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Cleaning the Shed day 2.5 An exciting evening

Categories Dark Fantasy, Bestiality, Extreme, School

Published: 11 January 2017

Authror: Starmarry

This time Emily didn’t free herself from the insects before going home, she liked the thought of having them in her while being at home and talking to her parents. Because she was not sure if the janitor would be back tomorrow and therefore block her from having more fun with her little...


Views: 10893     Rated: +8.74 (87)    Comments: 1

Brianna the lycan tamer

Categories Dark Fantasy, Bestiality, Consensual Sex, Extreme

Published: 28 December 2016

Authror: zekameka

This story is inspired by James LeMay's Norse: Dawn of The Shield Maiden page 127. 924 A.D. Characters: Brianna, Daughter of Eirik Bloodaxe. Her father was betrayed and murdered on the eyes of all the village by the new Jarl, as Eirik was the lawful Jarl, but his murderer overpowered...


Views: 9785     Rated: +8.3 (47)   

In Memory Of

Categories Dark Fantasy, Domination/submission, Extreme

Published: 14 December 2016

Authror: apotheosisofthedarkgod

The camera swims into focus on her breasts, filling the entire frame. Backing up a little, a hint of a smile can be seen at the top of the screen as she moves her hands up and over her breathtakingly full globes. She rubs them gently, caressing their sides and lifting them slightly before letting...


Views: 3210     Rated: +3.33 (6)    Comments: 3

A Night of Passion

Categories Dark Fantasy, Domination/submission, Extreme

Published: 14 December 2016

Authror: apotheosisofthedarkgod

The three slaves kneel panting by the bedside, each moving up and down rhythmically. Between each of their legs is a dildo, stuck to the floor and now drenched with their juices. Their slim bodies twisting and writhing while being impaled by them. The puddles beneath them were an inconvenience,...


Views: 4238     Rated: +6.32 (19)   

Hunting Season-Part 1

Categories Dark Fantasy, Bestiality, Cruelty, Extreme

Published: 07 December 2016

Authror: JMBurrito

It was quite a bit chilly today Morgan thought as she shivered in her tree stand. She had just gotten over a cold and almost didn't come, but the family needed meat. Her voice was gone and her throat itched some, but she was no longer sick. It had been a new feeling for her. Though a short,...


Views: 44393     Rated: +8.9 (228)    Comments: 6

Poltergeist 2

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, Asian, Extreme

Published: 06 December 2016

Authror: zekameka

Jane was stumbling in the forest, trying to catch a phone signal. She was lost and needed to call for help. She was wearing yoga pants and a sporty tube top. She was athletic and fit. One moment she thought she have seen one bar of network at her smartphones display, but then it was gone....


Views: 2739     Rated: +7.5 (12)   

How I Need It to Happen, Too

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, Consensual Sex, Extreme

Published: 06 December 2016

Authror: straponsissy

How I Want it to Happen, too! I have been in this position before, literally, in a man's bed, on my back with my legs up on his shoulders and his cock ready to enter my tight ass. The first time was by an older man who introduced me to my gay side and the joy of bareback sex. This time...


Views: 3181     Rated: +6.67 (24)    Comments: 1

Horse Breeder

Categories Dark Fantasy, BDSM, Cruelty, Extreme

Published: 05 December 2016

Authror: zekameka

Horse Breeder Anastacia woke up to a call. The delivery service courier was calling. He was at her house door with a delivery. Her heart started racing - today was the day her order should be delivered. She was completely naked in her ber. She jumped up, dressed in a bathrobe and ran...


Views: 10197     Rated: +7.75 (40)    Comments: 1

Project P

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, Extreme, Hardcore

Published: 05 December 2016

Authror: zekameka

*** A god forgotten church somewhere in the slums of a megapolis Officer Sam and his colleagues bursted into the church to see two figures grunting in darkness. When his eyes started accommodating to the darkness, he distinguished a large silhouette of what looked like a demon. 3m tall, 1.5m...


Views: 5709     Rated: +8 (40)   

Haunted Statue

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, Asian, Extreme

Published: 05 December 2016

Authror: zekameka

Charlotte decided to spend July in her mansion just doing nothing. Mostly she was sunbathing and drinking milkshakes, in the morning, then watching movies or browsing internet in the evening. One evening she stumbled on a internet store of different stuff for backyards, and there was this scary...


Views: 5468     Rated: +8.24 (17)    Comments: 2

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