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Female Domination

Back To My Mom

Categories Fiction, Female Domination, Gay, Incest

Published: 25 August 2004

Authror: William

I am a 19 year-old boy with pretty legs and long strawberry-blonde hair that is well cared for. I shave and baby oil my legs often because my boyfriend wants them to be ''smooth like a bitch'' when he fucks my boy-pussy. I always wear pink panties and training-bra under my...


Views: 117143     Rated: +4.45 (155)    Comments: 22

Smooth body shine as sun

Categories True Story, Erotica, Female Domination, First Time

Published: 25 August 2004

Authror: angel of pussy

This story is a true story that happened to me when I was 13 years old. It is about me and three older girls that fucked me. My Mother and Father they decided to go on vacation, for a month in Egypt, and I was the only son they had, they decided to leave me home, but due to the reason that I...


Views: 35518     Rated: +4.27 (102)    Comments: 17

Late Night Visitor

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Erotica, Female Domination

Published: 14 August 2004

Authror: redhead1971

Mark lay in the bed with nothing on him but boxer shorts. The August heat and humidity made even the sheets feel uncomfortable. He was exhausted from spending 12 hours at the worksite in the Atlanta heat all day. He drifted off to sleep… It was her scent that awoke him. She wore a light...


Views: 20497     Rated: +7.41 (61)    Comments: 4

A boys sex training Part 2

Categories Fiction, Discipline, Domination/submission, Female Domination

Published: 26 June 2004

Authror: Fantasy Goddess

I shoo'd Scott out through the door the next morning around 11 am, I handed him a gift: a personal digital mobile phone with built in GPS I had picked up at a local mobile phone dealer. I had picked up several, given one to Little Jacqueline and stashed the rest in my personal safe....


Views: 72599     Rated: +7.55 (214)    Comments: 42

A boys sex training part 1

Categories Fiction, Discipline, Domination/submission, Female Domination

Published: 26 June 2004

Authror: Fantasy Goddess

Charlie thinks he can get away from me, that I am easily escaped. Yet he listened to my fabulous "Vagina" recording on my website how many times? A total of four now.....he tries to deny his obsession with me when I confront him about it. Charlie is a 67 year old, impotent, white...


Views: 69042     Rated: +7.36 (211)    Comments: 11

A Young Girl’s Plaything

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Lesbian, Female Domination

Published: 06 May 2004

Authror: Sarah J.

Part One: The Licking-Pony Game Jenny sat with her feet, in their pretty lace-topped white ankle-socks, between the grown woman’s boobies. She had taken off her panties and sat her little eight-year-old ass right down on the sobbing woman’s face. Now she was busy wriggling her butt...


Views: 142504     Rated: +6.4 (443)    Comments: 66

All girl crew

Categories Fantasy, Female Domination, Group Sex

Published: 15 March 2004

Authror: John Buckingham

I was sailing my 16 ft sailboat with three girls who I knew quite well on a sunny summer afternoon. We were to practice manuvers for racing. The girls were getting a little giddy talking about boys and which ones were the sexiest. We all had shorts on and I a light shirt, the girls in tight...


Views: 36385     Rated: +3.34 (234)   

Janet in Training 07

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Female Domination, Slavery

Published: 07 March 2004

Authror: sfmaster

Janet Davis turned uneasily in her bed, as she had not been able to get any sleep at all that night. It was not the traffic or anything in particular that was keeping her awake. Rather, it was just a feeling that something was wrong. She had tried everything to get to sleep, even taking a...


Views: 32672     Rated: +7.55 (138)    Comments: 3

Janet in Training 08

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Female Domination, Slavery

Published: 07 March 2004

Authror: sfmaster

Part One: A New Life Janet Davis sat her desk at her job in Manhattan. It had been a two weeks since Erica's death and a week since she had returned to work. Chewing on a pencil, her mind kept returning to the events of the past two weeks. She had returned to work to partially...


Views: 30281     Rated: +7.59 (117)    Comments: 1

Janet in Training 09

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Female Domination, Slavery

Published: 07 March 2004

Authror: sfmaster

Janet looked outside her bedroom window at the dark winter sky. She had been sleeping in Erica's bedroom now for months, and fortunately Tiffany had not made an issue of it. But it still felt strange sleeping in Erica's bed, wearing her clothes, and living her life. It had been...


Views: 30886     Rated: +7.63 (114)    Comments: 4

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