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The Yellow Rose

Categories Fiction, Erotica, Romance

Published: 19 May 2004

Authror: Alcimedes

I took another tension filled drag from my cigarette, filling my lungs with it's comforting warmth, staring in disbelief at the message on the glowing screen. "RE: INVISIBLE MAN", it read. The email header alone sent my heart pounding with anticipation... and anxiety. It had...


Views: 15514     Rated: +4.91 (56)    Comments: 9

Counting Stars

Categories Fiction, Erotica

Published: 18 May 2004

Authror: Adhara Law

The sharp pops of tight vertebrae ran up her spine as she leaned back in a deep stretch, arms reaching behind her. "So is that it?" She asked, trying to suppress a yawn. She glanced at the clock; 8:24 UT. Almost 2:30 in the morning. "For the next two hours, at least."...


Views: 13516     Rated: +5.47 (64)    Comments: 5

Lube in the Subway

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Exhibitionism

Published: 16 May 2004

Authror: Redbush

The lights flickered, as the piercing ring of steel grinding on steel resonated through the heads of 80 people simultaneously. The mass of humans then surged forward, each doing whatever necessary to maintain an upright posture as the carriage of the tube train they were on slowly screeched to a...


Views: 28384     Rated: +7.17 (109)    Comments: 8

Day Off

Categories Fiction, Erotica, Hardcore, Teen

Published: 12 May 2004

Authror: Masha

Masha stood in front of her mirror and pulled her long, blonde hair back into a sleek knot and then applied her favorite red Chanel lipstick. She noticed her white silk blouse had come undone and her large, full breasts were arching to push their way out of their little lace prison and feel the...


Views: 49402     Rated: +6.23 (91)    Comments: 10

Next Door Delemma

Categories Fiction, Erotica, First Time, Male / Female

Published: 11 May 2004

Authror: Stephen K.

Alex had just moved into a new house once again. His family moved a lot due to his father’s job. Alex had just turned 17 last week and he was enjoying his new life. He felt more comfortable in his new neighborhood than ever before, epically because of the friendly environment that the...


Views: 65757     Rated: +7.49 (301)    Comments: 9

Singles on the Couch

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Erotica

Published: 03 May 2004

Authror: Redbush

I like spooning. There's something sweet and personal about holding a lady in your arms whilst she sleeps; her tender breathing, her occasional snuffle, and the gentle merging of her shape with yours every time she relaxes a little more in her sleep. I met her at work. We were having...


Views: 14606     Rated: +6.41 (32)    Comments: 3

Berlin Wall

Categories Fiction, Asian, Erotica, Job/Place-of-work

Published: 17 April 2004

Authror: Ivory Lightning

I had been working for a law firm about seven years ago. My position had been stable, but that was always subject to change. Pretty much everyone in the office was on edge all the time because the president was under evaluation and investigation by the FBI, which wasn't too uncommon. The only...


Views: 53272     Rated: +6.12 (316)    Comments: 15

The Bottom of the Class!

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Discipline, Erotica

Published: 10 April 2004

Authror: Ricardo

At the end of my last ‘confession’ I admitted that I learned something on that day which I have turned to my advantage ever since. I think its now time to tell you what use I’ve made of that discovery. If you remember, I told you about the time when at the age of 18 and looking...


Views: 40866     Rated: +6.98 (129)    Comments: 2

Dream Lovers pt. 1

Categories Fantasy, Erotica, Interracial

Published: 04 April 2004

Authror: midniteblueflier

He looked at her sitting across the room in front of him, they sat in silence as the music from the turntable filled the room that's painted light blue with matching carpet on the floor, covering the carpet at three of its edges were cushions of various sizes. shapes and shades of blue. As...


Views: 18133     Rated: +5.31 (42)    Comments: 3

Fixing the Leak

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Hardcore

Published: 01 April 2004

Authror: Alf

The phone was ringing loudly as I struggled to unlock the door. Finally, the key slipped in, door opens, and I reached for the phone hanging on the wall. “Hello,” I said, trying to shut the door behind me. “Brett, this is Belle.” I heard the soft voice answer. ...


Views: 36144     Rated: +7.4 (168)    Comments: 7

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