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First Time

Incestia [5]

Categories Fiction, Exhibitionism, First Time, Incest

Published: 13 March 2019

Author: NeonChameleon

Part 5 The morning of the Volka family’s court case for citizenship in Incestia was clear and bright. Young Verity and her sister Cambria were in summer dresses while their younger brother Caci was dressed in a frill-sleeved top and smooth cotton pants and their father Yuri and uncle Avan...


Views: 4429     Rated: +7.62 (21)   

Video Taping School Teens in the Storeroom

Categories Fantasy, Authoritarian, Cum Swallowing, First Time

Published: 12 March 2019

Author: stifflittlepoints

This tale is about a couple new 1st year teachers' named Nicole Stevens and Hugh Cocker who have a sexual obsession about middle school boys and girls. Nicole just graduated from college and her principal would be first to agree that one of her best assets was her absolutely beautiful body....


Views: 6455     Rated: +7.97 (69)   

Acting Out Porn After School

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Erotica, First Time

Published: 08 March 2019

Author: stifflittlepoints

The school year was well on its way, and Katie was determined to get Mike's attention. She was finishing up middle school and was very excited about starting high school in the fall, where she could meet "older" boys. Mike, already a freshman in high school, had a small problem. He...


Views: 55651     Rated: +9.36 (503)   

Danni -- Part One

Categories Fiction, First Time, Incest, Teen

Published: 08 March 2019

Author: Mystic47

Dear Reader, I’ve been going back through my earlier stores and making corrections or adding verbiage. This story was originally a single tale, I have made it a two-part narrative. Danni - Part One “Are you flirting with me?” I was trying to watch TV but my sister was acting...


Views: 35255     Rated: +9.3 (445)    Comments: 2

Incestia [3]

Categories Fiction, Exhibitionism, First Time, Incest

Published: 04 March 2019

Author: NeonChameleon

Part 3 “What’s the last thing you remember, Yuri?” Avan’s brother sighed and said he remembered being accused of touching a girl and a grand tribunal that said he should stand trial in Kassan. He brushed a teardrop for his eye and added, “Then, Shyla believed them...


Views: 2255     Rated: +8 (15)   

The Influence at School [Chapter 1]

Categories Fantasy, Ass to mouth, First Time, Masturbation

Published: 28 February 2019

Author: Fuckyrhino

Hey, Im Noah, the main charecter perhaps you could say for this and I'd consider myself a nice guy I go to a private educational school in thee London suburbs and I live with my mum and my twin sister Charlotte or Sha as she likes to be called. Im in my last year of school and I wouldnt...


Views: 1724     Rated: +3.81 (21)    Comments: 1

Incestuous Bedtime Tale 1: Daughter's Incestuous Birthday Gift

Categories Fiction, First Time, Lesbian, Male / Female

Published: 28 February 2019

Author: mypenname3000

Incestuous Bedtime Tale (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter One: Daughter's Incestuous Birthday Gift By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! Avalon Young – July 2037 I stared at the clock on my nightstand. I sat there in my nightgown, rocking...


Views: 2586     Rated: +8 (10)   

Michael's Erotic Trifecta- Acts 1 & 2

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, First Time

Published: 28 February 2019

Author: stifflittlepoints

Act I Michael Johnson has finally gotten home from school. He was hot and sweaty. He had had gym the last period and they had a three mile run and then he played dodge ball. Because it had been the last period of the day and Mike was in such a huge hurry to get home, he skipped a shower, figuring...


Views: 3397     Rated: +8.72 (39)   

A Hate Fuck with Emma

Categories Fiction, Domination/submission, Female Domination, First Time

Published: 28 February 2019

Author: happygoluckyfun

One Wednesday after school, my drama teacher, Mr. James, called me into his office. “Greg,” he said before pausing to phrase his next words carefully. “I have received an accusation that you’ve been bullying someone, and I wanted to talk to you about it.” My mind...


Views: 3707     Rated: +9.05 (42)   

My dog and my dad make me their bitch. Part 1

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Bestiality, First Time

Published: 28 February 2019

Author: Mactown69

When one of my uncle asked if would want his chocolate lab named Rocky i had no idea what was in store for me.I fell in love with him right away, He was still a pup and he grew up very big for his bread his fur shiny and beautiful since he was an indoor dog and was always taken care of. He was...


Views: 4803     Rated: +3.18 (22)   

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