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Higher Learning

Categories Fiction, Lesbian

Published: 27 April 2004

Author: Ann Douglas_1

Annie Velez strolled past the nondescript club for the third time in the last half hour. It had taken all of her courage for the nineteen-year old college student to even come this far. According to the information she had been able to get in the chat rooms online, Scarlett's Rose was...


Views: 23824     Rated: +7.13 (56)    Comments: 8

Stupid Sexy

Categories Fiction, Lesbian, Non-consensual sex, Teen

Published: 27 April 2004

Author: text slut

I was in psych 101, trying to catch up on some of my reading before my night class started, when this chirpy redhead with more tits than brains sat down in the desk next to me. "Hi, my name's Andrea Page! What's your name?" "Debbie Chang," I said, reluctantly...


Views: 46877     Rated: +7.42 (168)    Comments: 30

Tutoring Position

Categories Fiction, Lesbian

Published: 27 April 2004

Author: Laura Adams

Rent was coming due and Laura needed some money, fast. She didn't have her share of the rent and she knew her roommates would not be happy if she couldn't make the rent. Laura was your typical college student; always broke. She couldn't manage her money if her life depended on...


Views: 72173     Rated: +7.7 (359)    Comments: 48

Scandinavian Birth Control

Categories Fiction, Lesbian

Published: 27 April 2004

Author: Holly Rennick

TUESDAY (Named for the Norse god of war, Tiu.) Ann looked at the bed, then back at Inge. It was a double, not two twins. The blue comforter gave the headboard carved with swans a fjord setting, maybe. Maybe Ann didn't understand Norwegians, she wondered. Women could share a bed;...


Views: 15096     Rated: +6.53 (36)    Comments: 5

love of a stranger part 3

Categories Fiction, Anal, Bestiality, Lesbian

Published: 25 April 2004

Author: ladydreamer

Tim walked over and uncuffed all the cuffs...he even helped me up off the bench...wrapping his arm around me he helped me up the stairs and into the bathroom were he ran me a hot bath. He helped me into the tub..Laying back i soaked my sore body. The water felt good against my skin...I soaked for...


Views: 61876     Rated: +6.95 (307)    Comments: 22

Love of a stranger part 2

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Lesbian, Rape

Published: 21 April 2004

Author: ladydreamer

As the small dog was fucking my ass, Tim brought over Stud. He had the dog lay down before me. Reaching up I took Stud's cock into my mouth and started sucking him... Licking up and down his hard cock...MMMM Stud let out a wimper....I sucked a little faster. The Little dogs pumping away at...


Views: 85583     Rated: +6.7 (302)    Comments: 17

Getting caught with my pants down

Categories Fiction, Lesbian, Masturbation, Toys

Published: 18 April 2004

Author: Madam Secret

It was a cold winter night, and I sat on the couch watching TV with a blanket over me. I flipped through the cable channels, trying to decide what to watch. It seemed like nothing was on. 180 channels, and nothing. My nephew programmed my card for my satelite, so I could see any pay per view movie...


Views: 75562     Rated: +7.79 (277)    Comments: 23

Ophelias Odyssey - Segment 1

Categories Fantastic, Consensual Sex, Lesbian, Masturbation

Published: 09 April 2004

Author: D.A.

Ophelia walked up to the window and looked out at the stars. She remembered being a child back on earth looking up at the stars; they all seemed so distant then. Now she passed new stars every day. She had worked hard to reach her position as a reverse engineering specialist; unfortunately it had...


Views: 14465     Rated: +6.39 (46)    Comments: 3

In the library

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Coercion, Lesbian

Published: 24 March 2004

Author: Renata

I had been in the public library for hours pouring over books for a report I was doing on civil rights for my history class. I was taking the gay rights angle after a suggestion of a friend. I knew it would be edgy enough and something not done in my moderately conservative mid-western College. I...


Views: 58950     Rated: +7.52 (202)    Comments: 12


Categories Fiction, Erotica, Lesbian, Gay

Published: 24 March 2004

Author: Renata

The water rained down on our glistening bodies as we kissed and groped. My hand slipped down and began fondling his scrotum. He groaned and fell against the shower wall as I proceeded to give him a hand job. He was hard as a rock but I stopped just short of letting him cum. In mock anger and...


Views: 30478     Rated: +5.31 (114)    Comments: 10

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