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The Gymnasts, My Sister & Mom 3

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Blowjob, Incest

Published: 23 March 2006

Author: Shaggybob5

The Gymnasts, My Sister & Mom 3 When I got back to the house after fucking Jennifer and Margaret I did my usual, going to the kitchen for a soda before settling in the living room with Rachael & Mom. After the night before I made sure I positioned myself on the floor right in front of...


Views: 102732     Rated: +8.83 (531)    Comments: 15

Stephanie & Kelly Part-2

Categories Fantasy, Cheating, Female solo, Lesbian

Published: 21 March 2006

Author: Mister

Stephanie felt the young woman's soft hand on hers and almost trembled. "I'd love that," she answered right away, much to her surprise. "I'll see if my mother is available to watch Benjamin." "We can meet at Peter's Pub. It's not far from my...


Views: 17516     Rated: +8.29 (78)    Comments: 5

Pay back is a bitch

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Blackmail, Blowjob

Published: 21 March 2006

Author: Sweet

All Cindy could think about was John hurrying up and getting his a nut off before Donnie Joe got home from school on the bus..A john moved her head up and down his 7-inch cock she at least thought she would hear the bus pull up and she would have enough time to get Johns cock out of her mouth and...


Views: 42030     Rated: +6.3 (93)    Comments: 9

The Gymnasts, my sister & Mom 2

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Incest, Pregnant

Published: 21 March 2006

Author: Shaggybob5

The Gymnasts, My Sister & Mom 2 The next evening after I caught Rachel eating herself and made her fuck me, she snuck into my bedroom soon after Mom went to bed. She said, Bobby I just couldn’t wait any longer. You made me feel so good last night and my body just seems to crave those...


Views: 127420     Rated: +8.73 (629)    Comments: 25

bro/sis instant messenger pt 4

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Authoritarian, Blowjob

Published: 20 March 2006

Author: DaddysLilSlut

This story is unlike most of the stories on here. This is an actually instant messenger conversation between me and my boyfriend. It's a roleplay of a brother and sister. lol = laugh out loud and ((word)) is us breaking out of the role. Thank...


Views: 21527     Rated: +7.06 (35)    Comments: 27

A strange Event -Sequel to "My spinster colleague"

Categories Fantasy, Masturbation, Male / Female

Published: 19 March 2006

Author: john haldane

It was some months before I heard from my colleague again. I had not been surprised as she had always been reclusive. I had sometimes wondered whether I had dreamt the incident, but had found the memory strangely erotic, in spite of the difference in our ages. She had come on quite strongly from...


Views: 16620     Rated: +7.93 (55)    Comments: 5

The Office Orgy

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Consensual Sex, Erotica

Published: 19 March 2006

Author: Doc

THE OFFICE ORGY My wife Karen and I have enjoyed reading porn forums, before we got our computer. We were talking about the old days, and recalled this story about a hidden fantasy of hers, we felt worthy of sharing with you. My wife has always fantasized what it would be like to have two...


Views: 31079     Rated: +7.57 (188)    Comments: 19

Sweet Dina

Categories Fantasy, Incest

Published: 18 March 2006

Author: dani22

This is my first so please bear with me. I am 18. I have this wildest dream about fucking my sister. My sister Dina is 26 marreid. She is a lawyer. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She is 5'7 bloned C Cup and 110 lb. One day I visit her. I new her huby was away on a...


Views: 52531     Rated: +3.47 (150)    Comments: 39

Whats up Doc?

Categories Fantasy, Humiliation, Pregnant, Rape

Published: 17 March 2006

Author: shane36

Dr Shaun Lee,opened the bottle of fruit juice.He retrieved the small,tightly folded piece of paper from his top pocket.Hands,shaking with excitement and heart pounding.Shaun,unfolded the paper and poured the contents into the container.He,had ground the four tablets into a fine...


Views: 84461     Rated: +7.16 (164)    Comments: 10

the ride home

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing

Published: 17 March 2006


I had off that day...all that day I was readin porn storiez...I most of read ova 6 storiez...I was really bored that...but I couldn't help it...I had to beat my dick a couple of times to relieve sum frustration...I fantasized bout u tha whole day and I knew if I saw u sumthin would...


Views: 47232     Rated: +3.09 (250)    Comments: 53

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