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mums friend jan

Categories Fiction, Anal, Domination/submission, Humiliation

Published: 29 December 2004

Author: climber

Painting mums friends house. I was home from uni for the holiday and mum had found me sum odd jobs round the town to earn some money like garden work etc. Then one morning she told me Jan, one of her friends needed her bedroom painted. Now Jan lives outer town a bit so mum said I’d have...


Views: 74482     Rated: +5.39 (173)    Comments: 23

The Making of Slut

Categories Fiction, Domination/submission, Humiliation, Incest

Published: 24 December 2004

Author: C. Hawthorne

Years later, I look back, having become the queen of sluts, willing to be degraded for a good orgasm, willing to fuck and suck any cock. Like last night when I bent over a urinal in the men’s room at my local pub and let two well-hung black guys fuck me silly and a third cum in my mouth,...


Views: 233225     Rated: +7.83 (614)    Comments: 67

What he's thinking - ch 6

Categories Diary, Exhibitionism, Humiliation

Published: 16 December 2004

Author: Cathy

Entry Six: --- Laura + me + art modeling --------------------- Writing about Laura's story kept it fresh in my mind. So the next time I saw her I asked about her thoughts on exhibitionism. I assumed that like most sensual women she loved flaunting herself. What I was wondering was if...


Views: 16443     Rated: +5.32 (38)    Comments: 1


Categories Fiction, Enema, Humiliation, Incest

Published: 14 December 2004

Author: Gail Holmes

“Rebecca” by Gail Holmes Rebecca and her father were very close, she’d could never remember her mother, she and her father had separated when she was very young, but it never bothered her not having a mum about, her father seemed to be well educated in all aspects of the...


Views: 117836     Rated: +7.64 (268)    Comments: 23

girls fun for all 5

Categories True Story, Authoritarian, Domination/submission, Humiliation

Published: 28 November 2004

Author: samson

its been a few weeks now and i have been living as a woman. although i still have a cock its strictly for my sperm. my misstresses milk me often and then sell my sperm on the internet . they make a healthy amount of cash from it and i no longer work , unless you count the few times they have taken...


Views: 43664     Rated: +5.61 (95)    Comments: 7

Forced To Be A Stripper-A Mind Control Story

Categories Fiction, Humiliation, Mind Control, Reluctance

Published: 25 November 2004

Author: Powerone

Forced to Be a Stripper-A Mind Control Story By Powerone Copyright 2004 M+/f, mc, oral, anal, nc, reluc The John Mellencamp song was blaring loudly as Vanessa danced around under the lights. "I want you to dance naked, so I can see you, I’d like to get to know you, you...


Views: 179268     Rated: +7.68 (610)    Comments: 59

Marie's Nipples

Categories Fiction, Domination/submission, Humiliation, Pregnant

Published: 02 November 2004

Author: Cathy

With apologies to the producers of "Going PLaces". If you've seen it you know this French movie follows the adventures of two petty thieves. I've always tried to imagine what was going on in the mind of the young mother who was nursing her baby. This is one possibility. ...


Views: 58713     Rated: +6.05 (122)    Comments: 10

Biker Slut (Fuel Stop part 2)

Categories True Story, Group Sex, Humiliation, Mature

Published: 21 October 2004

Author: Kathy

Biker's Slut What an Easter break. One of the motorcyclists from our story The Fuel Stop had emailed me to say there was a run to the coast over the Easter break, and did Chas and myself want to join them, me especially. I replied saying we would love to go as it was some time since...


Views: 87851     Rated: +7.32 (241)    Comments: 16

Kirstie gets violated

Categories Fiction, Humiliation, Male / Female, Non-consensual sex

Published: 16 September 2004

Author: Voltan

“Morning sleepy head,” said Sarah as she set down a cup of coffee on the table beside her brother. Mark wearily opened one eye and began to sit up, screwing his face up in pain as he did so. “That sofa isn’t very comfortable is it,” winced Sarah, “but at...


Views: 71272     Rated: +7.33 (181)    Comments: 13

The Property Problem

Categories Fiction, Female Domination, Hardcore, Humiliation

Published: 13 September 2004

Author: Scray

This is my first story. Remember: Your ratings decide weather I make a part 2 or not! Max is a real estate agent, and he has just discovered that his new client will pay millions for the property connected to a Kristen McLaren’s residence. He has talked to her on the phone once...


Views: 33780     Rated: +5.36 (135)    Comments: 15

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