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The Anatomy of an Orgasm... or Two... or Twenty...

Categories Fiction, Erotica

Published: 04 March 2004

Authror: Pami

KNOCK KNOCK The rapping at the door startled her for a moment. She smiled broadly as she quickly turned off the adult movie, stashed the vibrator away in the bathroom, and hurried toward the door. She peeped through the hole and saw him as if for the first time. She had woken up that day.......


Views: 25582     Rated: +7.83 (94)    Comments: 12

Bad night gets BETTER

Categories Fiction, Erotica, Oral Sex

Published: 04 March 2004

Authror: bkpr

Ruby was unhappy. Actually, as she slammed her cell phone down, she was pissed. Nothing today had gone right. Work sucked, and the only thing that had gotten her through it was the thought of meeting her friend Sandy for some drinks and a ladies’ night out. Even out in the parking lot, she...


Views: 21444     Rated: +7.28 (69)    Comments: 8

Motorway Services

Categories Fiction, Erotica, Spanking

Published: 27 February 2004

Authror: Ricardo

I’d had a long day, setting off from home at the crack of dawn to drive to London from Cornwall and I suppose it was asking rather too much to try to drive back in the early evening. I realised that I was becoming dangerously weary by the time I got to the motorway services near Swindon on...


Views: 23364     Rated: +7.14 (111)    Comments: 3

Saturday Afternoon

Categories Fiction, Erotica, Spanking

Published: 27 February 2004

Authror: Ricardo

As Helen slowly walked down the seemingly endless corridor, it would be the smell of floor polish that she would remember most. That and the sunlight playing on the oaken panelled walls from the high windows. At the far end of the corridor was a single door. A large and imposing door, also in...


Views: 26693     Rated: +7.03 (116)    Comments: 10

Mystery Man Returns

Categories Fiction, Erotica

Published: 26 February 2004

Authror: Starman

Two weeks had past since Karrie had the wildest sex expierence of her life. She purposely stayed late 3 times to see if her lover would return. But he did not and she was ready to hang it up as one of those once in a lifetime happenings. Her boss was on her ass about a project that needed to...


Views: 13836     Rated: +6.6 (45)    Comments: 2


Categories Poem, Erotica

Published: 22 February 2004

Authror: Rustam_Nasretdinoff

MY ALIEN PLANET Your body, baby, is an alien planet, I'm going to research its every cell, And when I pet you you should only tell me What places of your body're feeling well! Don't be confused and put aside your fear, Relax and try to feel my every touch, I...


Views: 15098     Rated: +3.63 (56)   


Categories Poem, Erotica

Published: 22 February 2004

Authror: Rustam_Nasretdinoff

CASANOVA Always the same - Never asking for love I have to obtain Its marvellous bluff! Sometimes I try To spoil the game But still I'm a winner Again and again! It seems me so often That feelings are over, But I am compelled To be...


Views: 17831     Rated: +4.02 (106)   


Categories Poem, Erotica

Published: 22 February 2004

Authror: Rustam_Nasretdinoff

THE SEASON OF HUNTING It is the spring, the season of my hunting, And I'm awaken from the winter doze, I'm a volcano which begins erupting, The smell of love fills my perceptive nose!.. I lose my peaceful reasonable mind And any pretty woman makes me thrill, And though I...


Views: 14075     Rated: +4.33 (55)   


Categories Poem, Erotica

Published: 22 February 2004

Authror: Rustam_Nasretdinoff

CONFUSED You drive me crazy, I am confused, You are so sexy, I need your boost! Give just a hint,baby, Show just a sign, That make me sure - You will be mine! You are temptation I can't resist, You are my fortune, You are my gist! So hug...


Views: 16990     Rated: +4.42 (50)   


Categories Poem, Erotica, Mature

Published: 22 February 2004

Authror: Rustam_Nasretdinoff

A mature woman Seats in front of me, She is smart and sexy, She's a fairy! Her skirts are more than mini I watch the splendid show Her figure drives me crazy And forces cheeks to glow!.. She is so sly and and tricky, She plays her secret game, And I am...


Views: 103957     Rated: +3.56 (2599)   

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