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Baton Rouge

Categories True Story, Gay, Group Sex, Oral Sex

Published: 14 May 2004

Author: Jay_2

All the stories I post are true. This happened in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1989. I was in Baton Rouge on business. There was an adult theater about a mile from my motel room and after dinner I drove down to check out the action. I had been sucking cock since I was 14, and tonight I really wanted...


Views: 35612     Rated: +4.63 (174)    Comments: 10

My First Time

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Gay, Incest

Published: 06 May 2004

Author: Jay_2

I grew up in a very small town, and at age 12 I started a paper route. The papaer was only published twice each week and unlike a larger city, they did not deliver the papers, we had to pick them up at the publisher's one room office. She had a waiting area in the back yard is she was late...


Views: 108075     Rated: +5.69 (330)    Comments: 32


Categories Fiction, Erotica, Lesbian, Gay

Published: 24 March 2004

Author: Renata

The water rained down on our glistening bodies as we kissed and groped. My hand slipped down and began fondling his scrotum. He groaned and fell against the shower wall as I proceeded to give him a hand job. He was hard as a rock but I stopped just short of letting him cum. In mock anger and...


Views: 30468     Rated: +5.31 (114)    Comments: 10

Hands On Love

Categories Fiction, Gay

Published: 06 March 2004

Author: Artistic Biguy

I supported Tim through his last heavy squat and gave him a pat on the thigh to indicate we were done. He groaned and pressed himself against me briefly, grinding his ass against my hips. I laughed and pushed him toward the locker room. "I'm spoken for, horn dog." He grunted at...


Views: 46524     Rated: +7.99 (172)    Comments: 35

I Hate You

Categories Fiction, Gay

Published: 06 March 2004

Author: Artistic Biguy

"I hate you," were the last words spit at me as Justin slammed the door closed on me and our friendship. To say I was stunned would have been an understatement. I didn't even notice when Tina slipped on her clothes, kissed me on the cheek and left, saying, "I'd better...


Views: 64009     Rated: +8.4 (362)    Comments: 114

The Yule Log - part 1

Categories Fiction, Gay

Published: 06 March 2004

Author: Artistic Biguy

I sighed as I saw the signs for Morrisville. My home town, the place I had struggled to escape over fifteen years ago; now I was coming back with my head hung low and my tail between my legs. It was humbling and humiliating. I had left when I was eighteen and never looked back. I wanted a career,...


Views: 20523     Rated: +7.33 (73)    Comments: 11

The Yule Log - part 2

Categories Fiction, Gay

Published: 06 March 2004

Author: Artistic Biguy

Katie arrived Wednesday night. It was great to see her. My youngest sister had taken education even more seriously than I had. She was finishing her masters in the spring and had already been accepted into a doctorate program. She was brilliant. Donna and her brood arrived Thursday morning, a...


Views: 24227     Rated: +8.11 (157)    Comments: 20

Country Life

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Gay

Published: 06 March 2004

Author: Bestial

Chapter I On the outskirts of town just off route 626 the huge farmhouse stood isolated and surrounded by the yet to be harvested fields. For as far as the eye could see, Ed the Farmer's land consumed the vision. Ed, the 55 year old widower had worked the land since he was old enough to...


Views: 2756     Rated: +8.57 (21)   


Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Gay

Published: 06 March 2004

Author: Bestial

Simon Lau was a handsome boy. He was asian, his family had come to the US from Hong Kong many years ago. He was 18 now, and had lived in the US most of his life. Standing 5'9" tall, Simon was amazingly attractive. His brown eyes magical, and his shoulder-long raven-dark hair gave...


Views: 110083     Rated: +5.57 (276)    Comments: 10

The Island, chapter 01

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Gay

Published: 06 March 2004

Author: Robert Michael Shook

THE BEGINNING Jimmy had a faint feeling that he was wet. He felt as if he were surrounded by water, and it was reaching for him, trying to pull him under, to reclaim him for its own. His head hurt, and he could not yet see, nor remember anything. What was he doing there? Where was there?...


Views: 60579     Rated: +5.46 (169)    Comments: 12

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