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Konrad's memoirs, ch. 01

Categories Fiction, Erotica, Reluctance

Published: 03 October 2004

Authror: Nikkie

I cannot really call this a chronology of my life as it is not detailed enough to deserve that title. Rather, these are memorable moments, plucked out of rich history of a man, who now frail and old, can barely see the scribbles written by a liver spotted hand, trembling in disease that will be...


Views: 13560     Rated: +6.97 (35)   

My friend Natalie

Categories Fiction, Erotica, First Time, Hardcore

Published: 02 October 2004

Authror: Jason

Since I can remember me and Natalie have always been freinds. She was my Mums freinds daughter so we saw each other alot. Both of our Dads had left us and our mums were quite well...quite lively women. She was a year younger than me but that didn't matter too much and everytime she came round...


Views: 26403     Rated: +7.42 (81)    Comments: 13

Ring World (Part I)

Categories Fantastic, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Oral Sex

Published: 29 September 2004

Authror: SHadowDancer

RING-WORLD Anubis Reborn As to ‘the Great Council which is at the judging of the dead’: they are Thoth, Osiris, Anubis, and Isdes. -Egyptian Book of the Dead Squeezing the ice-blue gel onto his fingertips, Brian looked into the mirror as he spread the gel between his...


Views: 14973     Rated: +7.75 (44)    Comments: 4

What is your fantasy?

Categories True Story, Anal, Blowjob, Erotica

Published: 26 September 2004

Authror: rALF

One night while I was about to go to bed I went outside. I did this on a normal bases before bed time. Knowing everybody else was asleep I walked around to the back yard to see if I could see some sexual pleasures being forfilled. The first house I went to there was a t.v. on I knew this person...


Views: 20302     Rated: +6.15 (60)    Comments: 7

Fulfilled Dreams Part Two: Passions Collide

Categories Fiction, Cheating, Erotica, First Time

Published: 24 September 2004

Authror: Rookery Assassin

Several hours had passed and I was still flustered from mine and Claire’s encounter in the cubicle. I felt so unusual; one the one hand I wanted to blabber it all to Mike and James due to pure excitement (and to gloat also), but on the other hand I knew that it would be fatal for our jobs if...


Views: 29063     Rated: +7.11 (80)    Comments: 3

Fulfilled Dreams - Part One

Categories Fiction, Cheating, Erotica, First Time

Published: 17 September 2004

Authror: Rookery Assassin

I hate where I work. In fact to say I “hate” it is an understatement. When I think about all the jobs I could be in, I get sad and angry at my present situation. I work in a dusty warehouse called Knappers, where I pick orders for local shops, day in, day out, 2pm until 10pm. I have to...


Views: 42389     Rated: +7.62 (90)    Comments: 4

My secret obsession (part one)

Categories Fiction, Erotica, First Time, Male / Female

Published: 12 September 2004

Authror: Shane

When we were kids me and my cousin (samantha) had often talked about sex and had sometimes played with her barbie dollls in erotic fashin, but as we got older i moved away and when i visited we just acted like two freindly cousins. We watched films went to cinemas etc.. She lived quite far away...


Views: 18649     Rated: +5.92 (51)    Comments: 4

The slender woman

Categories Fiction, Erotica

Published: 01 September 2004

Authror: Kate

The tall slender woman takes a look at the neatly set table to make sure that every thing is in its right place. She moves the tall wineglass slightly to the left wanting to make sure that every thing is perfect. She strikes the match against the box a small flame jumps to life. She looks at the...


Views: 11749     Rated: +5.81 (31)    Comments: 4


Categories Fiction, Anal, Cum Swallowing, Erotica

Published: 31 August 2004

Authror: midniteblueflier

BUTTERED SALAMI Michelle isn’t in the habit of getting up early to make her lovers breakfast, as a matter of fact she expects them to take her out for breakfast. The few that were exceptionally good, who she wanted to spend more time with. Then she would prepare a breakfast for them....


Views: 22544     Rated: +4.53 (40)    Comments: 2

Poets Day!

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Hardcore

Published: 30 August 2004

Authror: Ricardo

Poets Day (Friday Afternoon …. Piss Off Early Tommorrow’s Saturday) Christ! What I’m going to tell you here will give me my wanking fantasies for weeks. I hope it will do the same for you; if it does whether you’re male or female will you add a comment to tell me? It...


Views: 22610     Rated: +7.55 (130)    Comments: 8

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