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Kate and Dylan on Vacatiion

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Hardcore, Incest

Published: 14 December 2016

Authror: Mystic47

We were sitting in the gymnasium stands watching the girl’s volleyball team practice. I don’t think there is a prettier natural attraction than watching eleven teen girls in body hugging shirts and painted on mid-thigh length shorts. Even their thirty something coach was hot. As my...


Views: 207745     Rated: +9.04 (1022)    Comments: 23

Poltergeist 1

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, Asian, Hardcore

Published: 06 December 2016

Authror: zekameka

Sandra is an slim tan asian, age 20, height around 165, slim and sporty looking. She was wearing a knee long grey skirt and a white blouse. She was driving her car somewhere in the middle of nowhere when it was becoming dark, she needed a place to sleep. She didn't want to sleep in her car...


Views: 3162     Rated: +7.86 (28)   

Don's mistake turns to fun :- chapter two

Categories Fantasy, Anal, BDSM, Hardcore

Published: 06 December 2016

Authror: Amber. green

Dons mistake turns to fun :- chapter two...please read chapter one, hope u enjoy Amber stood at the top of the stairs, the last twenty four hours were like a blur she blushed has she remembered all the filthy events. She had been given by her husband Don to a complete stranger, Ray a workmate...


Views: 7764     Rated: +8.13 (32)    Comments: 1

Project P

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, Extreme, Hardcore

Published: 05 December 2016

Authror: zekameka

*** A god forgotten church somewhere in the slums of a megapolis Officer Sam and his colleagues bursted into the church to see two figures grunting in darkness. When his eyes started accommodating to the darkness, he distinguished a large silhouette of what looked like a demon. 3m tall, 1.5m...


Views: 5709     Rated: +8 (40)   

Screw morals. I fucked the new girl

Categories True Story, Hardcore, Job/Place-of-work, Male / Female

Published: 02 December 2016

Authror: mystyque

One of the best things about being in charge at work, is you get to hire employees. One of our staff members moved to another part of the country, so we needed someone new. Several people applied, but it was quite obvious from the start that Samantha had the upper hand. Not because she was more...


Views: 12198     Rated: +8.57 (77)   

The Bastard king Beyond the Wall Pt 2

Categories Fantasy, Fiction, Hardcore, Pregnant

Published: 18 November 2016

Authror: Storyup

Jon tiredly walked back into his tent after another long day in the settlement. He had broken up two major fights between 2 former minor lords of westeros, attended a Dothraki Horse race as a guest of honour and travelled the settlement inspecting defences. All taxing work. He was about done with...


Views: 8333     Rated: +8.55 (55)    Comments: 2


Categories True Story, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Hardcore

Published: 10 November 2016

Authror: Julee Sam

MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART – 47 SEXPOSE - A Night Float We arrived in Switzerland and my husband joined the duty here. We have been already allotted a beautiful apartment, even before our arrival and our house hold goods, that air freighted from India was already in our allotted...


Views: 3738     Rated: +5.93 (27)    Comments: 1


Categories True Story, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Hardcore

Published: 04 November 2016

Authror: Julee Sam

MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART – 43 FIRST FUCK AFTER DELIVERY Now, my new born son is two and half months old and I became a normal lady after my delivery. I used to breast feed my child and have started my regular yoga to keep my body in sexy shape and fit for every work which a married...


Views: 5534     Rated: +7.03 (37)   

Franks wife part 3

Categories Dark Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Hardcore

Published: 02 November 2016

Authror: sindy sin

Franks Wife part 3, Sue helps out her friend, Cindy. Story by: SindyxSin AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a continuing sexual story. It may have some rough sex and should not be read by people not into that type of sex. It’s not for everyone, pain, humiliation and other sex acts used...


Views: 5928     Rated: +8.92 (37)    Comments: 1

Mom fucked by my friend's father

Categories Dark Fantasy, Asian, Hardcore, Mature

Published: 06 October 2016

Authror: manu gold

Hi guys I am Sheela I'm an Indian girl I'm interested in sex fantasy.My father is in abroad he comes every 3yrs.My mom Velamma is a gorgeous typical Indian women.She is 38 years old she has a great figures 38-34-42 and has long haired her tits a so big in size every men around the street...


Views: 8283     Rated: +4.76 (21)   

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