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Group Sex

Three isn't a crowd

Categories Fantasy, Lesbian, Group Sex, Threesome

Published: 14 January 2005

Author: EnjoyingDeadlySin

Hannah and Robert had just got married, but there was just one thing that wasn’t quite complete. They had a house in the suburbs, good jobs and while their sex life was great there was one thing missing. For as long as Hannah could remember she had always wanted to fuck a girl. She had...


Views: 14527     Rated: +6.32 (38)    Comments: 5

About Missy - 1

Categories True Story, First Time, Group Sex, Romance

Published: 10 January 2005

Author: Missy Love

Introduction: (Jan 2005) In the story "Mail order sex slave" posted under her name, Cathy used my first name for the main character. Missy's not an uncommon name so I shouldn't have been offended, and wasn't. In fact, I'd like to think she sort of had me in mind,...


Views: 25292     Rated: +7.53 (53)    Comments: 6

The Devil did it!

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Domination/submission, Group Sex

Published: 07 January 2005

Author: Rhonda

The scene opens on what looks like white clouds, a harp plays in the background. A man sitting at a desk in a white robe fades in, he's writing with a quill pen in a huge book. Enter right, a man in a grey robe very excited. Man Excuse me, excuse me,...


Views: 28012     Rated: +4.07 (42)    Comments: 4

Bus Stop Affair, pt.2

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Group Sex, Hardcore

Published: 05 January 2005

Author: Lothos

The day I lost that job was a rough one. I had been living on my own for years, but I had to take a roommate just to pay bills. It was tough to make ends meet, even with Joe living in the other bedroom of my apartment. The day had gone badly. Managers yelling, coworkers griping. All in all, a...


Views: 17115     Rated: +7.08 (84)    Comments: 3


Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Group Sex

Published: 03 January 2005

Author: JW

About Twenty-Treee years ago, our mother gave birth to triplets. Two boys and a girl. I was first, my name is Mike, next was my sister Chris, and then Sam. According to our Dad, we were all born about 10 to 15 minutes apart. A few years later, we moved to another City for my Dads' work and...


Views: 21224     Rated: +6.91 (74)    Comments: 4

Two Callers

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex

Published: 02 January 2005

Author: Mike_6

She had set the whole thing up. It was one of those, “strengthen the marriage” type of antics that I was lucky enough to be the recipient of. I knew something was up as soon as I opened the door from the garage into the house. The kids were nowhere to be found, and she was dressed in...


Views: 34496     Rated: +7.05 (111)    Comments: 2

The Making of a Slut - Part 3

Categories Fiction, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Group Sex

Published: 01 January 2005

Author: C. Hawthorne

Part 3 I thought that Dad and Derek would be the only ones to use me day in and day out. I grew very attached to the idea of being their sex toy, their daily convenience. Never a day wemt by, unless Dad was away at a conference or something, that I didn't get my pussy stuffed and my...


Views: 78428     Rated: +7.91 (218)    Comments: 16

Prostitute II

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Group Sex, Hardcore

Published: 29 December 2004

Author: Scray

This is my third story. Remember: Your ratings decide weather I make a part 3 or not! Layla is a prostitute. Her kids now know what sex is, what it is about and how to do it thanks to that one special Saturday when they were taught how to fuck the opposite sex the right way. About a month...


Views: 62861     Rated: +6.81 (395)    Comments: 38

Maria is initiated part 3

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex

Published: 29 December 2004

Author: James

I spent the whole day at work thinking of Maria being fucked in the last couple of days by four of our friends, I was determined that she would eventually work her way through all of our male friends. I was also determined that now Maria had decided to do what I had been asking her to do for ages...


Views: 22221     Rated: +7.56 (88)    Comments: 3

Spunk-Filled Fanny (Inside of Gents Toilets)

Categories Fiction, Anal, Body modification, Group Sex

Published: 29 December 2004

Author: sensualerotica1

Spunk-Filled Fanny (Inside of Gents Toilets) No one could tell if I was a boy or a girl, and I always loved it that way, accepting my unified androgynous look, as having this look had gotten me very far in life. I was admired by women and was wanked on constantly by roaming men everywhere....


Views: 57698     Rated: +5.61 (134)    Comments: 17

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