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Female solo

The Apartment Next Door

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Female solo

Published: 24 January 2006

Authror: G. Snave

APARTMENT NEXT DOOR When the last light was dimmed in the apartment across the courtyard, I knew that Cynthia would be heading to her bedroom and that was my signal to head for my special utility room at the very back of my apartment. From there, I had a distinct advantage, not to mention a...


Views: 30616     Rated: +7.79 (98)    Comments: 8

Mim's Cafe

Categories Fiction, Female solo, Lesbian

Published: 05 January 2006

Authror: Imp

My name is Cindy Mims and I think about sex all the time. Not like a fourteen year old male thinks about it every 8 seconds, but I have a particularly strong libido and I let it get the best of me at every opportunity. I own a small neighborhood café in a little business district in one of...


Views: 65109     Rated: +8.05 (282)    Comments: 37

Christmas day

Categories Fantasy, Erotica, Female solo

Published: 25 December 2005

Authror: swifty

It's Christmas eve and u've called to say you wont be home for Christmas so I planned to have everyone come to me so im not alone on Christmas so I finish what I got to do and make my way upstairs and b4 I get there there’s a knock at the door and I turn back and answer it,...


Views: 12992     Rated: +4.06 (33)    Comments: 4

Roland & Verna Part 1

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Female solo, Male / Female

Published: 23 December 2005

Authror: hawk

Roland & Verna Part 1 I lived in an apartment. I was laid of work for several months. Steve was the manager of the apartments and the owner was too cheap to hire anyone on the outside for maintenance so he paid Steve and his wife to do it. Then I talked to the owner about my situation. So...


Views: 45466     Rated: +7.44 (216)    Comments: 5

Cheryl - A True Exhibitionist

Categories True Story, Female solo, Lesbian, First Time

Published: 15 December 2005

Authror: Scott Henderson

Cheryl – A True Exhibitionist I met Cheryl three years ago, when she was 22. She was easily the most exciting woman I had ever met. Beautiful, great figure, and highly intelligent all in one dark blonde, five foot seven inch, 35C – 22 – 34 package. If she ever wore any...


Views: 128162     Rated: +7.95 (461)    Comments: 33

The Headmaster's Room (pt 2)

Categories Fiction, Discipline, Female solo, Masturbation

Published: 12 December 2005

Authror: Magpie Amy

The Headmasters’ Room’ (Part 2) When the bell rang for the end of the morning lessons at 12.30; I was strangely disappointed at not having been called back to Mr Skinners’ office for him to finish my punishment in his study. I ate lunch with some girlfriends then hung...


Views: 32992     Rated: +7.31 (108)    Comments: 4

Satisfying my desires

Categories Fiction, Female solo, Masturbation, Toys

Published: 07 December 2005

Authror: Dee

I wake up before alarm goes off as i usually do. I close my eyes knowing ive still time to enjoy lying there, warm, under the duvet. I'm smiling at the dreams i remember seeing during the night. Someone might call them dirty but how can such pure arousal, pleasure, enjoyment be dirty!? I...


Views: 23978     Rated: +7.27 (81)    Comments: 14

Helen's Sixth Story

Categories True Story, Erotica, Female solo, Masturbation

Published: 02 December 2005

Authror: Helen

A Morning Alone... From the second I woke up on that particular morning, I knew that sex was going to be the major thing on my mind that day. I don't know if it is hormones or naughty dreams but every so often I just wake up really horny. Usually when this happens, I reach out and find my...


Views: 17145     Rated: +6.64 (81)    Comments: 5

The Builder

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Female solo, Male / Female

Published: 02 December 2005

Authror: Sophie

~Part 1~ My name is Sophie. I'm 15. When I was growing up I was always a little behind my friends when it came to puberty, I was always skinny and never really had any boobs, but I caught up fast and now have 32C breasts and a womans figure although a little less curvy than some might...


Views: 49603     Rated: +7.58 (277)    Comments: 47

random family orgy

Categories Fantasy, Female solo, Incest, Virginity

Published: 27 November 2005

Authror: wetcunt

It all stated one day, when my daughter was 13 and I was 33. My daughter's name is Emily. She has small tits, and a nice ass; I would soon find out that she saves her cunt. I will never forget this one day that it started, I was at home on the computer looking at porn when my Emily came home,...


Views: 53695     Rated: +5.79 (133)    Comments: 15

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