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Female solo

The Lusty Secretary part 1

Categories Fantasy, Female solo, First Time, Job/Place-of-work

Published: 25 June 2005

Author: Martin_1

I work as a secretary in firm. My boss is elder with great life principles. This gave me the safety, that I would not be used for other things except these ones which I should do officially. I mean that he wouldn’t fuck me. I’m not very smart, but I know that I catch the men’s...


Views: 32560     Rated: +5.42 (101)    Comments: 9

Mother Explores Daughter

Categories Fiction, Anal, Female solo, Lesbian

Published: 11 June 2005

Author: Conrad

The phone rang. “Hello,” Janice said into receiver recognizing the number immediately as she glanced at the display. “Hey honey,” Harold said on the other end his voice distant. “I got bad news.” “You’re not going to make it for dinner are...


Views: 156736     Rated: +7.86 (803)    Comments: 50

Under the Sea

Categories Female solo, Masturbation

Published: 30 May 2005

Author: Volterra

Under the Sea By Volterra At last my long awaited holiday was almost here with just one more day at the office and then a well-deserved couple of weeks of complete relaxation in the Greek Islands, a favourite destination of mine. This year will be...


Views: 28748     Rated: +6.28 (74)    Comments: 11

Happy Birthday

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Female solo, Masturbation

Published: 28 May 2005

Author: Amy

I was fairly young when my parents would let me venture off to my boyfriends house. I was 15 at the time. I was fully matured by then. With a nice round ass and 24 b cup boobs i was very good looking for my age. One day when I went to my boyfriends house he wasn't home yet from playing...


Views: 123219     Rated: +7.24 (317)    Comments: 23

A great birthday present

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Female solo, Toys

Published: 27 May 2005

Author: Scott T.

It all started when I was around 19 getting ready to turn 20. I was dating a girl named Vicky. She had just turned 19 herself. We had started dating when we worked toghter mostly due to a guy at work who was just trying to have sex with her. She wanted a relationship but all he wanted was a...


Views: 24360     Rated: +7.87 (106)    Comments: 6

A Peasant Girl - Chapter 1

Categories Fiction, Coercion, Cruelty, Female solo

Published: 24 May 2005

Author: St. Bobo

Anna's father had never forgiven her for being a girl. He had wanted another son for insurance, in case, God forbid, her brother Vladimir should die. That was the way of things in the country; a son was worth his weight in gold, while a daughter was a burden, to be married off at the lowest...


Views: 99621     Rated: +7.55 (285)    Comments: 16

Figuring It Out

Categories True Story, Boy, Female solo, First Time

Published: 17 May 2005

Author: Kim

Figuring It Out By Kim Category = young, pre-teen male, pre-teen female, true story How did you learn about sex? Sometimes we learn in Sex Ed at school, sometimes a parent sits you down and explains it. This is the story of how I learned much of what I know about sex. It was a hot summer...


Views: 225553     Rated: +8.41 (1477)    Comments: 69

Young Amy in her bedroom

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Female solo, Non-consensual sex

Published: 20 April 2005

Author: Jessica's Bitch

Amy lay prone on her bed, her lower legs dangling over the edge. The ponytail of her thick blond hair smelling of wild strawberry shampoo curled behind her head, and her full lips were puckered in a pout. She had been crying, because her father wouldn't allow her to go out on dates with boys...


Views: 355142     Rated: +7.49 (1536)    Comments: 100

Five On Her

Categories True Story, Consensual Sex, Female solo, Group Sex

Published: 19 April 2005

Author: ryan

**Finally finished another one of my stories...trying something a bit different this time..hope u like it...comments very appreciated! :) RYAN! The experience I wanted to share is about my friend's wife Britney (not her real name) who's always been a flirt and a cock tease with me and...


Views: 51852     Rated: +7.02 (159)    Comments: 10

Paradise Valley 4, Roundup

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Female solo

Published: 08 April 2005

Author: sagetoad

Paradise Valley 4, Roundup Rusty and Tall Elk galloped into the mouth of the blind canyon, whooping and twirling their ropes. They hazed 12 cattle into the canyon and drove them toward the brush corral. Silver Quail appeared out of nowhere with a rifle and sprinted to the mouth of...


Views: 24052     Rated: +7.15 (161)    Comments: 2

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