for...


Views: 45420     Rated: +8.27 (227)    Comments: 11

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