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The Prego Club Pt.03

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Male / Female

Published: 28 April 2006

Author: Unknown user

The night just sort of passed and I was once again waken by the feeling of Amy’s hot sweet mouth sucking on my dick. I laid there enjoying watching this nude little 13 year old sex machine working on my cock when she said “don’t care if your awake or not “ and straddle me...


Views: 38374     Rated: +8.11 (186)    Comments: 16


Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing

Published: 26 April 2006

Author: tinker

TEASE ME NO MORE #2 I awoke at about 8:30am to the sound of the bathroom door closing.Sitting up on the couch I wondered who it was.Maggie or Tina.I got up and looked down the hall to see Tina still sleeping in her bed.I noticed Maggies purse was no longer by her pillow and I knew what she...


Views: 50516     Rated: +8.69 (172)    Comments: 13

Night Out

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Hardcore

Published: 20 April 2006

Author: sexxy heather

He came an picked me up at my house around 7pm. My mom knew I was going to be out with him all night, so she didn’t really expect me home or anything that night. I sat next to him in the front seat of his SUV. Nice an comfy I thought. It was kind of a quiet ride at first. I moved my body so...


Views: 10754     Rated: +6.45 (38)    Comments: 4

The Prego Club Pt.02

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Male / Female

Published: 20 April 2006

Author: Unknown user

I woke the next morning feeling a wonderful warm sensation on my once again hard cock, opening my eyes slowly I saw she was back and nude and with her soft warm lips wrapped around my erect dick. Watching her head bob up and down I mumbled “ What a great way to wake up” She raised...


Views: 57675     Rated: +8.22 (254)    Comments: 13

Horny teen , Hornier aunt-part 1

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing

Published: 19 April 2006

Author: fcklvr

I had just finished my exams and had a month long break. I didn’t have anything to do. I didn’t have a girlfriend at the time and so was mostly spending my time watching porn and jerking off to it. I was a horny 15 year old obsessed with sex especially that involving mature women. I...


Views: 42706     Rated: +8.48 (145)    Comments: 4

Magic Wands, so to speak(A Harry Potter story)

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Lesbian, Oral Sex

Published: 18 April 2006

Author: Zatch

It was late at night towards the end of July, still a few days until Bill and Fleur’s wedding. The whole Burrow was quite, almost. Within the attic, a Silencing Charm upon the room, if anyone was in the room they would hear the small moans and loud smacking sounds of and eager 17 year old...


Views: 32830     Rated: +7.94 (115)    Comments: 27


Categories Fantasy, Bestiality, Domination/submission, Gothic

Published: 15 April 2006

Author: Cleo

I hear his howl from all over the forest i sigh softy knowing that he is alright and he will soon be back at our den. It wasent always this way this love that bursts through my viens evertime i hear him howl evertime he licks my face. There was a time befor my wolf time that he scared me that he...


Views: 61976     Rated: +7.58 (178)    Comments: 30

The Prego Club Pt.01

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Male / Female

Published: 14 April 2006

Author: Unknown user

Let’s start off by saying I’m a 32, male, around 6ft2, weighing 225, brown hair and gray eyes. Fairly decently build, broad shoulders and not unpleasant to look at according to a few women and several girls so I’ve been told. I’m an electrician but also do carpenter work...


Views: 50974     Rated: +8.46 (258)    Comments: 15

The Mall

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Boy, Domination/submission

Published: 13 April 2006

Author: cyberslut

The Mall My new Master has decided to prepare me for an outing. This will be our first. It is a Saturday, and we are going to the shopping mall in the city. He has asked me to prepare for him to dress me. I shower and perfume myself and apply my makeup, and my long black wavy luxurious hair is...


Views: 55924     Rated: +7.19 (175)    Comments: 20

Never Shame the Family -3

Categories Fantasy, Incest, Lactation, Prostitution

Published: 12 April 2006

Author: trout

As the weeks quickly went by my breasts grew. I don’t really know if it was due to the hormones or all the cum I was swallowing or Kim playing and nursing on them. He loved watching them grow and I loved his nursing on them whenever we had the chance. I started spending more time at...


Views: 38669     Rated: +7.99 (108)    Comments: 3

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