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Catching My Mother-in-Law...Or Was I Trapped?

Categories True Story, Blackmail, Coercion, Incest

Published: 14 April 2005

Author: eye_peep

My girlfriend has a couple of sisters and i had my fantasies of them, but i never really got into her mother. she's a bit loud and obnoxious (like one of her daughters), but she is still very cute and has a nice body for a 50yr old. i first started fantasizing of her because i was driving...


Views: 121677     Rated: +7.52 (477)    Comments: 17

Penetrating My Mother

Categories True Story, Anal, Incest, Rape

Published: 13 April 2005

Author: eye_peep

As i start to grow as an adolescent, into my teens, i hunger for new frontiers on violating my mom. it's not satisfying anymore just jerking off while just have peeped on her, or reminiscing over sleeping with her in my younger days. what i needed was a plan, a plan to violate her in the...


Views: 204954     Rated: +6.7 (546)    Comments: 48

Help Me Daddy Please

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, First Time, Incest

Published: 12 April 2005

Author: Toni

?Daddy, Daddy, please can you help me? shouted Amanda from upstairs. Bob got up from his armchair and walked to the bottom of the stairs and looked up. Amanda stood at the top, she had certainly grown up in her seventeen years on earth. She was 5ft 8inches tall, long blond hair, firm 34C breasts...


Views: 143128     Rated: +7.9 (567)    Comments: 63

Eye_Peep Mom in Shower

Categories True Story, Incest, Rape, Voyeurism

Published: 11 April 2005

Author: eye_peep

Growing up in a female dominant household, it really made me a well-rounded and sensitive man, but also gave me a lot of exposure to the female form. My mom would walk around in her underwear after work before hitting the shower, she would sit on the couch with her night dress bunching up exposing...


Views: 125054     Rated: +6.64 (326)    Comments: 15

My Neighbour Bhabhi

Categories True Story, Asian, Exhibitionism, Incest

Published: 11 April 2005

Author: Pagal

My Sweet Sexy Bhabhi. Hi Desipapa Fans, First of all I would like to introduce You myself. I m "Pagal". Due to some personnel reason I would like to hide my name so don't mind. I m a young, Handsome and Smart Boy, 20 years old, Student of Inter. This is the story of me and my...


Views: 67865     Rated: +4.09 (171)    Comments: 26

My Fun Family

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Cum Swallowing, Incest

Published: 11 April 2005

Author: Amber

Jake woke up as usual to the sound of his sister running through the house and his morning erection straining against his boxers. He looked over at the clock and was happy to see that he had gotten more sleep than he expected. It was Saturday and Jake was happy to get some sleep. He usually was...


Views: 103621     Rated: +7.59 (444)    Comments: 34

Alone in the woods

Categories Fantasy, Incest, Lesbian, Male / Female

Published: 10 April 2005

Author: Anonymous :)

We never really spoke of that night much after that, although we all had thought about it plenty of times. It seemed like a dream, like it had never happened, We hang out alot so I know eventually it would happen again. Every day or so we would all go into the woods and play games. This is where...


Views: 94358     Rated: +6.5 (245)    Comments: 25

Learning Twins Part 1

Categories Fiction, Incest, Lesbian, Teen

Published: 10 April 2005

Author: Vash

INTRO The sun came up over the hills as it did every morning in the small village that was tucked into the hills...The light from the sun travels down the main street hitting the windows of the meny shops making them shine like gems for the short time that the rays layed on them...In the town...


Views: 38238     Rated: +6.59 (80)    Comments: 14

New Beginnings - Pt 1 Ch 2

Categories Fantastic, Body modification, Hardcore, Incest

Published: 09 April 2005

Author: dank

Chapter 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The loud, harsh clanging of swords smacking into and sliding against each other filled the air around the indoor running track. Macario and Jake were going at it while Béla and her daughter watched, cheering on their respective lifemates. A...


Views: 32241     Rated: +7.9 (86)    Comments: 7

The need for Experience II

Categories Fantasy, Cheating, Female Domination, Incest

Published: 06 April 2005

Author: Gail Holmes

The need for Experience II By Gail Holmes Wally was at a loss, the house was empty and he’d nothing to occupy his mind, it hadn’t been like this since he could remember, usually Maureen or Hazel were there, or at least one of them. He’d come back down stairs in his...


Views: 24670     Rated: +7.72 (89)    Comments: 5

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