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rape in afghan4

Categories Dark Fantasy, Drug, Enema, Humiliation

Published: 12 May 2009

Authror: spitfiredhoni94

Kehalis had lain awake for hours after he had set the guard , listening for some sound from the side room into which the Arab had taken the blonde American pilot. But he could hear nothing over the snores of the exhausted men sleeping around him. Nor could he could see anything happening in the...


Views: 43468     Rated: +8.25 (126)    Comments: 11

Eve and the Peeping Tom

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Cruelty, Enema

Published: 20 April 2009

Authror: Stolen Moments

Author's note: This story is meant to sexually excite without any claim to literary merit. I warn readers that in part it has cruel and sadistic content, so if that is not your thing, then don't go reading it and then giving a negative vote because of the sadism. ____________ Word...


Views: 40453     Rated: +8.67 (210)    Comments: 5

Salvation Ch. 19 The Trustee's Inspection

Categories Dark Fantasy, BDSM, Enema, Humiliation

Published: 10 April 2009

Authror: Zenythmon

Doctor Samuel Croft, looked at the letter he had just received and chuckled. It was now early January, and some three months since he had taken over as Director of Birbeck House. Since then there had been a steady trickle of patients, all in need of his special treatments and along with them...


Views: 17392     Rated: +8.06 (36)    Comments: 8

A Love Letter

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Enema, Female Domination

Published: 21 October 2008

Authror: swingtacts

The Start. I would kiss you and slowly undress you kissing you all over as I go, then we could go take a shower together where I would soap you up and massage your breasts and between your legs probing your pussy with my fingers. Then licking my way down your body kissing and sucking your nipples...


Views: 19463     Rated: +6.67 (90)    Comments: 5

Lady In Distress

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Enema, Incest

Published: 07 October 2008

Authror: fbailey

Fbailey story number 283 NOTE: This story is much longer than most of my stories, about 15 pages in Word. Lady In Distress As I drove down that unpaved back road around sunset I looked in my rearview mirror to admire all of the dust that I had stirred up. Hey, I was just sixteen and I...


Views: 74636     Rated: +8.44 (703)   

Babysitter Deluxe Complete

Categories Fiction, Anal, Enema, Oral Sex

Published: 08 September 2008

Authror: Unknown user

FOREWORD: This story is complete FICTION, involving underage sex, if that does not appeal to you, you should leave this thread. Don’t bother flaming, I have had enough flames to burn down a city. Thank you. This is reposted in one piece because of requests. Also hopefully I have edited out...


Views: 80283     Rated: +5.87 (283)   

Everyone loves enemas

Categories Dark Fantasy, Ass to mouth, Enema, Extreme

Published: 14 July 2008


Everyone loves enemas – Evangelion lemon in “Asuka, the toilet slave” by MISTER BIG T New episode in the series. Asuka had gone to school, just a while ago. Misato picked up a phone and began to dial the number to NERV headquarters. “Hey Ritsuko!! How are you?”...


Views: 41936     Rated: +6.19 (97)    Comments: 5

Julie on top, sometimes

Categories Fiction, Anal, Cum Swallowing, Enema

Published: 23 May 2008

Authror: Chris fantasizer

JULIE’S ON TOP, SOMETIMES Sometimes, you get what you need, even if you didn’t know you needed it. I’d been dumped by my girlfriend a couple of weeks ago, and I was feeling rejected, lonely, and kind of low, so I decided to head down to the bar to have a couple, and...


Views: 47326     Rated: +7.88 (307)    Comments: 22

How Daddy's Devil-Boy Became Daddy's Little Girl

Categories True Story, Anal, Boy, Enema

Published: 20 May 2008

Authror: Expedience

Me & my (still pre-op) gal have a wonderful life together, and when she saw a forum post by lustiges, she decided to write XNXX describing her own story. She used my account to post it in the forums. She makes me damn horny and I bet she makes you guys horny too. She says that if you want to...


Views: 106757     Rated: +8.19 (421)    Comments: 21

Salvation Ch. 10 Cruel Punishments

Categories Dark Fantasy, Enema, Humiliation, Non-consensual sex

Published: 25 February 2008

Authror: Zenythmon

Alice Marchant smiled as she relaxed in her office. Her business enterprise was now starting to pay dividends and several new clients had recently been showing a keen interest in visiting St Saviour's as paying guests. Today, Jonathan Brown MP and his wife Elizabeth would be...


Views: 30530     Rated: +7.23 (77)    Comments: 7

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