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Ember and Ashe - Chapter Two

Categories Fiction

Published: 31 January 2004

Authror: Tatewaki

I entered the compound with Eimi in tow. She said nothing as she traipsed along in her dark violet, open-toed platform shoes. She looked all around her, from the fence encircling my estate, to the low buildings that surrounded the central house. From our vantage point, she could see the three...


Views: 15103     Rated: +4.18 (28)    Comments: 1

Ember and Ashe - Chapter Three

Categories Fiction

Published: 31 January 2004

Authror: Tatewaki

Dawn rose, casting its unwanted rays at me through the windows. The solar darts prickled my skin, and made beads of sweat appear on my brow. As much as I wanted to remain in bed, I knew I couldn't. The blasted sun wouldn't let me. She wouldn't let me. Eimi Yoshikawa. Today...


Views: 13247     Rated: +4.89 (28)   

Ember and Ashe - Chapter Four

Categories Fiction

Published: 31 January 2004

Authror: Tatewaki

The next couple of months flew by. Ember took to her new role quickly. And why shouldn’t she? I paid her two grand a week just for breathing. Hey, I know it sounds like a lot, but consider the alternative. I know you already know what I'm talking about. Our problems had healed as...


Views: 13612     Rated: +5.72 (29)   

Ember and Ashe - Chapter Five

Categories Fiction

Published: 31 January 2004

Authror: Tatewaki

We'd been invited to my friend's place on the Island for a special party. Very special, let me tell you. I'd not been over to see Reggie since Ember moved in with me six months ago. Ember and I took the Queen of Alberni, the ferry working the Tsawwassen crossing near Vancouver....


Views: 13884     Rated: +5.83 (35)   

A Burning Passion

Categories Fiction

Published: 31 January 2004

Authror: Red

I have been waiting for you so long.  Who would have guessed that what started as a friendship, would blossom into an online love affair.  Each time we chat, my ache for you grows stronger.  As I think of you, and look at your picture, my body tingles, and I get so wet.  I want...


Views: 20862     Rated: +5.07 (76)    Comments: 2

A Letter To My Love

Categories Fiction

Published: 31 January 2004

Authror: Red

I don't think I've ever told you exactly how I feel when you make love to me. Kissing you sends shivers down my spine. Your lips pressing mine, our tongues lightly touching at first, teasing. As the passion increases, they dance, intertwined, playing with each other. It makes me dizzy...


Views: 33806     Rated: +4.78 (299)    Comments: 8

How to Make Love to a Cock

Categories Fiction, Blowjob

Published: 31 January 2004

Authror: Red

Lets face it, men love blowjobs.  And a woman who knows how to give a good one can make a man her sex slave forever.  Don't get me wrong, a man will be happy any time he gets his cock sucked, but it takes technique and creativity to cause him to buy you a dozen roses afterwards....


Views: 44135     Rated: +7.52 (330)    Comments: 30

The Love Swing

Categories Fiction

Published: 31 January 2004

Authror: Red

My husband decided to surprise me with a present for our 14th anniversary.  He came home with a very large box and a shit-eating grin on his face, so of course I rushed to open it up.  My mind was racing.  What could possibly be in this huge, heavy box?  My first thought was,...


Views: 12396     Rated: +5.58 (38)   

My Summer Without Men

Categories Fiction

Published: 31 January 2004

Authror: Red

Are you fucking more now and enjoying it less?  This should have been my mantra after my first year of college.  I had become a favorite at fraternities, but was finding less and less satisfaction with the men I was sleeping with.  I struggled to find the reason I was not having...


Views: 13890     Rated: +5.64 (47)   

The Fraternity Party - part 1

Categories Fiction

Published: 31 January 2004

Authror: Red

The year was 1972 I was 17. Sex was safe and recreational. All was right with the world.         I was a freshman nursing student, and away from home for the first time in my life. Sex was something I was just beginning to experience, having lost my...


Views: 14782     Rated: +6.56 (52)   

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