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Categories Fiction, Lesbian

Published: 03 February 2004

Authror: Deelightful

I walked into the studio to pick up the pictures of me with Rico, the tall, sexy Black man, and was greeted by Rachel, John's assistant. She was a lovely woman, probably in her early 30's, with long, wavy, raven black hair and brown eyes. I noticed she had a lovely figure with...


Views: 21114     Rated: +5.48 (67)    Comments: 4

Lazy Afternoon

Categories Fiction, Lesbian

Published: 02 February 2004

Authror: Ambrosia Vynne

It was a lazy afternoon in July. Due to the blistering hot heat, I decided to take my kids to the local park. As they played on the swings and slides, I sat on the nearby park bench watching them. I tentatively looked around at the other bored mothers watching their children. A memory slowly...


Views: 21121     Rated: +6.91 (77)    Comments: 3

Lesbian Vengeance

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Lesbian

Published: 02 February 2004

Authror: Ambrosia Vynne

They swarmed like locus with vengeance in their eyes. They had forgotten their moral ethics as the scrambled around him. What did he do wrong, besides being a man? Together the women tied his hands and bound his mouth. Fear ebbed through his eyes, but he tried not to show it. He kept reminding...


Views: 29056     Rated: +3.79 (66)    Comments: 14


Categories Fiction, Lesbian

Published: 30 January 2004

Authror: anonymous

My high school graduation was a time of firsts. For my school, it was the first time every graduating student was over the age of 18. For my best friend, Cyndi, it was the first time she had the courage to prove her stepfather wrong about something and actually graduate. For me, it was the first...


Views: 52786     Rated: +5.89 (300)    Comments: 27


Categories Fiction, Lesbian

Published: 30 January 2004

Authror: anonymous

It was 11pm on a Friday night and I needed a woman. I try to avoid the dyke bars, but my pussy sometimes rules my brain, so I walked downtown and into Jimmie's place. It was dark & smoky, and I settled onto a stool near the front, ordering a Jack & Coke and taking a look around....


Views: 20040     Rated: +7.18 (103)    Comments: 4


Categories Fiction, Lesbian

Published: 30 January 2004

Authror: anonymous

My college roommate was such a bitch. She used to take messages from boys and never give them to me, leave the place a mess all the time, and make me do her laundry. She was also hot as hell. She was 5'9", long straight brown hair, hazel almond shaped eyes, mediterranean skin and...


Views: 30747     Rated: +3.76 (124)    Comments: 7

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