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A Platonic Relationship, Chapter 02

Categories Diary, Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Job/Place-of-work

Published: 15 February 2019

Author: The_Technician

This story stands– more or less– on its own but might make more sense if you have read the previous chapter. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = WARNING! This warning is possibly not needed for this particular story, but I am including it because it is needed for most of my...


Views: 433     Rated: +7.14 (7)   

Getting Bossed

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Domination/submission, Job/Place-of-work

Published: 09 February 2019

Author: HornyOldWriter

Naomi Price was facing a crisis not of her own making but one that only she could figure out how to solve. She was 38 and her career was going well. But her 14-year-old daughter was in private school. She and her husband had divorced shortly after she was born. His child support was not helping...


Views: 16914     Rated: +9.36 (157)   

How Did This Happen, The Best Job In The World

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Group Sex, Job/Place-of-work

Published: 30 January 2019

Author: aliveinpr

How Did This Happen, The Best Job In The World by aliveinpr My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Please read and enjoy this fictional writing. I spent a lot of time in my studies, but finally got my Masters degree and now I was among the...


Views: 3278     Rated: +9.3 (43)   

Carpet Cleaning

Categories Fiction, Anal, Job/Place-of-work, Male / Female

Published: 30 January 2019

Author: Demonhead

Billy and Charlie liked the money. Good thing because cleaning carpets for a living sucked. The things they found under furniture or in furniture would make your stomach churn. It was an adventure going into people’s homes and most times not a good one. However, sometimes things worked out....


Views: 32854     Rated: +9.45 (254)    Comments: 3

Doctor "P" Makes Me Believe

Categories Fiction, Cheating, Job/Place-of-work, Romance

Published: 18 January 2019

Author: Mad Hatter and the Hare

I was married for about five years now and we were still undecided on whether we were going to have children. I was sitting in the doctor’s room wondering if I even wanted to ask for my refill. But there was a deep secret as to what really brought me there. I had been seeing Dr....


Views: 8532     Rated: +9.25 (106)   

Love is all that matters pt6 - Like mother like daughter

Categories Fiction, Incest, Job/Place-of-work

Published: 07 January 2019

Author: tekace

It was thursday, 2 days past since the... "accident" with mom. I jerked at least a dozen of times to the pictures of her delicious big ass, her large hard nipples, her underwear... all of it mixed up in my head as I tried hard not to act weird in front of dad. She never mentioned it,...


Views: 71     Rated: +8 (1)   

Alicia’s Memories

Categories Fantasy, Authoritarian, Blowjob, Job/Place-of-work

Published: 22 December 2018

Author: LolaBelle90

New to town Alicia was in search of a job. She didn’t have much real work experience, having only worked in posh office buildings for the majority of her young life before leaving her fathers best friend Martin’s company. She sat down to write her resume and quickly realized that she...


Views: 3669     Rated: +7.42 (31)   

Harry Potter and the Hogwarts pervert part 9

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Fiction, Job/Place-of-work

Published: 18 December 2018

Author: Bigjack1982

The next week flew by in the wake of Harry and Hermione’s failed attempt to find Michaels memories. After a short conversation they had both agreed that they’d set aside their vendetta. Just for the time being. They both still wanted to see Michael expelled, and wanted to be the ones...


Views: 6936     Rated: +8.44 (32)    Comments: 1

Harry Potter and the Hogwarts pervert part 8

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Fiction, Job/Place-of-work

Published: 17 December 2018

Author: Bigjack1982

A few days later Hermione left with a large group to Hogsmeade, ready to do her part. She was alone, Harry needing to stay back to execute the brunt of the plan, by getting into the Ravenclaw dormitory. Hermione was given the simple task of watching Michael, and ensuring he stayed in Hogsmeade....


Views: 2557     Rated: +9.17 (12)   

Harry Potter and the Hogwarts pervert part 4

Categories Fiction, Coercion, Fiction, Job/Place-of-work

Published: 10 December 2018

Author: Bigjack1982

Hermione walked into the Gryffindor common room and looked around. She spotted Harry, Ron, Lavender, and Parvati sitting by the fire. She and Ron hadn't been on good terms for a while. She hated that he was dating Lavender, and was annoyed that he couldn't figure out why she didn’t...


Views: 2469     Rated: +7.73 (22)   

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