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Female Domination

How not to wake up frm a hangover

Categories Fiction, Domination/submission, Female Domination

Published: 05 March 2020

Author: Misty_Tiratzo

Eric woke up naked, he couldn't move, somehow he had been tied to a chair. The chair came from the dining room and was metal and very sturdy with a plain un-upholstered back in his mouth was something that tasted salty and foul, he pressed his tongue against it and tried to spit it, but it...


Views: 4953     Rated: +5.85 (53)    Comments: 1

Just Their Type I-Sarah

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Domination/submission, Female Domination

Published: 26 February 2020

Author: reluctantlybi

She hadn’t realized it was so late when she left her friends’ apartment. It wasn’t too bad when the well-lit path went through areas with people, the couple making out on a bench, the woman sitting alone who appeared to be sniffing the air, the drunk freshmen laughing too loudly....


Views: 1787     Rated: +7.33 (15)   

Latex Futa Nuns From Hell - Chapter 1 - The Gift

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Body modification, Female Domination

Published: 23 February 2020

Author: [James Bondage]

It was the hour of the wolf and Sister Jessica Felicita was troubled. She had been awake in bed for at least an hour reliving a particular event from the previous day and contemplating her life. Regret and anxiety had taken hold and no amount of prayer was getting her back to sleep. Frustrated,...


Views: 3156     Rated: +8.39 (31)   

18 Days of Futa Fun - Chapter 3

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Female Domination, Lesbian

Published: 25 January 2020

Author: Sadistic_Dominant

Day 2 - part 1 Cadence woke up in her mother's bed, her dick sticking straight up. She looked over, but her mother wasn't in bed. She could hear the shower running, so she assumed that's where her mom was. She got out of bed and was headed toward the bathroom, intent on enjoying...


Views: 5359     Rated: +8.77 (65)   

Zynab's Skirt

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Female Domination, Lesbian

Published: 21 January 2020

Author: IDKsexdolllife

The blonde sitting over there at the desk - that's Vanessa. She looks fabulous for her thirty-two years. Hourglass figure, curves in all the right places. Well turned out in her heeled ankle boots and tight black pants. There's something about her that tells you she's in charge...


Views: 610     Rated: +7.14 (7)   

The aide enjoys getting used.

Categories Fiction, Female Domination, First Time, Job/Place-of-work

Published: 10 January 2020

Author: Bear66

She was young and new to the job. Having just turned sixteen she took the job as an aide. She was assigned to an older disabled man in his late fifties. Her first day she screwed up bad and he took advantage of it. He told her unless she wanted to go to prison she would do as he told her. Emily...


Views: 2226     Rated: +3.33 (9)   

Meeting an old acquaintance

Categories Fiction, Cruelty, Female Domination

Published: 04 December 2019

Author: lovely_pigu

I occasionally thought about her since high school. I was at a local university at that point, but still couldn't quite forget her. I'll call her K. We went to the same school. When I was 16 I invited her for a walk and told her about the feelings I had for her. She got a little...


Views: 1217     Rated: +5 (18)   


Categories Fiction, BDSM, Female Domination, Reluctance

Published: 29 November 2019

Author: naughty_wench

Kevin knew before he even swiped right, that she might be the best thing to ever happen to him. They talked for a few hours before deciding to meet up the next day. He couldn’t stop thinking about her long hair, the way it would look so good wrapped around his fist as he… He was...


Views: 1681     Rated: +6.15 (13)   

Through the eyes of a Gimp

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Domination/submission, Female Domination

Published: 29 November 2019

Author: Karma5012

Gimp is middle aged, inexperienced and curious about anything sexual and sensual. Mistress Crystal is middle aged, attractive, very experienced and knows what she wants out of life and those that serve her. Ferrari is mysterious. Not much is known about her at this stage except she is young,...


Views: 1317     Rated: +5.83 (12)   

Jessa Stories - Jessa's Bible Study Group

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Female Domination, Lesbian

Published: 16 November 2019

Author: All These Roadworks

JESSA'S BIBLE STUDY GROUP ==== Jessa, being a well-brought-up girl, believed two things: that women were basically stupid, and that women were basically sluts. There was nothing she loved more than helping other women understand this. So when she found the group of pretty young wives...


Views: 6676     Rated: +6.38 (58)    Comments: 1

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