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Keep it in the family

Categories Fiction, Group Sex, Hardcore, Incest

Published: 27 April 2004

Author: Ricardo

KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY or ‘INCEST!’ THE GREAT NEW GAME ALL THE FAMILY CAN PLAY Know what started it? We were all at home for once in the evening, me and my sister, my cousin and her mother, my mother’s sister and my parents. My mother was lying on one of our two three seater...


Views: 195868     Rated: +7.81 (895)    Comments: 52

My Cousin Clair's Visit

Categories Fiction, Incest

Published: 13 April 2004

Author: Ron B.

My mother told me Ihad to let my cousin Clair hang out with me while her family stay's with us for a week. At first I told my mother no way. But when they arived I changed my mind. As they pulled in the driveway I said that sure don't look like the same brat that was here last year. When...


Views: 36663     Rated: +4.97 (117)    Comments: 20

One In The Same

Categories Fiction, Incest

Published: 07 April 2004

Author: BrianFrancisFerguson

It was all very likely inevitable anyway. After all, Maggie and George lived in the same townhouse. Downtown and a mile north of the theater district, they owned the old stone upright outright, were its only occupants, and so had the entire place to themselves. They lived in the same building...


Views: 47041     Rated: +7.24 (87)    Comments: 10

One In Three -part 1

Categories Fiction, Incest

Published: 07 April 2004

Author: BrianFrancisFerguson

Place. Hold. Set. Soft. Closed. Tight. Length. Breadth. Depth. Push. Clutch. Pushing. Tighter. Harder. Dry. Big. Give. In. Warm. Deep. Drag. Then deep then drag. Then deep then drag again. And again. “Is this what you want?” her brother, from behind her, stroking. ...


Views: 32795     Rated: +7.13 (79)    Comments: 1

One In Three -part 2

Categories Fiction, Incest

Published: 07 April 2004

Author: BrianFrancisFerguson

§§§ Sofa cushions and an oversized pillow were arranged on the floor in a make-shift bed, and the four women stood around it nervously milling among each other naked and giggling, drinking wine and playing slap & tickle, feeling each other up and comparably remarking on...


Views: 17878     Rated: +6.9 (42)    Comments: 3

My Uncontrollable Pasion For Mother

Categories Fiction, Incest, Mature, Reluctance

Published: 08 March 2004

Author: jack me hoff

My father must have been a fool to leave my Beautiful mothe. He left about 15 years ago when i was 2. But mom and I made it out fine. She is now a important buisnes woman and we actually have a alot of money. We live in a very secluded area with a pool and hot tub out back. My mother dosent date...


Views: 125439     Rated: +6.46 (440)    Comments: 25

DADA's lil girl goes shopping

Categories Fiction, Incest, Threesome

Published: 06 March 2004

Author: Icederby

So my little girl needs to do some shopping? Guessing we should get ready then. Let's start with a warm shower. Soaping up that sweet little body of yours. mmmmmmmm Your soft warm little titties getting their nipples so hard, pinching......squeezing.......holding them. Caressing every line of...


Views: 99133     Rated: +6.76 (331)    Comments: 29

Redemption Day - part 1

Categories Fiction, Incest

Published: 06 March 2004

Author: The Archivist

It was Friday again. 'What am I going to do?' Paul thought. 'My friends are still at school and they won't be home until tomorrow.' School just ended for Paul and he was ready to party. Paul's parents went to Florida for two weeks and he wanted to take...


Views: 67132     Rated: +7.6 (372)    Comments: 26

Redemption Day - part 2 (end)

Categories Fiction, Incest

Published: 06 March 2004

Author: The Archivist

He left her in an aroused state on purpose and quickly got ready for the night. He waited for Anne to leave, left the instructions on the counter and left. Paul ran some errands and picked up Tara about 7:00PM. She wore a long dress (with nothing on under it), high heals, and her hair down...


Views: 50129     Rated: +7.7 (307)    Comments: 28


Categories Fiction, First Time, Incest, Teen

Published: 04 March 2004

Author: Stephen Peters

"Oh, MOM!" Trisha protested. "I'm sorry young lady", her mom answered "but Maria can't make it this afternoon and your dad and I need the help." "But I was gonna...." "Trisha, please!" Trisha was usually lucky about...


Views: 120201     Rated: +7.24 (417)    Comments: 36

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