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Female solo

Haircut Appointment

Categories True Story, Bi-sexual, Female solo, Masturbation

Published: 08 August 2005

Authror: JenP

I have to tell you what happened today. I went to get my hair trimmed today during my lunch break. I really enjoy getting a haircut because it is very relaxing. For a change someone pampers me, even if for a short while and I am paying them. I like the salon I go to because it is all young...


Views: 26916     Rated: +6.83 (99)    Comments: 6

Fucking mom and dad

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Female solo, Fisting

Published: 08 August 2005

Authror: Tiffany

It was a hot monday afternoon and i was just coming home from school. As i opened the door to my house i smelled somthing burnig on the stove. I rushed to see what it was my mom was making cookeis and must have forgotten to take them out. As I called out my mothers name wich is lora by the way. I...


Views: 123291     Rated: +5.76 (376)    Comments: 54

Z's Sophie's Revenge

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, BDSM, Female solo

Published: 01 August 2005

Authror: zoe

It had been several weeks since my lakeside ordeal with Mr. Smythe. That sick fuck, he was going to regret ever having spotted the young, innocent girl lying quietly by the lake. I had been a quiet, modest virgin enjoying a day free of my parents' watchful eyes, which as a 13 year old girl I...


Views: 22488     Rated: +6.52 (63)    Comments: 6

Hotel Love

Categories Fiction, Asian, Blowjob, Female solo

Published: 29 July 2005

Authror: Magpie Amy

Hotel Love About three years ago my marriage was in deep trouble. We’d been married for nine years; with twin 7 year old daughters. I’d not long had a promotion at work and my wife was struggling to combine a full-time job with being a good mother and loving spouse. A new job...


Views: 44540     Rated: +6.72 (163)    Comments: 14

4 Curious college Girls: Ch4 Take It As It Comes

Categories Fiction, Exhibitionism, Female solo, Lesbian

Published: 11 July 2005

Authror: John Morrison/Anonymous

Chapter 4: Take It as It Cums Julie and Cynthia, still wet from the ‘shower’ they shared, walked into the living room, wearing nothing but towels. They were surprised to see Alex and Taylor sitting on the couch. They desperately hoped that the other two girls had not heard the...


Views: 24707     Rated: +7.26 (86)    Comments: 3

The Family Fuck

Categories True Story, Female solo, Gay, Group Sex

Published: 10 July 2005

Authror: XXX

Hi all, I'm going to narrate how our family started fucking. I have given importance only to the storyline and so sex will be a little bit brief and the events would be in detail. I am Karan(23) Software engineer in a leading MNC in Bangalore (INDIA). I'm going to narrate you...


Views: 113752     Rated: +6.12 (174)    Comments: 22

young Mandy

Categories Fantasy, Body modification, Female solo, Lesbian

Published: 09 July 2005

Authror: john w kent

Hi my name is Mandy, i am a school girl,forteen years old, everyone tells me i am cute, i think i am a bit skinny. i want to tell you about a strange thing that happend to me recently. our school appointed a new headmistress, Honey is her name, she is a very strange lady, she is very pretty,...


Views: 51014     Rated: +7.47 (214)    Comments: 18

4 Curious College Girls: Ch.2 Curiousity Killed the Pussy

Categories Fiction, Exhibitionism, Female solo, Masturbation

Published: 01 July 2005

Authror: John Morrison/Anonymous

4 Curious College Girls By John Morrison/anonymous Creator of “The Adventures of John and Holly” Chapter 2: Curiosity Killed the Pussy Earlier That Day… The sun rose, turning the room a light yellow. The girls...


Views: 42840     Rated: +7.57 (171)    Comments: 15


Categories Fantasy, Female solo, Masturbation, Voyeurism

Published: 30 June 2005

Authror: Icederby

95+ degrees…..90% humidity. The air was dripping wet. Just stepping outside took your breath away. ‘It’s hot! So incredibly fucking hot today!,’ I thought to myself as I smiled, so happy that I told my client I was not working today. Why should I beat myself to death in...


Views: 48912     Rated: +7.75 (236)    Comments: 22

Office dream Part 1

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Female solo

Published: 27 June 2005

Authror: comicslut

I have gotta admit, during the time at work where no-one talks my mind does tend to wander. I find myself playing through all sorts of fantasies in my mind, most them sexual. One of the many thoughts that I have had has included her breasts, and staring at her secretly from a distance I have...


Views: 36766     Rated: +8.36 (137)    Comments: 5

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