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Water Dance

Categories Fiction

Published: 03 February 2004

Authror: Silky Delight

Oh, my sweet insatiable one.. it is not enough that you have worn me out in your home office this morning. It is not enough that you have coaxed and teased me to several very intense orgasms. You decide we need a shower - together. I giggle, and allow you to pull me to my feet, and guide me...


Views: 12688     Rated: +5.43 (30)   

A Joyous Communion

Categories Fiction

Published: 03 February 2004

Authror: Ambrosia Vynne

She hurried from the store, her bag of groceries nestled against her chest as she ran to her car trying her best to miss the rain drops. She was not doing very well... her hair was damp and she felt her wet shirt clinging to her back. The car seemed so far away. She berated herself that she asked...


Views: 15795     Rated: +5.45 (44)    Comments: 1

A Patch to Call My Own

Categories Fiction

Published: 03 February 2004

Authror: Ambrosia Vynne

He always dreamt of a small little patch, to call his own. A home set aside from others that had a little land that he could cultivate both beauty and nutrition. He loved biting into a home grown tomato or taking slices of same and placing them on his grilled hamburger. He was thinking about that...


Views: 15751     Rated: +5.32 (34)   

A Purrfect Encounter

Categories Fiction

Published: 03 February 2004

Authror: Ambrosia Vynne

It was a beautiful day for the barbeque. It couldn't have been better. The sun was out and warm. The air was clear and fresh. And every so often, without much notice, there was a gentle breeze. It was cool enough to take the edge of the heat, but not too cool. Just perfect. "Just...


Views: 15800     Rated: +4.67 (43)    Comments: 3

Back to School

Categories Fiction

Published: 03 February 2004

Authror: Ambrosia Vynne

Paula was astounded by how low she had sunk over the years. The years of marriage to her high school sweetheart showed as tormented scares against her battered heart. When she had left high school she had so many hopes and dreams. Daniel had a scholarship and he was going to make something out of...


Views: 16495     Rated: +5.04 (45)    Comments: 3

The Barrier to her Sexual Soul

Categories Fiction

Published: 03 February 2004

Authror: Ambrosia Vynne

Prior to meeting him, she had no idea she had a barrier. She had always thought that she was open to almost anything. She did have a few limits that she thought she would not want to step over; but in reality, she really did not know. Her mind swirled with the new knowledge... how he captured her...


Views: 12466     Rated: +4.37 (30)    Comments: 1

Dear Freddy... go fuck yourself!

Categories Fiction

Published: 03 February 2004

Authror: Ambrosia Vynne

The mind is a powerful tool. When used creatively it can be enjoyable and exciting. Close the eyes and image me... a women filled with promise. Filled with sexual essence waiting... struggling to burst forward and explode all over. A women with needs that only you can fill. A women that loves to...


Views: 13812     Rated: +4.9 (30)    Comments: 2

Erotic Best Friend

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual

Published: 03 February 2004

Authror: Ambrosia Vynne

I was born one of a set of twins. I wouldn't say that Paul and I are good looking in any way. We are average guys that more often than not have no dates on Friday Night. We were both tired of this arrangement and decided to do something about it. It actually was Paul's idea. He brought...


Views: 30435     Rated: +5.3 (82)    Comments: 3

Erotic Dreams

Categories Fiction

Published: 03 February 2004

Authror: Ambrosia Vynne

I am one of those rare people that not only dream in Technicolor, but wake up screaming with an orgasm because the dream was so real. My body shudders and shakes as the orgasm moves through my loins. I can feel my pussy throb as if a real man, with real fingers and a hard cock just swam in its...


Views: 14785     Rated: +5.1 (31)    Comments: 2

Face Value

Categories Fiction

Published: 03 February 2004

Authror: Ambrosia Vynne

Taking anything at face value, is an oddity, thought Sheila. If Marcus had only taken her for what she was and is versus turning into what... her thoughts struggled. At first she enjoyed his "honey I only want the best for you" routine. The stores... the shopping... the outfits! She was...


Views: 14008     Rated: +4.33 (30)   

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