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Playing Doctor Ch. 1

Categories Fiction, Incest, massage, Teen

Published: 08 June 2019

Author: Boxxybabe

"Time to get up sweetie" Amanda knew it was coming. She had been awake for over 10 minutes perfecting her plan. *Cough cough* "OK dad" She said with the huskiest voice she could muster. "Wait a second, are you feeling OK kiddo?" "yeah, I'm fine. *Cough*...


Views: 68914     Rated: +9.35 (124)    Comments: 7

The Chauffeur (#49) Christmas

Categories Fiction, Romance

Published: 08 June 2019


The Chauffeur (#49) Christmas By PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2019 Chapter 1 As my eyes opened on Christmas morning, I felt as if a weight had been lifted. As usual, Dakota was all snuggled into me and Jill had her back to my back. I woke both my sleeping beauties with little kisses. I started first...


Views: 6255     Rated: +9.47 (225)    Comments: 4

What a Photo Reveals

Categories Fiction, Asian, Blowjob, Consensual Sex

Published: 07 June 2019

Author: Sensualist24

The girls were lounging in the common room, their bare legs glistening along the armrests. "Tyler?" "Oh god he's so cute." "Not worth it though. I chased him for a year. He likes to brag about how he once kissed three different girls the same day." Carol...


Views: 6718     Rated: +9.57 (69)   

Susie and the Boys, Part 2

Categories Fiction, First Time, Male / Female, Teen

Published: 07 June 2019

Author: justinaguy

"So you're not mad at me?" I asked. My mind had still not caught up to my wife. "I was at first, furious in fact. But then everything changed. When I realized that they were all going to have their way with me, I just relaxed and let it happen. I thought, fuck it. If this is...


Views: 7187     Rated: +9.34 (122)   

What a Difference a Summer Makes- Part 4a

Categories Fiction

Published: 07 June 2019

Author: throatHER

Author’s Note: Fans of this series, I am TRULY sorry for the long wait. This is a labor of love and I try to carefully craft this story to the best of my ability. I want to give you, the reader, the best experience I can by giving you a clear visual of the characters and the environment...


Views: 19226     Rated: +9.39 (247)    Comments: 5

My Awakening - Part 8

Categories Fiction, Anal, Bi-sexual, Black

Published: 07 June 2019

Author: Southern Boob Lover

IS IT THE BEGINNING OR THE END Finally, it was the day of my high school graduation. My mother made it a point to get me up early even though the ceremony was not until 2 PM. Either way, we were here. I was lucky enough to get to sit next to my bestie Connie. When we were marching in, Connie...


Views: 1214     Rated: +6.88 (16)   

The Corporate Ladder Part 01

Categories Fiction, Blackmail, Blowjob, Domination/submission

Published: 07 June 2019

Author: Dead_Niinja

“This is not happening, Saya,” Wong shouted at the petite brunette across the conference table. He was supposed to be her father but he wasn’t acting like one. He was a perfect example of a strict Asian father, with all his moral egos and ethics up his ass. Saya looked at him...


Views: 3760     Rated: +7.86 (14)   

Smile More | Sweet Dreams (Part 1)

Categories Fiction, First Time, Incest, Oral Sex

Published: 07 June 2019

Author: SquishyhsiuqS

"Let's get you to bed, sleepy head," Brittney said as she lifted her son Kane up to his bed. "I don't wanna go to bed yet mom!" "I know bud," she said, "You can play more Fortnite tomorrow. It is the weekend after all." "Yeah I know,"...


Views: 5333     Rated: +8.93 (84)   

How Traditions Start – part 7

Categories Fiction, First Time, Incest, Teen

Published: 06 June 2019

Author: starrynight

How Traditions Start – part 7 An original story by Starrynight Enjoy: The house was dead quiet as Jack lay on his bed in the dark bedroom. His mind was wandering as he stared at the digital clock on the nightstand. He looked at the red digits, lost in thoughts as they changed. Jack...


Views: 2149     Rated: +7.03 (37)   

Maledom & His Married Submissive Ladies

Categories Fiction, Incest, Male / Female, Mature

Published: 06 June 2019

Author: nutzbubby

Maxine & Sonia were both sexslaves to 20 year old Arthur . Neighbours , Maxine was a 49 year old buxom married redhead , 5ft 6 inches tall , beside her was Sonia 5ft 9 stacked , English , , with short brunette hair , also married . Both ladies had been brainwashed a couple of weeks earlier by...


Views: 1477     Rated: +5.71 (14)   

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