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My first time fucking a man

Categories True Story, Anal, Blowjob, Gay

Published: 22 March 2019

Author: Smalltownguy1

I was living with a few of my friends at the time. None of them knew or know to this day that I've felt this way or acted upon it. So needless to say, I was being very secretive that day. I kept in my room most of the time, especially after I found the guy I would end up hooking up with on...


Views: 10889     Rated: +9.27 (109)   

Incestia [7]

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Gay

Published: 22 March 2019

Author: NeonChameleon

Part 7 . Avan met with his nieces and reminded them of their pledge. While the younger sister Cambria nodded, he was surprised that Verity had no intention of following his plan. He pleaded, “But, you promised you would help.” “I’ll help but not your way because your...


Views: 3953     Rated: +8 (20)   

A special gathering – Chapter 1

Categories Fiction, Foot or shoe fetish, Gay, Masturbation

Published: 19 March 2019

Author: Loving_hamster

*The main theme of this story is socks, either clean or reasonably dirty.* It was a sunny spring day. Quintin arrived first. He lived very close by and went by foot. The house was identical to everyone else's in the neighbourhood: Concrete houses with adorning walls of red bricks, and a roof...


Views: 527     Rated: +2.86 (7)   

The things I do for love... Part 2: Aaron

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Gay, Consensual Sex

Published: 12 March 2019

Author: LonelyQuill

It was the longest, most boring day ever in the history of long and boring days. If it weren't for the thoughts that raced through my mind form last night. The guys, the sexclub, my fantastic make out session with Joshie and the insane pictures he gave me. It was a lot to take in and...


Views: 1687     Rated: +9.23 (13)   

Joey's First Detention

Categories Fiction, Anal, Consensual Sex, Gay

Published: 05 March 2019

Author: MightBeRealz

Part 2: Joey's Detention - Day 1 Friday The 3 o'clock bell rang as Joey waited anxiously in the shop classroom for Mr. Brennan to appear for Joey's fist detention. As a senior, Joey was dismissed everyday at 11 am on a workstudy program. He had taken that opportunity to drive home...


Views: 6588     Rated: +7.95 (44)   

Big Daddy Joe

Categories Fiction, Ass to mouth, Bestiality, Gay

Published: 28 February 2019

Author: 01elad

It was an average morning for Joe. As soon as he got out of bed, Joe let his son out of the kennel, which he was made to sleep in with his Dog, a mastiff named Rex. His son Stew sprung out of the crate and immediately sucked his father's thick flaccid cock into his mouth, his nose pressed...


Views: 2131     Rated: +4 (20)   

Sucking Off an Aussie Str8 Boy

Categories True Story, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Gay

Published: 20 February 2019

Author: Dave Speedo Evans

Since I’ve moved back to Aussie I’ve been swimming at the local pool three times a week on average. With my schedule being pretty open I go during the day when the pool is quiet and I don’t think I’ve had to share a lane yet. Everyone who is swimming laps is wearing...


Views: 3557     Rated: +8.89 (18)   

Double luck in Hong Kong Airport pt 2

Categories True Story, Anal, Bi-sexual, Gay

Published: 19 February 2019

Author: ncbiguy

I wanted to start of part two by clarifying something about the end of part one. When I got out of the shower I didn’t know at that time that manager had put a couple in the cabin next to me, but he did tell me at some point to try to stay quiet because he put a couple in...


Views: 2001     Rated: +9.29 (14)    Comments: 1

A Table by the Lake

Categories Fiction, Gay

Published: 19 February 2019

Author: yojimbo80

“Ethan, I’m still not getting any better,” I told him, walking up behind where he sat watching porn on his laptop. My husband wasn’t jerking off yet. Just looking for something to watch, maybe getting in the mood. He was the sweetest guy I had ever been with, but his...


Views: 413     Rated: +4 (5)   

U-N-I chapter 2

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Gay, Romance

Published: 19 February 2019

Author: unilive

----------------------------- When I woke up, I was alone in bed. I called out Rob’s name but got no answer. I reluctantly got out of bed, feeling a bit groggy. I put on some clothes and went to the bathroom to take a leak. I decided to take a hot shower and after a good ten minutes, I got...


Views: 1635     Rated: +9.33 (15)   

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