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Group Sex

My wife was gang rapped while on holiday

Categories True Story, Cheating, Domination/submission, Group Sex

Published: 09 July 2017

Authror: Edbod1992a

Preface, my partner and I have been together for 8 years, i have always wanted to see her with other men, but par one incident when she was really drunk and got fucked by me and my friend. Its alwasy just been a fantacy. She is very shy and introverted, but shes a slut at heart that enjoys...


Views: 8477     Rated: +6.89 (61)   

Grace Part II

Categories True Story, Anal, Bi-sexual, Group Sex

Published: 07 July 2017

Authror: EverydayDoingIt

[Please like and comment below. All comments are appreciated] Marcus leaned in a began to kiss me. This turned into a make out session within a matter of moments as things turned very passionately between my best friend and I. I never knew our relationship would go to this level as we had been...


Views: 2527     Rated: +8.33 (24)   


Categories Fiction, Black, Group Sex, Male / Female

Published: 03 July 2017

Authror: James Dylan Dean

DOOR(S) 8: With the settlement of Irma and Gloria into the household on a pretty much of a permanent basis, things got even more organized. The family unit was now established as Will, Irma and Gloria. Ashley was no longer a pertinent factor, but the three girls of his intimate acquaintance...


Views: 1961     Rated: +8.61 (36)   

Wife Gets Blacked

Categories Dark Fantasy, Black, Group Sex, Rape

Published: 21 June 2017

Authror: CaptainCooker

My wife is 55 years old, I married her when she was 36. She was 5’5” a 150 lbs. Reddish brown hair. She is a nurse in a prison infirmary. Now she is almost 300 lbs. My wife has always been very conservative. Her first marriage ended because he beat her, and basically would ass fuck her...


Views: 562     Rated: +0 (0)   

Stag Weekend, Part 3-Sunday Homecoming

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex

Published: 21 June 2017

Authror: luv 2 wear cotton panties

Sunday morning saw us checking out of the hotel at the last possible minute. We all had been, rather bad the night before and slept in as long as possible. I suspect The groom and his Asian conquest had gone a round or two first thing. Plus we all wanted to shower and clean off the smell of other...


Views: 7946     Rated: +5 (8)   

I need you to cum in the living room for me...

Categories Fiction, Group Sex, Male / Female, Masturbation

Published: 21 June 2017

Authror: GeekBoy28

I just stood there enjoying the warm liquid flow over my body while I slowly stroked my cock. My mind was thinking about how my wife had pushed me away less than an hour earlier as I tried to caress her and entice her into some morning sex, like she prefers the most. Since she wasn’t...


Views: 4140     Rated: +8.91 (55)   

Yvette Plays at Home (Part 5): Linda Joins the Family Business

Categories Fiction, Asian, Group Sex, Incest

Published: 12 June 2017

Authror: DrizzleWithHoney

1. Wine Tasting The next evening was much the same as the last, except that Linda left the suite not expecting to see it again until the next morning. If she was going to do this thing with having sex with potential clients, she may as well give it her best try. She had gone to the spa with her...


Views: 2807     Rated: +8.82 (17)   


Categories Fiction, BDSM, Group Sex, Male / Female

Published: 08 June 2017

Authror: James Dylan Dean

DOOR(S) 6: I got the word that Manny, the builder brother-in-law would come that weekend to do the job after the plans had been prepared and approved in record time. He would be staying in the house for the weekend to not bring undue attention to himself and his part in the project. He would...


Views: 5921     Rated: +9.26 (54)   

The Warehouse

Categories Dark Fantasy, Domination/submission, Group Sex, Non-consensual sex

Published: 29 May 2017

Authror: gaggedKitty23

There are certain secret places, worlds hidden within the world, and the 'Warehouse' was one of them. All wasn't as it seemed at first glance. James Reese, the 'Master' of tonight's initiation ceremony, stood on a platform overlooking the inside of the gigantic...


Views: 102828     Rated: +9.37 (333)    Comments: 5

Me and My Brothers Chapter VIII

Categories Fiction, Group Sex, Incest, Oral Sex

Published: 25 May 2017

Authror: EmeraldGreen

VIII. Time Flies At our high school all students had to take a test that they had to pass before they could graduate. When Bobby first took the test in the 9th grade he passed it with the highest score that any 9th grader had achieved. Before that time everyone knew he was a B student but only...


Views: 24405     Rated: +9.22 (64)    Comments: 1

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