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Little Boy

Categories Poem, BDSM, Erotica, Extreme

Published: 21 January 2005

Author: MystressAssail

LITTLE BOY I snap the whip and I hear you cry Your moans and tears make me high I demand that you thank me and love me Like a good little boy, you show your loyalty You call me your goddess But that doesn't make me abuse you any less Not until I see you bruised do I see your...


Views: 33241     Rated: +5.17 (131)    Comments: 6

The Birth of A Princess

Categories Poem, Erotica, Gothic, Dark Fantasy

Published: 21 January 2005

Author: MystressAssail

THE BIRTH OF A PRINCESS As the sun slowly sets, she will awaken She looks about her and her new life has her shaken She visits the mirror, not knowing the site She's never seen her skin so creamy white Bringing her fingers to her lips which have become the color of red wine She...


Views: 19907     Rated: +5.84 (92)    Comments: 10

Mad Love

Categories Poem, Erotica

Published: 21 January 2005

Author: MystressAssail

MAD LOVE I am madly in love with you I don't know you well enough to be...but I am My body craves your touch my lips beg for your kiss My eyes purge themselves on your beauty You are in my fantasies by day My dreams by night You are the first thing I think of when I wake My...


Views: 15585     Rated: +6.37 (94)    Comments: 5

Your Darkness

Categories Poem, Erotica, Gothic, Dark Fantasy

Published: 21 January 2005

Author: MystressAssail

YOUR DARKNESS Let me see the darkness through your eyes Allow me the right to know the clouds in your skies Pull me spiraling down to the depths of your world I want your despair to be my lord Make me choke on your blood as it spills down my throat I crave to hear your voice and its...


Views: 19470     Rated: +5.94 (142)    Comments: 18

The Secret Plan

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Erotica

Published: 18 January 2005

Author: brian

My friend and her husband were going to Hawaii for a week and I finally got my chance to execute my secret plan. I am infatuated with her, my wife does not know and my friend simply thinks either nothing or that I am a little flirtatious. Not really sure which. At work we used to be in the same...


Views: 22800     Rated: +7.37 (63)    Comments: 2

Therapeutic Shenanigans

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Job/Place-of-work

Published: 17 January 2005

Author: Pericles

Tonight Bentley and Catherine are working the third of six overnight shifts. Both work for a large and reputable Veterans hospital in Northern Quebec. Bentley and Catherine found themselves assigned to the largely unwanted task of updating the patient database after a recent crash. The work was...


Views: 25480     Rated: +6.87 (115)    Comments: 9

Bruce's Birthday Surprise!

Categories True Story, Erotica, Lactation, Romance

Published: 17 January 2005

Author: Marilee

Bruce and i needed some time alone together. The last few months has been difficult. I have been very tired and an emotional wreck. My nipples were sore and sex was the furthest thing from my mind. Bruce was feeling neglected. We would occasionally have a quickie, but nothing like it was before...


Views: 71540     Rated: +7.67 (221)    Comments: 4

My Mistress' House: Before the Party

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Erotica

Published: 16 January 2005

Author: MystressAssail

My Mistress’ House: Before the Party I have been working in this house as butler for almost a year now. There are 36 rooms in this house. Several bathrooms. Many sitting rooms. A large library. An art gallery, and a ball room. My mistress owns a beautiful house. I clean the house for the...


Views: 26271     Rated: +7.61 (145)    Comments: 9

Sugar Daddy

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Male / Female

Published: 14 January 2005

Author: Gail Holmes

I was born a year before World War 2, my life from the start was not to healthy, being pushed from pillar to post from day one, Okay there was a war on this was expected of children living in England at the time. Whether it be cause of my upbringing I can’t say but I was always shy of the...


Views: 39888     Rated: +5.35 (54)    Comments: 6

Suzy's Workout

Categories Fantasy, Erotica, Lesbian, Group Sex

Published: 14 January 2005

Author: Gail Holmes

Erotic novels by Gail Holmes “Suzy’s Work Out” Ron had but a few moments after he picked his daughter Suzy up from the tennis club, he’d wanted to get back as the van was to be in for a service at four o'clock. The roads weren't that...


Views: 29808     Rated: +6.39 (80)    Comments: 4

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