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A Routine Check-up

Categories Fiction

Published: 02 February 2004

Author: Ambrosia Vynne

The request came in through the normal channels. I was given the sheet with the specifics. A routine check-up of one of the older buildings located in "college town". I grabbed two of my brothers, knowing that without their help, the inspection would take all day. It was a sorority house...


Views: 19997     Rated: +6.93 (86)    Comments: 3

A Sunny Moment

Categories Fiction

Published: 02 February 2004

Author: Ambrosia Vynne

The sun peeked through the closed blinds brightening corners of the room with its magic. The magic of happiness that only a new day can bring. Two slender arms reached over their head and a yawn inspired by the sun filled room. The arms were connected to a slender petite women with olive skin....


Views: 15549     Rated: +5.78 (49)    Comments: 2

As The Clock Striked...

Categories Fiction

Published: 02 February 2004

Author: Ambrosia Vynne

The moment excelled as she stepped from her car. The excitement grew as her body swayed to the music that was pumping from the inside of the brick building. She looked up at the windows, watching the lights strobe and the hot sweaty bodies moving to the beat. Eagerly Grace and her friend, Rose,...


Views: 13677     Rated: +5.44 (34)    Comments: 1

Cheating Difficulties

Categories Fiction, Gay

Published: 02 February 2004

Author: Ambrosia Vynne

Being gay has always been a blessing. I knew I was gay, the moment I had any sexually urgings. So it was not surprising, that my first sexual experience was with another guy. My life has been full of relationships, both rewarding and meaningless with other men! I met him as I did many of the...


Views: 29896     Rated: +5.56 (107)    Comments: 5


Categories Fiction

Published: 02 February 2004

Author: Ambrosia Vynne

White water rushed down to caress her body with soft hands. The torrents eased each of her tired muscles as they splashed against the firmness of her skin. The minute she had arrived home, she needed, yearned to be held by the demon of the water. The water was almost an entity to her, always...


Views: 14704     Rated: +5.57 (30)    Comments: 1

Echo's on the Wind

Categories Fiction

Published: 02 February 2004

Author: Ambrosia Vynne

The leaves rustled on the trees as the wind blew its soft song. All around the backyard Fall appeared as beautiful jewels echoing the previous summer. The air was heavy with smoke from the numerous fires from other backyards in the neighborhood. Each family, needless of their number, burning piles...


Views: 12043     Rated: +5.03 (29)   

Entrance Into the Dark

Categories Fiction

Published: 02 February 2004

Author: Ambrosia Vynne

Gale hadn't felt this excited since she was a teenager. Her body rippled with erotic tension, knowing she was ready for more. His large penis penetrated her again, shoving her head harder against the passenger's arm rest. Even though they were in a awkward position, he was able to...


Views: 12059     Rated: +5.17 (35)   

Erotic Dream

Categories Fiction

Published: 02 February 2004

Author: Ambrosia Vynne

There was smoke where none should be. A smell arouse and deepened. It was an unidentified smell. Sweetness and bitterness combined. It laid heavy in the air like a wet rag. The air moved around and swirled down at her feet. She tried desperately to look through the smoke, but was unable to even...


Views: 15784     Rated: +4.35 (34)    Comments: 2

The Expression of Light

Categories Fiction

Published: 02 February 2004

Author: Ambrosia Vynne

Carmen dove down the miracle mile of Los Angeles, hurrying to make her appointment on time. Whilshire Blvd... the stretch of road between Westwood and Los Angeles California. A stretch of road that has seen many faces, both wealthy and poor, and young and old. The only problem with that particular...


Views: 11397     Rated: +5.45 (29)    Comments: 1

Gradual Ease

Categories Fiction, Gay, Hardcore

Published: 02 February 2004

Author: Ambrosia Vynne

Brandon sat at his favorite table at the coffee house on Pine Street. He sipped on a cup of rich Cuban Coffee as he watched the scenery around him. Boys of all types and sizes moved on the sidewalk, some alone and some not. He was particularly interested in those that were alone. This was his...


Views: 36019     Rated: +5.58 (84)    Comments: 7

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