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My mom and me

Categories True Story, Bestiality, Incest

Published: 19 July 2005

Author: Joh bonernohn

I grew up on a farm and my father was usually in the field and out of the house so mom and I were in the house together all the time. My mother had to know I was jacking off because she had a red bedspread on my bed and when I did it there, I just wiped my cum on the red bedspread. There would...


Views: 286721     Rated: +6.51 (901)    Comments: 64

Megan Pt. 6

Categories Fiction, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Incest

Published: 19 July 2005

Author: NKL13

I was over at my Uncle Jeff's house; he lived on several acres so there was some distance between him and the house next to him. I would go over to his house to sunbathe topless; I knew there nobody could see me. I would find out when nobody would be home, meaning his wife and his two sons,...


Views: 54737     Rated: +7.92 (151)    Comments: 10

Megan Pt. 7

Categories Fiction, Group Sex, Hardcore, Incest

Published: 19 July 2005

Author: NKL13

I met my sister Megan for lunch. We decided to meet at a fast food restaurant, towards the end of lunch hour. Megan showed up looking hot! Guys were turning around and just staring at my sister. She was wearing a pair of very low rise jeans. It was apparent she was not wearing anything underneath...


Views: 59685     Rated: +7.8 (140)    Comments: 21

The sister act part 1

Categories Fiction, Lesbian, Incest, Lesbian

Published: 18 July 2005

Author: Jordan

Even to this day I still marvel at the perculiar circumstances in which I lost my virginity. I recap it often, usually when I am finger-fucking myself, and I still contact those involved for a little 'reminisce' occasionally. It started on a day in July. I had finished my GCSE...


Views: 66472     Rated: +7.87 (325)    Comments: 43

The story continues, In praise of chubby older woman

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Incest

Published: 18 July 2005


Well it had been just over two weeks since I had caught my sister Ellamae, fucking my son Bill, I really couldn't put all the blame on her, after all, It takes two to tango, as the old saying goes.. She should have known better , he was her nephew, and damn it, he should not have been fucking...


Views: 123917     Rated: +7.62 (1741)    Comments: 88

One Summer

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Incest

Published: 16 July 2005

Author: David E

My name is Dave, I'm 35 and this is the story of what happened one summer at my lake cabin. I had locked up my house and turned over my keys to Kelly my realtor for the summer rental season and headed to my lake cabin for a little peace and quiet away from the summer crowds that always come...


Views: 34813     Rated: +8.32 (173)    Comments: 13

Caught by my mother

Categories Fiction, Incest, Teen

Published: 13 July 2005

Author: Hans de R

I was already very much interested in girls since when I was really young, but without really knowing why. When I was a child I sometimes asked my mother, with whom I lived alone because she had divorced my father a mere two years after my birth, about the differences between boys and girls, but I...


Views: 225774     Rated: +8.37 (1318)    Comments: 90

My cousins sweet feet part 2

Categories True Story, Lesbian, Incest, Teen

Published: 13 July 2005

Author: Jack mehoff

One evening i was just sitting there watching tv, as i normally do while im bored. I was going to hang out with my friends that night, but that fell through. I was debating what else there was to do, then it hit me, i thought to invite some of my cousins over to spend the night. First i...


Views: 26951     Rated: +4.23 (74)    Comments: 4

my uncle - my initiator Part 1

Categories True Story, Incest

Published: 12 July 2005

Author: hornybabli-20_1

Today I m going to tell u the first-ever my introduction to the wonderful world of sex.It was the day when I had just celebrated my 16th birthday.I was a student of class 11.My father was a railway guard and often out of town,on duty.I had 2 elder sisters already married.Husband of father's...


Views: 32457     Rated: +6.07 (74)    Comments: 9

me and my younger cousin

Categories True Story, Anal, Cum Swallowing, Incest

Published: 12 July 2005

Author: naughty_uk_guy

A true story about me and my younger cousin it starts a bit slowly, and sucks a bit, but bear with me, unfortunately English was never my strong point, so even though this is a true story I tell it pretty badly, but oh well, make your own mind up. Ill give you a little background first....


Views: 236195     Rated: +7.8 (953)    Comments: 151

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