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All around town Chapter one

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Lesbian

Published: 03 June 2004

Author: Josh_2

Chapter One Under the bleachers. The crowd cheered as the loacal high scholl team ran onto the feild. Amber who had just graduated the previous year attended tonights game, only she hadn't come to watch the game, she came for a whole other reason. Amber was...


Views: 24689     Rated: +6.33 (90)    Comments: 15

I can't be arsed to think of one!

Categories Fiction, Lesbian, Incest, Masturbation

Published: 03 June 2004

Author: Ricardo

'Fucking Hell Mother!' cried Sharon as her mum came into her bedroom where she was lying with her skirt up and her knickers down masturbating furiously and just about to cum. 'Why the fuck can't you knock?' Her mother stood in the doorway watching her as she jerked...


Views: 37151     Rated: +7.35 (169)    Comments: 8

Mother's Girl

Categories Fiction, Erotica, Lesbian, First Time

Published: 01 June 2004

Author: Ricardo

If I rest my head on the pillow on the other side of the bed, I can still smell mother’s hair. She uses a preparation with a slight scent of pears, but her preterred fragrance is Anais Anais and this morning, as usual she showered with Anais Anais body shampoo. The bed is warm from her body...


Views: 134980     Rated: +7.71 (456)    Comments: 24


Categories Poem, Erotica, Lesbian

Published: 01 June 2004

Author: Bisexual19

As you slowly undress me, my pulse rate quickens until it's hard for me to breathe. First I feel your lips, then your soft caress. next you're sucking strong, on a round taut breast. as your journey continues south i'm biting my tongue and trying not to shout. By now i'm...


Views: 20719     Rated: +6.92 (84)    Comments: 6

Why have one when you can have both

Categories Fantastic, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Lesbian

Published: 31 May 2004

Author: Amber_1

It was a nice hot, summer day, I had been outside swimming for about the past hour and half. Finally i had decided to get out of the pool, and go completely naked, Considering, nobody was suppose to be home, and i need to get a little tan. I didnt think the neighbors would mind anyway. I had...


Views: 55139     Rated: +7.11 (320)    Comments: 20

Accidental Love

Categories Fiction, Lesbian, Masturbation, Non-consensual sex

Published: 18 May 2004

Author: Amaranthus

The ancient, dusty cobweb expanded as the warm air tugged at its weakened skeletal fabric. A rumbling swelled within the confines of the underground station; a roaring sound interspersed with the 'clickety clack' of steel wheels hammering on a steel track. Like a bullet from a gun the...


Views: 35058     Rated: +7.28 (124)    Comments: 9

A Holiday Romance

Categories Fiction, Lesbian, Threesome

Published: 18 May 2004

Author: Amaranthus

AnnaLee Bradley boarded the seventy-five seater coach at Fort William. It would take her on a day excursion out to and around, the Isle of Skye and bring her back to her hotel. She presented her ticket to the middle-aged driver who thanked her. As she moved to take her seat she stopped and...


Views: 38778     Rated: +6.57 (104)    Comments: 12


Categories Fiction, Lesbian

Published: 18 May 2004

Author: Amaranthus

It was during her journey home from the office, where she was employed as a copywriter for a small publishing firm, that AnnaLee Bradley began making plans for the evening. The weather for November in New York, was bitterly cold and the forecast gave no let up for the next few days. So,...


Views: 20747     Rated: +5.4 (55)    Comments: 5

What Goes Up...

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Lesbian, Male / Female

Published: 18 May 2004

Author: Amaranthus

"No," he shouted angrily into the mouthpiece, "you'll have it Friday when I'm done," and slammed the red phone back onto its plastic cradle. He snorted contemptuously, then raised his eyes towards the insistent rapping on his office door. "Yes," he...


Views: 23945     Rated: +5.94 (31)    Comments: 4

Must Come Down

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Death, Lesbian

Published: 18 May 2004

Author: Amaranthus

Lying on the large, double bed, Harriet sleepily eased her naked body onto its side and the hollow gold crucifix around her pale neck slipped lovingly between her large, firm breasts. Her body heat gradually warmed the red pubic hair folded neatly within. She opened her eyes - remembering....


Views: 24172     Rated: +5.72 (46)    Comments: 2

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