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Autumn pt. 3

Categories Dark Fantasy, BDSM, Cruelty, Incest

Published: 11 February 2005

Author: Autumn

I was shaking from the cold, the humiliation…and the fear. My father had caught me playing with myself in the bathtub, and he had snapped. After he had pulled me up by the hair so that I was kneeling in the bathtub, he had slapped and punched me until I started crying. Then, with a death...


Views: 75748     Rated: +7.36 (265)    Comments: 58

my first time with daddy

Categories True Story, Blowjob, First Time, Incest

Published: 11 February 2005

Author: STACY

This is a true story. It may not sound believable, but it is true. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, leave a note to tell me and i will share more. The only sexual partners i've ever had have been members...


Views: 260434     Rated: +8.04 (1425)    Comments: 232

My Sister Natalie

Categories True Story, Incest

Published: 08 February 2005

Author: ed jules

My name is mike and this is a true story that happened to me two years ago when I was 14. First let me tell you about me and my sister Natalie. I was an average kid, not much to talk about. At the time I was 5' 7" tall, and skinny, but i still considered myself somewhat fit as I played a...


Views: 158023     Rated: +7.76 (1130)    Comments: 126

Sexual Encounters Ch. 02

Categories Fantasy, Incest, Male / Female

Published: 07 February 2005

Author: vic6

Graduation was scheduled for the coming week. I knew I would be very busy with studying for the remaining final tests. Janice wanted some time with me in the evenings, but I told her I had to study. Wednesday when I came home from school before mom arrived, the phone rang. “Hi, this is...


Views: 39012     Rated: +8.35 (155)    Comments: 12

Sexy Becky

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, First Time, Incest

Published: 04 February 2005

Author: HornyBLoke

Becky was beatiful, the way that most teenage girls are, but with that little extra something. At 17 she had developed a fantastic body, nice and slim, but with curves in the right places. Her hair was naturally blonde, almost white it was so pure, and the bluest eyes that you ever saw. She had...


Views: 79820     Rated: +7.82 (503)    Comments: 35

Skipper Licked Me, Daddy

Categories Fantasy, Bestiality, Incest, Male / Female

Published: 03 February 2005

Author: sagetoad

Skipper Licked Me, Daddy I pulled my F250 into the driveway, bounced up to the garage and slammed on the brakes. I threw open my door, then stopped, trying to calm my temper and organize my thoughts. Murder was illegal in Washington. “Slow down, don’t go in there mad,”...


Views: 376817     Rated: +7.56 (2025)    Comments: 170

New start 2

Categories Fiction, Incest, Lesbian, Oral Sex

Published: 03 February 2005

Author: Angel Wings

It had been a week since Katie had been fucking her next door neighbour Shelley and everytime things got hotter. They did it everywhere, their parents bed, Shelleys brothers bed, the living room, their pools... Anywhere they could get alone you could guarantee they were shagging each other!...


Views: 18036     Rated: +7.25 (64)    Comments: 9

Me my brother and his friends

Categories True Story, Anal, Blowjob, Incest

Published: 02 February 2005

Author: britney hoglund_1

Me my brother and his friends My name is Tammy im 19 I live in South Florida with my parents still (im moving as soon as I have the money) I have brown hair with blonde highlights green eyes 5’3 110ibs, anyway. One day I came home from shopping with my friends, and I opened my drawer to...


Views: 85148     Rated: +8 (239)    Comments: 34

Maid to Slave

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Blowjob, Incest

Published: 01 February 2005

Author: vic6

“Come here, slave, and light my cigarette.” I move over to the girl and do as I’m told. “And get us some more beer. This party is just getting started. Right guys?” Yes it was getting started. Visions of uncertainty filled my head. However, at the same time,...


Views: 120914     Rated: +7.92 (467)    Comments: 39

What happens in Vegas...

Categories Fiction, Anal, Incest, Mature

Published: 31 January 2005

Author: koyaanisqatsi

I’m a bastard. Well, kind of. When I was born, my birth mother left me in the hospital. She and my dad had screwed a few times before she got pregnant, and they knew each other so little that he never even had any photos of her around the house. They had fucked around as twenty-somethings,...


Views: 74835     Rated: +7.79 (238)    Comments: 29

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